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Hello again,

Just a quick question: are you planning to release a responsive version of this theme? I love the theme, but am really struggling to get it to render nicely in mobile devices…



Yes i have plan to make responsive version of this theme ;)


can you tell me what font you’re using on the website?


Hi Designesia,

I love the theme!

My question is: How to I change the color of the header? When I go into the themes general settings I can write the header, but I figure out where to change the color. Can you help?

Thank you! Lisa

Hi, thanks for your interest. Did you mean to change font color? You can try below:

We made awesomeness! <span class="black">We are</span> <span class="idcolor">Spotlight</span>
if you want to use specific color you can use hex color
<span color="#FF3300">My Text</span>

Hi! Thanks for making this awesome theme. Everything works, except I can’t make the projects show up on the homepage. The image size is correct for sure. What could be wrong? Thanks for your help!

hi, thanks for your purchasing. After activated Spotlight theme please make sure ‘Front page displays’ by navigate to Settings > Readings > Front page displays > Select ‘Your Latest Posts’.

Hi Designesia,

Thank you for your help! I was able to change the font colors with the code you provided. Thank you again!

I am having trouble with one other thing that I’m hoping you can help with. I’m trying to link my businesses facebook site to the wordpress site, but it’s not working. I’ve done some research online to ensure I’ve selected the proper URL from facebook, but I’ve had no luck. I’m not sure what’s going on. Any ideas?




Sorry i not so clear with this, did you mean link to your website through facebook? i think it can be done using

<a href="">my website</a>
doesn’t its work?

Where do you enter that code to change the font color for the header? Can you also tell me where I can change the font for the header as well?


Thanks for your purchasing. To change header font, you can using css tag. Looks below:

<span style="color:##FF6600;font-family:Arial">
We made awesomeness! We are Spotlight" 

Is there a way to customize the theme colors using hex values?

i will add this feature on next update, so you just use color picker to change whole theme color!

Great template…easy to work with. I have a client that purchased this and i’m loading in their content and such as well as tweaking it for their business. I’m using the projects post type as an office tour of their business and as a result i’ve set this up on a separate page. I have the projects displaying fine but I can’t figure out where I can change the picture frame to the square rather than the circle aside from the homepage editor menu in your Spotlight menu. That won’t work since i’ve moved the whole project to another page.

My thought was this line would pull in the square as a secondary class but I don’t know what it’s called in the CSS file…something like ‘class=”frame square”’ maybe but that that didn’t work :-)

<div class="frame <?php if($pic_frame!="><?php endif; ?>" ></div>


Hi, you can navigate by: Spotlight > Homepage > Select picture frame > Square. You do not need to modify scripts or css.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did do that but it doesn’t work. I believe it’s because i’m not using the projects list on the homepage but instead on a custom page where I just moved the code the generates the projects into a new “Tour Page Template” file.

Nevermind! I figured it out!

Hi Designesia,

The problem I’m having is linking the wordpress site to facebook. It should be very simple… copy the URL from my facebook page, then I go into my wordpress site, click on the spotlight tab, click on social media, paste the URL , and save. But when it test it, it shows and error. Here is what the URL looks like that I’m trying to link:

Here is the site that I’m building if you want to see the error message.

Thanks for your help,



Please just type pages/Flying-Frog-LLC/368953083161615 in facebook url field, not full url. ;)

I want to buy this theme for my sister company Jabberbox Designs but want to make until it’s Responsive..Do you know when you will update it?

Thanks, Chad

Hi, thanks for your interest! For responsive design update might be in next few months.

Hi, Love the template brought for our business, we are having a hard time linking our images to galleries, I was wondering if you could look into it for us? Let me know asap.


Hi, thanks for your purchasing. But sorry i not clear with your explanation, can you show me what you mean?

what is your email? I took a screen shot and will explain it

please send to designesia [at] gmail [dot] com

Hi, I would like to report that the theme does not work with “Fancy Gallery – Wordpress plugin” from CodeCanyon. The plugin works fine with other themes though, but it simply doesn’t show up on any pages created, when this theme is active.

Hi, can you send me email i need to look it directly in your admin page. thanks

Hello, i like your theme and i need some customizations.I would like to know if i can have your help? Thanks! george

Hi, thanks for your interest. What customizations do you want?

The Menu bar, and i would like to have different background in 2-3 pages. Something like that…

you forgot to answer…

hi, sorry i just notice your reply. You can change menu style via css. To have different background for each page is required some modified on source code

That’s excactly what i want some custom modification from you…

Hello! Thank you for a beautiful theme! I have three questions:

1. How can I completely remove the title from a “project” so that no box appears over my main image saying the title. Even if I enter nothing in the title field, a small empty box still shows up over my main image.

2. How can I make the width of the main content area bigger? I can move it over by changing the margin, but I cannot understand how to make the width larger.

3. Is there a way to make the background behind my main content one color, and then have the background behind my navigation be another? I have found how to change the background of the whole site, but I would like to try having the background behind the navigation and the space to the left of it be black, and then having everything to the right of navigation be white.

Thank you! - Kate

Hi. I have a problem with main menu font. Default font ‘Anton’ doesn’t display soft keys(latvian) appropriate way. Where can I change fonts and it’s features (bold, italic).

Hi, Thanks for your purchasing. The fonts is ‘as is’ by default. Btw you can do modification with css.

Bugs on IE: 1. gallery thumbnails are not displayed. Everything works fine on other browsers; Gallery page:


  • Hi, what IE version did you use? Please email me for further investigation

    Hi designesia,

    how can i set up the about page looking like the one in the demo? Isn’t there a site template in it? regards

    Hi, i would like to know how you make the “team” in the about page. Did you use the shortcodes?

    Oh wow, my mistake sry. I saw the about page in the drupal-spotlight theme and searched for it in the wp theme :-D

    But: Is there a way to make the about (team)-page in wp look alike the drupal version?

    thanks Sabrina