Discussion on Spraymag - eCommerce, Magazine, Responsive Blog Theme

Discussion on Spraymag - eCommerce, Magazine, Responsive Blog Theme

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can i import demo?

yes, if you need i can log in to your site and import demo content for you. please PM us your login details.


the tabs don’t seem to work. i tried doing a shop/article/blog but none of the tabs seem to work, then again i am in the middle of making my site any suggestions to insure im doin things correctly as i go?


Sure We can help you, can you please send your site login details, (Please pm us). we can set it same as demo


I purchased the theme but i cant change the background and the sliders don’t work.

I did that nothing changes, the sliders don’t seem to work either or carousel. What’s wrong with it?

Also i sent you a ticket on the website and no response yet that i have noticed.


Im not sure why, Can you please send us login details (Please PM me).i saw your ticket on our site and we already reply to you. before two days ago. but still no reply form you


Please send login details and we can check it and fix it


is it available for purchase for now?

is it google adsense friendly?

can I use this theme for my blog?

Yes you cam use, its ads ready, and there have ads widget also. check the demo you will get idea :)

Demo is not working.

Check this direct demo url – https://spraythemes.com/

I am checking this theme out to buy but can’t preview the forum. Is there a way to view the forum layout?

Theme support BBpress, but currently we removed it from demo,, we are working on our new theme demo, we will notify you soon

where’s the demo content.. No links are working for demo content. Please share the new link. pinedo.vn@gmail.com . Thanks

Can you send me demo content please. pinedo.vn@gmail.com


Theme Demo Content send as a email

Thanks :)

where’s the demo content.. No links are working for demo content. Please share the new link.

Hi vamsi333

This old link is not working, i can send you demo content, can you please send me a message using TF profile, i can reply you to demo content ZIP file

Well it has been a month since I bought this theme, the author Wpsmart helped me sort a few things out (very slowly – generally took several days to get one response) but now seems to have lost interest altogether.

My emails go unanswered. HORRIBLE SUPPORT!! Never buy a theme from this clown again. Theme comes with 6 months of support?? Pfft!! That’s a joke!!


Thanks For your comment, but i help you to set your site as theme demo, first time i loge to your site and checked it, you change some codes and created wrong child theme, i help you to Fix it, again, your issue it tags not working, so i fixed it too, the reason is you changed some codes,i cant check every codes manually

By the way, Thanks for your comment

OHH! Now that I speak publicly you respond! Wow, where have you been the past week?? Suddenly now you respond so fast!

Yes you helped me with my Child theme. I set up the Child theme and didn’t link all the necessary CSS files, only the main one, so you linked the other one for me and then it worked OK.

The Tag Cloud didn’t work in the Child theme OR the Parent theme, it was a problem from the first time I loaded the demo content, I have no idea why it didn’t work. I didn’t change any coding at all. Any changes I made were only in the Child theme, that’s the whole purpose of the Child theme, to customise the theme safely. And the Tag Cloud didn’t work regardless of which theme I activated. After you got it working I asked you 2 times by email what was wrong with it and how you fixed it, and you didn’t answer my question both times. So I have no idea, but I didn’t touch any code in the parent theme.

I have 2 other issues now that are not related to the Child theme. If you bothered to read my emails you would know that, and you would stop bringing up the issue of the Child theme.

When I embed a You Tube video in a blog post it doesn’t scale down properly for a mobile phone screen, so the video gets cut in half. This happens using parent theme and child theme – both the same.

Also the theme doesn’t scale height and width of images evenly for the thumbnails in the sidebars, so they appear too tall and skinny. The original images are all 1.5 W:H ratio. The thumbnails in the sidebars are 1.25 to 1.35, they are scaled unevenly. This even happens on your demo site if you look at it.

This is from the image info on one thumbnail on your demo site:

300px × 199px (scaled to 168px × 125px)

Get a calculator and do the maths!

hi, how do i recover lost password on item support. i want to download demo content. recovery option is not working


are yuo still have this issue, we fixed it, but still have this issue, please email me

probthemes@gmai.com I can help you


Hi there, I registered for an account to download the demo content, and I never received an email with my password. When I try to use the “lost password” function to get a new, it tells me that it can’t send an email. Can you please help me to get my password. Thanks very much.

