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First of all AWSOME THEME; i have a few questions and one problem. im currently editing this without a server on notepad++ and Dreamweaver and the preview works on internet explorer and Dreamweaver. The problem is when i try to link an image it doesn’t show; its in the same directory as your preview images. This is the portfolio page btw. All the images are also jpg and similar sizes as the preview ones.

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great work! is it easy to change the color, a.e. the prelaoder in #f5821f ?

This theme is absolutely beautiful! Great work.

This Theme is so awesome but I can’t install this on my wordpress. Says “this theme is broken, Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

What can I do for solve this? Thx

ist it possible to use it as a normal html site with links to the single html sites, like index.html, blog.html, ... without sections?

I wrote a week before, no answer :-(

Great Template – Thanks.

Hate to bother you about this as it was a free download however on the Video Section, I cant seem to figure out how to make the click on thumb nails load those particular videos WITHOUT loading a new page. I don’t want to have 6 different videos pages (on the backend) if possible. I would like to have one video page, and when you click on the thumbnails, it loads that video on the screen without loading a whole now page if that makes sense.

www.espgn.com – Videos.

Thanks -

One other request, if you have a moment. If this isn’t asking too much, on the portfolio section, I would like to add stills that when clicked on instead of going to a new page, they open the photolightbox viewer there. Any suggestions. Again, sorry for asking this on a free download and basic stuff that I should know. Im out of practice…. Its been a while – This is a site im making for my wife. heh.

Nice Template but i can’t get past the preloader. It’s the same in every browser (flash is up to date). please help…

I cannot upload this excellent theme in the free download link The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Please help

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet?

Please help!

Missing Style sheet 0 dont waste time downloading until package is complete

error loading home.html this package is missing something

Can not load the theme missing style sheet!! I see that other have the same problem, has anyone answered the question of the missing style sheet?

Cheers Tony

Well I sent a contact form in regarding my issue. I am not using wordpress and have tried the template both on my WAMP Server and even my actual web server, both with no luck. I really like this theme, and after looking at it no others even compare, so I really want to know what i need to do to fix it.

love the preview, but can’t get pass the index page loader :D nice if its a freebee but rather have a freebee that works !! really do like the preview!

Thanks for the template, Looks very good will buy it to support your work, but first I will play with it a few days ;) As for the … people trying to upload an HTML template in Wordpress I wish you all the best of Luck :P

5 Star template

Also to those saying this doesn’t work – it works fine.

If youre using Dreamweaver, to view your work (without your pics) you can launch the test site in a browser of your choosing from Dreamweaver. You have to be on the Index page for this to work. From there it will launch the index and you can then go through the menus and see what you have done.

Other wise, you need to up load this to a server or hosting site with a domain attached it (www.thisisyouresite.com) and it should work flawlessly.

Check mine at espgn.com (for now – this is just a test server)

looking forward to test it ! thanks for this template.

thanks for free download but can i use its img or its code to my template ???

How to disable mouse hover effect in iGallery? I have 200 photo’s in one category and it terrible lags when hovering mouse on foto.