Discussion on Spotter – Universal Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Discussion on Spotter – Universal Directory Listing WordPress Theme

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Hi, I’m thinking of creating a brand db list, but in your demo, I don’t see clearly the options that your plugin is able to do.

For example, brands are all over the world and we only want to configure some topics and not all of them. I intended to do linked to international (not so focus on local map or location search). So I have some questions:

1. Is it possible to remove the location search field or any other field we don’t need?

2. Is it possible to create a listing of brands with a table view? (Just the Old Fashion way to layout display, it’s easier, simple and faster… The table view, we should be able to set up the columns with the topics we want to display. Also the number of fields, by page (20, 50, 100, 200)

3. In these listings is there a possibility to add categories or hashtags for topics related to that brand list? (so people will find product type tag or category according to what they search and not the location)

4. Is there a possibility to create a table with annual voting, for each company? And at the same time have a global cumulative vote (of all the years).

5. Also another field “where to buy?” .. just inside a list of places to people that need something can buy in that website list (according to country)

6. Would be interesting if, in some way, we can connect to those brands official social networks to check the Number of Fans / Followers by each brand. So we also can rank them.

Maybe you don’t have these options… so I hope can be developed because will be new ideas :) Please let me know if you will have these options, PM/Poke me!

Thank you

Pre-sale question. Theme look great. We wanna use it to make a membership listing portal, i wanna know can i offer a plan for new partners and set different packages. example basic package can add 1 example house, no social media, no web etc. Package 2 can have more options and package 3 will have more options. if so this is amazing for me

Hi, i’m trying to check the preview and the site is down … is the theme still active and with support ?

Pre Sale Questions:

1. Can we use custom fields to the listing forms? I have listings with categories/listing type and each category/type listing form has different fields related to the category/type

2. Restrictions: I have plans with level. These paid subscribers will see other users lists, but certain features will be hidden to the user who have paid for a lower plan. So the restrictions are based on VIEWING USERS not Listing Author plan

3. Plans needs to have expiry and Listings also expiry. This will depend on the plan selected

4. Free plan needs to auto assign to the user as soon as they register

5. Can we have an option upload document feature as well? this needs to show in frontend according to the user plan. if not, can we Custom coding for file upload, is that compatible with your theme? is it set in a user friendly way. Or use a third party plugin with shortcode option?

6. Chat with the author?

7. I want to see how the backend form builder if possible just to get and idea if this is what we are looking for, also so to see how the restrictions are set

can a listing reply to a review that has been made?

Would this works on my site https://essaytoolbox.com/paraphrasing-tool ? Do you still support this project?

Can I have the update please? Thank you!

Hello there,

Thank you for using our theme.

One of our specialits has already replied you regarding your features filter request.

It will take some time to fix it. We will get back to you on the next week with recent version available.

Best Regards,

Team Fruitful Code

Any ETA for the next update?The bug that i had reported is still here (8 months are so many). If there will not be a short update I will be forced to move on to another theme, I am losing all customers on mobile. There is little seriousness

Alright, at the moment we are working on making it smoother. We will send you file when it is ready via our support system.


Team Fruitful Code

Oh great! i’ll wait your update!

Hi there,

We’ve sent you an update via our support sysytem. Let us know how it works for you.

Best regards,

Team Fruitful Code

Hi! I have a presales question… Is it possible to have listed all daily menues from a specific location? thxx


Sorry for misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, within current functionality, it is not possible since daily menue counts as a listing’s description field.


Team Fruitful Code

so this has no taxonomy type that could be done with essential grid?

Spotter theme is not compatible with essential grid plugin.

I am looking for a theme to create a psychologists directory. The psychologist listing must have fields like experience, education, certificate courses, specialisations… along with ability to add multiple locations per psychologist and for each location working hours.

Would this theme be suitable for a project of this nature?

Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in hour theme.

Spotter theme has a wide variety of different options. It can be adapted to everything you’ve listed. In case you would like to add any new features, our team of developers can offer you our customization services.

With Regards,

Team Fruitful Code

So would it be correct to say that each listing can have multiple locations?

Hello there,

Unfortunately, within the current functionality it is possible to add only 1 location for one item listing.

With Regards,

Team Fruitful Code

Hi ! how are you ?
I would like to know if with your theme/plugins I could cover these requirements:
1- The list is about services and business, so I need listing created by me and people(business) registered can claim
2- listings with different categories, countries and cities
3- different membersite suscription options, for example $FREE can publish 1 business item, 20$ can publish 1 and upload pictures and pdf, 30$ can answer comments
4- users can comment and review item/business
5- users can contact (via form) to each business (that it sends email to business)
6- user can change language in the frontend (english, spanish)
7- option to list business near by my location with a map
8- Do I need to add or pay by any extra required plugin or module ?
9- differents styles/design in search listing results, like table list, images grid, map, etc

Best Regards

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us! Sorry for the late reply.

