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hi billyboylan, sorry for your inconvenience, i will try the best to help you out. This is very weird problem, i need permission to login to your admin to investigate this problem further, please send to designesia [at]


Yesterday, I uploaded an image to be the main picture on the project page. Right then it worked just fine, also when I tried some other pictures. Today I updated the theme and wanted to change this picture. But now the new image I upload isn’t shown on the page. It does the same with all the new pictures I want to upload, but still works right for the pictures I select that I uploaded before the update. Do you have any idea wha’ts going wrong? Thanks!


Thanks for your interest. What changes you did on your website, can you send me url to your website? also if you can permission me to acces your admin page to investigate further.


Hi, it is a beautiful template. I would like to ask, is it possible to upload more than 6 images per project?

hi, thanks for your interest. Sorry for now just support 6 images for each project.

And my second question is, how can I upload multiple images to Gallery? there is only thumbnail and main picture sections.

hi, multiple images support to gallery will be added on next update.

hi, currently popup on gallery image is generated by the total amount of custom post ‘gallery’

Hi there,

I’ve just bought this theme, but whenever I try to upload an image in the projects, I get a message that says “Cheatin’ uh?” and nothing else. Why is this?


Hi, thanks for your interest. I never know before about it’s messages, when it is displayed and where? Is it temporary or always show up?

Hello again,

This only happens when I try to upload images that are specific to the theme – for example, the logo, or the project images in the Project area.

I’ve done some searching and have found this:

Apparently it’s something to do with permissions, but I only have one user and that user is an administrator.

I think it may be a bug, but in case anyone else has this problem, the workaround is as follows:

1. Upload image in Media area. 2. Make a note of the file URL and copy it. 3. Paste file URL in relevant field (i.e. logo field or project field) 4. Save.

This will then show the relevant image as needed.

Best wishes


Hi again,

And on the home page, my text isn’t formatting over the project as it does in your example. How can I ensure that the text is wrapping correctly?

Best wishes


Hi, i thought there’s unclosed tag in your text. Can you try again using clear format text.

Hello again,

Thanks for responding. I played with the formatting as you suggested and it appears that the project doesn’t support bullets or lists. So I’ve removed these and all is well again.

Best wishes,


Hello again,

And how do I set the featured image for the blog posts please? Also, how do I set it so that people only see the first paragraph then read more, instead of the whole post?



Great point on this, i will add this update on next few days.

Hi, How do i rearrange my projects on the homepage? Theres semes to be the option to arrange alphabetical (wich doesn’t work?) but i want to rearrange by own choice.

hi, thanks for purchasing. Sorry feature you mean is not available, but we will try to realize it.

This was a waste of my money $40!! I can’t even replace my company logo with the spotlight logo!!! I would have been better off with the $14.00. I did wordpress for the ease, but dreamwaver would have been better and cheaper. I’m frustrated that I can not do a simple logo edit. and place it in the correct location. The circles and projects don’t even appear. I will purchase the $14.00 because I have a hard deadline. Don’t waste your money on the Wordpress one, until it improves.

Hi, sorry for your inconvenience. I ‘ve never get complaint with logo upload before. All instruction is available in help file. To change logo you can navigate by : Spotlight > General > Custom Logo then save your change. Please let me know if you need my help to set your website.

Hello again,

Just a quickie – with regards De7Mythen’s comment about rearranging the home page projects, all he / she needs to do is change the published date. I’ve discovered that if it’s ordered by that, and if you alter the published dates, you can order the home page items. It’s just like the normal blog posts in that respect.

I can’t reply to the comment, but hopefully this helps a bit :)


Hi I have this same problem like brandyou I also try to upload an image in the projects, and I get a message that says “Cheatin’ uh?” Give me solusion please.


Thanks for your purchasing. Can you give me access to your admin page to investigate this problem further. If you can please send through my profile page.

Hi again I send you access to my admin page, are you lookin for that?


I am thinking of buying this theme, but was wondering: is it posibble to show the blog (standard) at the homepage instead of the images?



Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes it can, you can navigate to Settings > Readings > Front page display > select blog from the list.



I would like to display some links on the contact page in the address section but no matter how I set up the links I always get a 404 message – The link always seem to be pre-fixed with the URL of the blog?

Any ideas why this happens?

Hi, thanks for your info, if you can give me permission to access your page i can change it directly, other than it you can get on next update files.


Yes you can access my page – Where do I send the login detail to?

hi, please download the latest version for fix. thanks

Also is there any way to incorporate a twitter feed on to the front page and is there a date set for the next update?

Thanks again

Live Preview appears to be down.

thanks for your info! it’s work now! :)


I just bought this theme, but if I want to change my logo or added a image to a project, I receive the error:

“Vals aan het spelen?” Which means: “Are u cheatin”

How can I fix this?


hi, thank for purchasing.

This is some peculiarity in wordpress 3.4. Error message ‘Cheating’ uh? when install themes and plugins. to resolve this error, please follow the following steps to fix:

1. Open the file wp-admin/media-upload.php
2. Find wp_die code (__ (‘Cheating’ uh? ‘)); (Line 126)
3. Give two slashes (//) right before the code above. Look like this: // wp_die (__ (‘Cheating’ uh? ‘));
4. Save and see the results.

Spotlight V 1 .1.3 is available for download.

Update List:
Added : widget ready
Fixed : wrong url on contact page


Excellent work.
Purchased this theme yesterday.
But having some problem while adding pages.
When i add new page, it automatically gets add in the left column.Is there any way i can remove this pages and keep only those i want in left menu.
Also, is there any way so that i can arrange the order of the pages in left column as i want
like for eg. home|about|gallery|contact


hi, thanks for your purchasing :)

to prevent page name show on sidebar, you can set it from custom panel. Navigate to: Spotlight > General > Exclude From Navigation.

To order menu, you can do it manually. Click Pages then select page then quick edit. Put number in order field.


Thanks a lot for your help :)

Hi! I like this Theme very much, but would like to ask, if its possible to build subpages in this Theme, and if this Theme supports Chinese characters, simplified mandarin?


hi, yes it supported to create sub pages. For Chinese characters maybe on next update. thanks