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Love the theme! How about the nevo sliders or others?? :) When does it goimgo to be available?

Keep the good work!

Could you please let me know if it is possible to link each of the large round images on the home page to separate (different) urls. I notice on the demo that they are all linked to the same url. Thanks

yes for sure, you can link each to different url. Each has its own url field.

Version 1.1.2 available now!

Version 1.1.2
Added: Video support for gallery
Added: Exclude page from main menu custom panel
Added: Category list for blog page
Added: Sidebar options fixed/scroll

Hi, I downloaded the theme and uploaded the files to my site, but it still says version 1.0?

i forgot update the info file. Anyway currently is version 1.1.2

Thanks you have made a lot of progress! I do have an issue though, the footer on my blog page is now at the top of the page?

Also are you planning on making the sidebar widget ready? If not I can do it, but next time I update it will mess me up.

hi, I have tried in all browsers before. It’s all no problems. Maybe there is a div that is not closed in your content?

Not sure why the scroll bars is in my last comment!

Anyway, I wanted to make one more suggestion, it is nice that you are attempting to make things easier in the dashboard, but the custom CSS is really going to require a “how to” sheet to explain the way you coded. I mean I have no idea which grid is what? I can go into CSS and find everything fairly easy, but to customize like this:



from the custom CSS makes no sense to me.

I don’t mean to be a burden with all these comments, but I really want to keep this theme for my project.


very nice suggestion, we will make it in the next few updates!

Great looking theme, nice work.

Quick question, can you use a video on the home page within the square image frame?


hi, currently video is support for popup only. thanks

Would it be possible for you to update the jquery to the 3.3.2 version that wordpress is currently using? The theme seems to be causing conflicts with plugins that use the wordpress version. The theme has 1.7.2 and it seems to be hard loading causing a conflict.


Hi, this theme is designed to run on wordpress 3.2.2. Latest jquery version is jquery 1.7.2. You can read here

Hi, Thank you for the great design. However, when am trying to access the wordpress it give me the following error:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/a/d/r/adriangafton/html/wp-content/themes/spotlight/admin/theme-options.php:155) in /home/content/a/d/r/adriangafton/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 866

Please advise me what to do in this case. I’ve people are experiencing the same issue.

Thank you in advance!

Hi thanks for your purchasing, did you already download the latest version? the latest version has no this issue. If this problem persists please contact to my email.


Really like the design of the theme but have you plans to introduce the choice of adding widgets in to the theme? And if so when will that be.

I have purchased it but would like that added element of flexibility.

Thank so much

hi thank for your interest. For widget is in our update list, we will release this soon!

Also how do I change the font colour of the header message.

Many Thanks

you can navigate to ‘Spotlight > General > Header Message’. You can use html code, here is an example:

We made awesomeness! <span class="black">We are</span> <span style="color:#FF6600">Spotlight</span>

Hi Designesia,

Great theme. Purchased a few days ago. Did end up sending you a message about the widgets but havent heard back from your yet so I thought I would re-iterate here.

I know widgets aren’t available yet, and my coding skills arent exactly up to speed yet so I was wondering whether anyone could assist me in getting a few bits of code up and running, soundcloud player, facebook like box, yadi ya.

hi thank for your interest. For widget is in our update list, we will release this soon!

Hi, I’d like to know if there is a way to get rid of the header message altogether and shift the circle up a bit? Thanks! P.S. Love this theme!

UPDATE : Never mind the above, I figured it out! Thanks anyway

you’re welcome! :)

I really like the simpleness of this theme.

I am actually having an issue that I can’t get the homepage configured to look like the demo. I am using 3 images, all in 600px x 600px, followed the guides, but only one image shows up and the slider doesn’t work.

Can you help?



Thanks for your interest. it’s just a matter of Wordpress settings. You must change settings ‘Front page displays’ to default. You can navigate to Settings > Readings > Select ‘Your Latest Posts’.


A nice theme and I am considering buying it for my personal portfolio website, but I have one pre-sale question!

I see in the screenshots that there is a field for URL when creating a new project – but where will the URL show up?

Is the URL displayed in gallery page (as I do not see an URL in the demo version)?

Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes for sure you can add url for each project. Url will be added automatically to the “View Project” button. So when button clicked it will open the project url. You can also change “View Project” button label with your own text.

Hi, I am having trouble with the gallery page. The gallery title shows in the menu but when I click on “gallery” it stays on the homepage? I have the gallery page set to “gallery” attribute and created 1 new gallery. Why doesn’t the gallery show up? Am I missing something?


Thanks for your interest. it’s just a matter of Wordpress settings. You must change settings ‘Front page displays’ to default. You can navigate to Settings > Readings > Select ‘Your Latest Posts’.


Thanks for the reply. I have the settings like that already. There must be something weird going on. I activated one the default theme Twenty Eleven and then reactivated the Spotlight theme and it showed up for a few hours. Then I went back this morning after getting your response to check my settings and it wasn’t showing any gallery anymore?? Any thoughts?

hi, it should work. can you send me link to your website. Also screenshots of error you mean to investigate your problems further. thanks

How can I add an image to the contact page, before the contact form?

Here is what it looks like when I click on the gallery page. This screen shot is actually from the gallery page.

No gallery shows up. It never leaves the homepage but it does reload the homepage and show gallery in the address bar.

Here is a screenshot from trying to add a jpeg to this page. Just a question mark shows up like its missing from the media library. But its not.

after activated Spotlight theme please check again by navigate to Settings > Readings > Select ‘Your Latest Posts’.

Yes. Out of frustration I actually removed wordpress (database too) and did a clean install. I then re-installed wordpress and the theme with no plugins. Double checked that ‘Your Latest Posts’ is checked. Made a new page, called it Gallery and selected gallery template. Made a test gallery with one item. Still won’t show up?? I am giving up on the gallery. You are more than welcome to log in to my admin and look around to see if there are any bugs. You think it has anything to do with permalinks? I have custom structure selected with / postname

sorry for your inconvenience, i will try the best to help you out. This is very weird problem, i need permission to login to your admin to investigate this problem further, please send to designesia [at]

I was looking in the media library at the images I use for the test gallery thumb and fullsize. It says they are unattached. Do you think that is why they aren’t being automatically added to the galley page? When I try to attach it to the gallery using the attach feature in the library, it remains unattached.