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Can you tell me how I can adjust the width of the side bar? Do I have to create new css or can I just adjust the current width?

I really don’t need to adjust it for every page, but I would like to know if both ways are possible.


On admin page, you can navigate to ‘Spotlight’ > General > Custom CSS . Insert below into ‘Custom CSS ’ field then click save.



It’s just example to have more width on sidebar. You can change width and margin-left with any desired number that you want.

Great thanks! I was also wondering how to prevent every page I create from showing up in the main menu? Is this in the pho of the header? I just don’t want to mess up any of the existing code.

So to be clear if I am to add or modify any CSS I should do it within the theme custom CSS and not in the style sheet itself?

Sorry, don’t mean to seem like a newbie, but I am not real familiar with a theme that is setup this way.


Also we’re can I actually vie the custom CSS ?

Yes as i said in reply before

Is there a way to change the color of the menu items?

also- how do you add the social media buttons on the top of page?

Thank you.

Yes you can, you can edit css directly by navigate to Appearance> Editor> ‘style.css’. Then find class name ‘mainmenu’.

To add social media buttons is easy, you just need to insert your social id to the field. You can add this from custom panel, navigate to Spotlight > Social Networks

Sorry for that last one I was on my phone:-)

Disregard The last message I figured it out, but I would like to know if I can keep a page from going onto the menu.

Sorry not clear what exactly did you mean ‘keep a page from going onto the menu?’

Okay I am becoming a bit frustrated, why cant I edit the style sheet in the theme? Is it protected? I want to do things like make the font of the menu smaller and increase the blog area so larger photos don’t blow out the side. Did you create a read me file?

To edit css file you can navigate to Appearance> Editor> ‘style.css’. There’s no protected files, if you cannot edit any file your most likely problem is the possibility of file permissions on your server


Can you tell me where the instructions are for the set up of this site? I’ve downloaded everything but no instructions appear to be included?

Thanks, Carmen


Thanks for your interest. Instruction is in folder ‘guide’. Instruction must be included in any files that we create.


beautiful theme. i’d like to purchase just wondering if the issues mentioned in several of the posts have been resolved in current version downloadable on themeforest? also, it says 11 color schemes, but can we modify beyond those colors? also are google webfonts enabled in theme or would we need to edit css to change fonts?

thank you!

Hi, yes that is solved. This theme was updated, the current version 1.1.2. Yes there’s already 11 custom color you can choose, beside that you can edit your own in custom css. To edit font you can edit directly in css file.

Hi Thanks for the reply, I will have a look at the “guide” and hopefully helps me solve more things on my own. What I was referring to about the page/menu question was can I create a page and link to it somewhere else on the site and not have it appear in the side menu? I know that we can use a parent page, but I have a page that I need to have not show up in any menu. (ie:shopping cart or terms of service) I hope I explained that well enough, thanks the theme is awesome please don’t think I am complaining

Hi, to hide the main page of the menu currently only possible with modifications functions.php, but for the next update we will try to make it easier.

This is an example of what i have in the bottom of the header.php file of another theme I use. It allows me to enter the page id, so the page will not show up in the page menu

Is there anywhere in this theme that will allow me to do the same thing? If not,could you create something like it? I would be willing to pay an additional fee.

The Example:

ul id=”nav”

  • >Home
  • <?php wp_list_categories(‘&show_count=0&title_li=&exclude=1,8’.$featuredcategory); ?> <?php wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=menu_order&title_li=&exclude=878,890,892’); ?> /ul

    In this example post id (1,8) and pages (878,890,892) would not show up on the page menu (ie: home,about us,contact).


    Yes i know what you mean, This would be on the list for the next couple updates.

    Do you have an idea of when those updates would happen? Because if it is going to be a long time I would need to scratch my work and start over with a new theme:( It is impossible for me to build the complete site without this fuctionality. Please let me know, thanks

    Hi, sorry please be patient, because lot of updates performed for the next version. I tried for some features to make this theme as easy as possible :)

    Beautiful theme! So glad I bought it. Except—no widgets?? How do people sign up for my mailing list without widgets? Please enable widgets, or if they already are enabled, please let me know how to find them. Also – can I not customize the menu? I will be very sad if I can’t do these things with this theme.

    Hi, thanks for the interest.

    For now it require to edit source code, on next feature i will add this. I can help you to do this. You can add custom css to mainmenu by custom panel. Navigate to: ‘Spotlight’ > General > Custom CSS

    Okay I was able to solve the page issue with a small addition to wp_list_pages line in the header.php file.

    If you would like me to message you with it just let me know. I think others will benefit from it.

    Now I an going to need a way to navigate the different blog categories. Right now all categories have the post on a single page. Am I just missing something here? Is this planned for future updates?


    hi, that’s great! i still work with this feature to show/remove page from menu without edit the sourcecode. For different blog categories did you mean something like archive?

    Yes I would like to have the archive, But also have the user choose their blog category. Currently no matter which category I post in, they all show up on the top level category page. I would like to have the choice of posting into a category exclusively and not necessarily have all the post category’s mixed in one blog page.

    You mean category list? Do you have any suggestions where a good position to put this?

    Re widgets, you replied: For now it require to edit source code, on next feature i will add this. I can help you to do this. You can add custom css to mainmenu by custom panel. Navigate to: ‘Spotlight’ > General > Custom CSS .

    Thanks. I tried that. It didn’t work. Is there someplace else I should put i? Also, my entries in the “Contact” section of settings don’t show up at all when applied. I’m wrestling with the same issues as theirishangler when it comes to menu customization by category, and posting video remains a mystery to me. These are only a few of the issues I’ve been having. All in all, very disappointed in the interface – much more complicated than I expected, and I will have to ask for a refund on my purchase. Very sad – such a beautiful idea.

    sorry bit misunderstanding here, i thought you mean is to modify style for mainmenu. If you mean to exclude page as theirishangler said. This function is ready, would be uploaded for next few hours. For your problems, can you send link of your website to insevetigate your problems further. For complicated things as you said can you tell me details where is part that make you confuse? so i can made update to make this theme as easy as possible.

    Hello, is it possible to add more than one “get in touch” tab on the side? I wanted to create two more as links to login pages.

    Thank you!

    Hi, it’s required some modification on header.php

    I have just purchased this theme and the wordpress installation went smoothly however, I am not able to get the homepage images working. I did view, read and follow the Template Documentation File but every time I try to create a new project – once I hit publish – I just get a mess age that says “ERROR” and the top of the page reads “Nothing Found For”

    Any help you could be would be so great. I really need to have some kind of image on my main page. My site is here:

    Thank you, Brandi

    Hi, thanks for your interest. Just read your latest comment, you has been take care for this. :)

    Got this taken care of – sorry for the trouble!



    How do I add two different social networking links to my site that are not listed as options in the theme admin panel?

    Thank you, Brandi

    Hi, i will add this feature on next update.

    Hi, I think maybe the blog categories would work best if they were created under the main parent category. To see what I mean you can look at one of my other sites here:

    I also feel that the sidebar structure needs to be established, then we could put the archive, categories, and other widgets there. It would also help the theme work better on mobile devices, because currently the theme floats all over the place on my iPhone.

    What fixes have you made in this latest update?


    hi here is some new features on next update:
    - video support for gallery
    - sidebar position option (fixed/scroll)
    - exclude page from main menu custom panel
    - category list for blogpage