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hello.. i have downloaded the file and please tell me how to install it in wordpress.. what is the difference between theme and templates.. i know how to install theme but what is the use of template.. will i be able to make website similar to the demo and manage my content in wordpress.. please help me..

Hello, it;s not a WP theme it’s a HTML template, meaning you have to edit the HTML code manually.

Hey theretheme looks awesome but I get jscript error when loading

Very Nice, considering buying the theme!

Hello pixelfodda , we havent udated the spotless theme since WP 3.4

_ Hence the “considering”, it would be a go if it was updated.

funboxsta – this is NOT a Wordpress theme – this is a Standalone website, will not work with Wordpress

I love the gallery!

This is the best free file I have ever seen on Theme Forest. Thank you for sharing this.

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Thank you!

How can I install this theme?

Hello rseo , it’a a HTML template, I believe you can find documentation within the package.

Since this is not a wordpress website, how does one go about installing it? Is there a document on that?

Hello pippagrace , it’a a HTML template, I believe you can find documentation within the package.

i will be thankfull if someone tell me in very detail list.. 1. how to edit this or how to manage the content 2. if we cant use wordpress then suggest me some software to manage or edit content.. 3. how to upload my photos in the i gallery?? hope you gonna help me.. ya please…

hello funboxsta, this is a HTML template, meaning you have to edit the HTML code by hand, you can use an editor (ex: http://www.aptana.com/ )

thanks for you reply.. do u have any theme for portfolio full page with good igallery?? but i need only wordpress theme.. i dont know to work with other templates

Excellent design!!! My only question is how can I make the background images to be responsive as well? At the moment on lower resolutions they get croped…

2002 Called..

This is an amazing design, keep up the good work SakuraPixel!

Beautiful work :) welldone!!!

Would the theme enable us to add social media icons?

Thank you for this responsive project.

Our art man is in seventh heaven.

Nice Work, Thanks

Thanks for sharing ! Really nice theme !

Could you help me for personalize the menu ? ^^

wow nice share

Ok I put it on here http://www.transgender4life.com it looks good but with some bugs. 1) It doesn’t refresh the pages except manually after meniu selection. 2) it doesn’t work google adsense on it. 3) After selecting few meniu ( left side slidebar )options, the content on the pages it is multiplying the content all over again in the same page. I spent a day just to test this template and I am not very happy already :(