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Hello, I have another question. The option to make the sidebar scroll suddenly stopped working. I have “scroll” picked under the Sidebar Option in General Settings. It was working fine, but now it has stopped scrolling. Any advice? Thank you,


Aloha! The theme is beautiful and elegant. Good value for the money. One question though: how can I change the name of the “Home” item in the sidebar menu. By default the homepage is called Home. Thanks for the help!


Hello. Again, how can I download version 1.2.1? I could use an upgrade really soon. Clients are complaining about the bugs…

Ok guys, please tell me where I can find version 1.2.1 that you are talking about!

Ok guys, please tell me where I can find version 1.2.1 that you are talking about!


I’m confused. I’ve set the site up and some of the options that are supposed to be available I can’t find anywhere. For example, where is the so called ‘custom input panel for pictures’?

I’ve created a project and input some text but there are no other options available?

As far as loading the theme I’m building locally before uploading to a web host server. I opened the .zip file after I downloaded the theme and copied spotlight folder into wp-themes. Is there something I’m missing?

I have set front page to ‘latest posts’ and the boxes (I replaced the circle option) show up on the front pages but I can’t figure out how to insert a cover image for the project. I can’t see options anywhere.

Help please.

Ignore my last message – I’ve figured it out.

It’s late and my brain stopped working.

Great theme.

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. Sorry, i just read your comment, i thought you have find out solutions. Let me know if you have another question ;)

By the way – now that I figured out the issues I had (didn’t realise the index page in the theme pack folder was an instructions page) i will be rating this 5 stars.

Excellent theme and easy to use, best of the minimalist themes I’ve found so far.

Help file is must for our themes. Glad to know you like it! Thanks

How can I put text in de home page from the spotlight theme? Can’t find this.



Hi, thanks for your purchasing. Did you to put text upper the portfolio section or use text page as homepage?

I am using the standard institutions and made new pages, but I can’t find de index page to put text in. I see de “Home” in the menu but not in the dashboard. What do I miss?

Hi, Home menu is auto created by default, it contain project list. If you wouldn’t to use default homepage you can change it by navigate: ‘Front page display’s >’A static page (select below)’.

Hello. Thank you for this great theme!!! You did an excellent job on it.

I have two questions/comments.

The first is that I noticed a little bug with the product images. When clicking on the image to show the text, the x appears. However, if you click near the x the text shoots up out of the view. Then if you click the x at this moment the text will reappear but on top of the picture. You then have to reload the page to fix it.

My second question is if it is possible to add more color themes or create a new color theme?

Thanks, and once again great job on the theme!!!!


Thanks for your purchasing! Sorry i don’t see issue that you mean. Currently you use custom css field to styling your website, i will consider to create color picker for this theme. Stay tune.

Hi there,

I am having an issue with the theme when trying to upload images under ‘projects’.

I have updated to wordpress 3.5.1 and now I get a message which says ‘Cheatin ‘uh?’ when I click browse.

I’ve done some searching on the web and many others are having the same problem with different themes since updating to wordpress 3.5.

Here’s a link to the thread on the forum:

Do you have a fix for this?

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. I have a file to fix cheatin uh issue, please send message through my profile.

Ok I sent a message to you.


Okay, so I figured out a work around. Just put the URL of the image into the relevant field.

However, I would suggest that you address this issue as obviously there is a conflict with the latest version of wordpress and the media upload function for loading images under the projects section.

Hi can you send me screenshot about issue that you mean so i can investigate it further.

It’s in regards to the ‘cheatin ‘uh’ issue I mentioned in my message above. I’ve sent you a message for the fix you have.

What I meant here is that I found a way to still upload the images to the projects section by simply adding the URL to the relevant section. But, shouldn’t be necessary now, since you have a file to fix the issue.

Please check your email. thanks

Hi Designesia, I have emailed you but no reply. How do I had the drop down menu within a page? Thank you!

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. You can make page as sub menu by change Page Attributes > Parent on sidebar.

Hi me again, I’ve figured it out! But is there a way to create two different gallery pages? one for photography + one for illustrations?

Because it seems there is only one gallery page with the same content? Thanks

Sorry currently just for one gallery, anyway i will add this on next update list.


i have the same issue with the “cheating uh?” error. Can you please send me the fixed file?


kind regards sabrina

Hi, i cannot send you email, your email is bounce.

Ok, please try: That s my Husband and this should work.

Hi, i have sent you a file. Please check your email.


I have added some pages to my site. I have these pages set with a parent page in the menu. When I hover over the parent on the side bar the sub menu shows but half of it is hidden behind the content of the page to the right.

I have tried to use z-index but doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Please help.

Okay, so I put [z-index: -1] on the main content area [.main]. This seemed to be unnecessary though. Shouldn’t this be unnecessary to do in order to show the sub menu of the sidebar?

I have purchased this theme and cannot make any changes at all to CSS. I have used wordpress for many years and this is the first time I have come across this. Is there a reason? My page titles do not fit in the margin and logo goes over border.

Hi, thanks for your purchasing! What changes that you want, i thought you can add custom css from theme option. Can you send screen shot?

Hi what would you like a screen shot of? The website itself looks fine, however when I uploaded the theme the CSS was not showing up and I found the css file in a different folder. Have managed to copy and paste the css so now it displays however no matter what I change (margin, fonts size etc) nothing changes. The theme itself works fine as long as you only make changes not directly in the CSS. Have had one of my top contractors look and they don’t know what the problem is either.

Main css file for this theme located in folder css/style.css. If you don’t want to use custom css field, make sure you make changes through the files as i mention.

Hi i really like your theme i have a problem with adding social engagement plugins for example: Addthis plugin and Sharebar plugin orJetpack why it doesn’t work? do you have a solution to this problem or what can i do in order to add social engaging buttons? Thanks Keren

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. Since there’s so many plugin i cannot guarantee if some of these compatible or not, but i will research for this issue. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Hi there,

how can i sort the project in a way i want to? How are they listed? The date they’re published? I tried that – doesnt work.

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. You can use plugin for this, by this you can drag n drop to order post/project/gallery. Click here for the plugin

Hi I have problem with flickr ID in social network area. I can’t ad it! And also how dlete this ‘Your header message here’?

Hi, thansk for your purchasing. Please send message through my profile, i will send fix for this. To delete ‘Your header message here” navigate to Spotlight > General > Header Message > insert code below:


Hey Design,

I noticed the homepage is filled with these circular illustrations. Is there anyway to disable the circle? :P I know it’s part of the theme, “spotlight” haha. Thanks again :)

Hi, thanks for your interest. Did you mean to use other page as homepage? Of course it’s possible. You can change homepage to different page by navigate to Settings > Reading > Front page displays > A static page (select below) > Front page > select a page.