Almost all of your requirments can be covered with our theme.

The only exceptions are 3rd and 6th requirment.

3) Basically, you can create different subscription packages with main options like: amount of items included and featured items, amount of agents and agencies profiles inluded. Here how it may look https://spotter.fruitfulcode.com/pages/pricing/

Unfortunately, there is no more advanced customization like permission to upload pictures, answer comments, etc. By default all agents are allowed to leave comments.

6) In order to change language in the front-end WPML plugin is required. Our theme is compatible with WPML plugin.

8) WPML plugin can be bought here https://wpml.org/

Best Regards,

Fruitfulcode Support Team

How i change the read more in contact page and link the page i want ?

Hi there,

Please contact us here https://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/requests/new so we could provide you with the detailed instruction.

Hello! Can I use OpenStreetMaps as default map (not Google Maps)? Thanks

As for now, there is no functionality that would allow user to switch from Google Maps to OpenStreetMaps.

Nevertheless, you can change the type for map from Appearance > Spotter Options > Maps tab.

Thats bad.. Google maps have a lot of cities without buildings and there is no functionality to add them, so cities and villages gave only roads and empty space

We will definitely consider adding OpenStreetMaps in future versions of the theme

I reported a bug on 30 January. I asked for news for the resolution on 21 March and 5 April but received no response. It is impossible to use your theme on mobile and I have no idea when it can be put on mobile. I don’t think it’s a good way to sell the product. Request 12416

We would like to bring our sincere apologies for the delay. We are still working on a solution and once everything is done, we will let you know.

Thank you for understanding.

please any news? another month has passed without any update..the users can’t use this theme in mobile version

Hi, Considering the current resources, how can I create a URL with your theme from a search, like this: mysite/rentals/united-states/newyork/queens/long-island-city/jackson-avesingle/bedroom

Thanks, Best Regards

Hi there,

Unfortunately, there is no way to do this.


Hello. Does the theme have a payment function? For charging who includes the list? Please, answer me if it exists. I have seen below in your answers: “Please contact let us know what we can do.” I want you to respond if it exists, simple. Thank you!

I need price per rent and no listing. Example. Someone rents a room rate and the landlord pays a fee in the amount he charges the renter. as in www.booking.com

So I want to charge you who includes your list. See if it’s clear. It’s possible? I example below:

Your price per day R $ 1000 Price that guests will pay per night R $ 1,000.00 Commission included in the prices that guests pay R $ 130,00 Your recipe per night R $ 870,00.

? I want to charge Cielo flag too.

Unfortunately, it is not possible with our theme

Hi, please ask to consider answering the following pre-sale questions:

1. What are the differences and when should I use the themes [Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme] OR [Real Estate – WP Estate Theme]? What are the best applications and situations in the Real Estate Market each theme best fits?

2. Does the theme use IDX or similar technology?

3. Is the search system robust and has speed performance? Can you handle a large number of items and search requests made by users? Can we change the search methods?

4. Does the theme allow taxonomy?

5. Is it possible to use or integrate woocommerce to use to integrate other payment modules besides paypal and stripe?

6. Is there an e-mail sending module for actions carried out on the property pages?

7. Does the theme have performance with mobile devices and have optimal indexing for SEO (Google)?

Thanks, Regards

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

We can add all these functionalities with custom development. You are welcome to contact us at https://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/requests/new so we could discuss the details.

Regards, Julian

Hi, please ask to consider answering the following pre-sale questions:

1. How can I offer and customize different packages for each type of list for vendors? I need some additional plugin or the theme itself supports this feature, how to do this?

2. Can I set recurring payments to automatically receive every month, week, day, or even year?

3. How does time make it possible for Vendor to be able to sell products, services or events directly from the frontend?

4. Does the theme have a manager for sending personalized e-mails and SMS?

5. How do you have a personalization to send e-mail to Bookings?

6. The theme provides a way to aggregate and manage Vendor Affiliates and Website Administrator, how can this be done with your theme?

7. How does the theme manage users and subscribers who review? Is there any way to keep a management to engage them to participate in campaigns from the Vendor or website administrators?

Thanks, Regards

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

We can add all these functionalities with custom development. You are welcome to contact us at https://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/requests/new so we could discuss the details.

Regards, Julian

Hi, please ask to consider answering the following pre-sale questions:

1. Is it possible to change the layout or design of the default template of Vendors pages? And create new pages and make them linked to packages?

2. How can the theme make the Bookly or Booked plugin available in the frontend for the Vendor to manage their bookings?

3. How can Vendor manage their bookings through Frontend using WC Bookings?

4. Can the vendor add coupons through the frontend by avoiding it to the backend?

5. Does the theme have any limitations on the number of lists?

6. Does the theme use native Wordpress functions, and can iterate through all posts or categories?

Thanks, Regards

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

We can add all these functionalities with custom development. You are welcome to contact us at https://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/requests/new so we could discuss the details.

how can i update theme from older to newer version


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