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HTe first thing I get told when trying to preview the theme after download is could not load #!Home.html

How do you fix?

Is there a planned fix for the full screen scrolling? You mentioned you introduced a fix in the Wordpress Version.. is this something that could be implemented in this template? You say yes, and I’ll purchase :).

After downloading when i am trying to preview the theme is could not load #!Home.html.

How to fix this problem?

This site template is awesome! :) Especially appreciate it being the free file of the month!

For the people who are having issues loading !Home.html, you need to run the template on a server:

2. Locally with WAMP or MAMP
3. Or through a hosting company!

Hi, Im new to WordPress & Themeforest.. Im wondering if you can help. I LOVE this theme, I have downloaded the zip file and extracted the files (_MACOSX, Documents and HTML Folders). But I don’t know how to upload it onto wordpress. I have tried uploading onto the WP content folder and doesn’t work. also tried the upload theme on WP dashboard. Can any one advise on how I use this them on WP?

This theme does not work. It says “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template”. I tried running this from both wordpress and my host server and both tell me the same thing.

It’s NOT Wordpress Theme People !

Report an issue: When in full screen, cannot scroll down or view extra content.

Using PC, Firefox and mouse.

Awesome Template by the way! : )

Just downloaded and I get same issue as previous people. could not load #!Home.html

Any help??

This is a stunning piece of work and it is the free file of the month!! Theme Forest is without out doubt the top site out there.

I am sure many will love this template and create some amazing sites from your hard work in constructing this. From me, and I am sure, everyone else….THANK YOU!

For those who cannot run it when clicking the ‘index.html’ file, just upload it to your seever and it will run fine.

I hope it’ll be poison (base64) free. :)

some times my pages come double !!! when to visit other page it adds with current page as scrolled down!! please tell me how to fix?

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People who keep saying just upload it to a server and it works must be lucky because i’ve tried in on WAMP and my actual web server and it does not work, and hold no css and objects do not hold there sizes, not to mention the nice little menu does not work.

Great template – and as its FREE at the moment – even better – lovely work – well done :)

i have a problem with the structure: i have my navigation in a normal index.html

but i don`t want link to html-sites in /pages like #!Home.html. i have to link to my template, which is here: /cgi-bin/base.pl?htx=/home or /cgi-bin/base.pl?htx=/team a.e..

i think, i have to change it only in the spotlesswebsite.js, but i don`t know how.

is it possible?

Hello SakuraPixel,

nice job. Can you please tell me where is located - the dark grey layer in the background - the spotted layer in the background

I can’t find them. Thank you for helping.


its amazing, thank you so much for this free template. somebody can tell me, how can i change the color of the border?

and for statesbase i think its in css/main


1quick question: How can I use FTP install this html theme? Do I extract all files as is after unzip? Or is there other things I need to do? And do i need to edit the content by using notepad? or is there a edit feature? Never installed HTML theme before. Please advice.


I noticed in the preview/demo that the images do not resize to the responsive size adjustments when changing the size of the browser? Is this a bug? This was noticed various browsers.