Hi @sharkskinboy

I Please check your Inbox, this is our Support forum Issue, We fix it soon,

*Added New Password, and check your inbox


Thanks very much Wpsmart, I managed to install the demo content.

I found, however, that the demo content is totally different to that shown on your live Spraymag demo site. On your live demo site, the static front page is a 3 column design with lots of widgets, and each of the individual blog post pages are also a 3 column design, with widgets in the 2 right side columns.

On my website with the demo content, the top part of the home page was the same as your live demo site, which is great, but then it had a listing of the blog posts underneath. I want a static front page, so I changed my settings to static front page and then all I see as the home page is a normal page, with none of the features shown on the live demo site home page at all.

Also, the demo content blog post pages are all 2 column page layouts, and I can’t see how to change them to 3 column or how to make them look anything like your live demo site.

Can you please let me know how I can get my site to look just like your live demo site – a static front page with a 3 column layout underneath the top part, and 3 column design blog post pages, with widgets in the 2 right side columns?

Thanks very much for your help.

Hi again, Wpsmart, I managed to figure out most of the layout myself (3 columns), but I just have 3 questions please:

1) How do I make a static front page with all the widgets as shown in your live demo page?

2) My tag cloud widget only shows tags as text, not in boxes as your live demo page does, Do I need to download a different widget for that?

3) What is the widget in the sidebar called that shows blog posts by selectable Top Posts/Recent? I can’t seem to find a widget that looks like that.

Thanks very much!

Hi, where can i find the home page to edit.

Hi srinoj

I can help you. Spraymag theme design using Widgets, so go to Widget page and you can drag and drop your widgets,

if you have no idea, how to do it, please contact me using profile page, i can help you to build this theme



Am trying to download the demo content from http://wpsmart.net/spraymag-wordpress-theme-demo-content/. but its not allowing me to login in. pls help.

Hello My theme is not working properly, Can you please help me, http://madaboutepl.com/,

And more over the forgot password part your support website is not working..

In your support forum, as I forgot my password, I clicked lost password, and after giving my email id, it is not sending any reset password link.

And where do I pm you? Can I have your email id?

Hey I am waiting for your reply.

im sorry,

please send mail to -probthemes@gmail.com or go to my tf profile page and send me a message


Any update about WPML support? Thanks

Theme Support Wpml, did you found Any Issue?

No, just checking. Since there is no indication about this compability and the only explicit mention about WPML I found was on a comment 7 months old says “it will be added in a future release” I’d like to confirm. Thanks and best regards

If you found any bug, or if you have any suggestion, please post here, i will update theme :)

Hi Admin?

How to upgrade my theme. my theme V2.9 but I want to need V3.9 Please help me? how do i upgrade my theme to V3.9



Sure i can help you, First Backup complete theme using FTP. Then Go to tools export and backup your post and other data

Now you can Re download theme from Themeforest Download page http://themeforest.net/downloads

then upload theme file using FTP,

New theme (spraynag 3.1) have new theme framework, so you can go to WordPress Dashboard >> Spraymag Then Set-up theme options, If you have any issue, please contact me

I will help you :)


Hello Auhor I bought this theme just few days ago, and have installed it. I am having issue with the mobile responsive of this theme. It is not properly responsive for mobiles below 5.5 inches screen. Please guide me to solve this issue.

Regards Abhimanyu abhimanyuchoithramani@rediffmail.com

Hello Its been 3 days, I have not received any reply..

In Very sorry for late reply its my fault

can you please pm your site ? i can check it and help you


Can you send me demo for spraymag theme on how to set up home page, i spent a lot of my time trying to get it done but it still not working as expected, after reading your documentation and watching videos tutorials.


You can download Spraymag Theme Demo Content From http://wpsmart.net/spraymag-wordpress-theme-demo-content/

here, then go to tools import and import theme data, if you still have any issue, please reply me

i will help you to set your theme as demo :)

Hi there,I’ve downloaded spraymag theme Demo content from the link provided and still have the same problem.Can you help me to set my theme as demo then.


Sorry for late reply, sure i can, please pm me your login details, i can log in to your site and fix it as theme demo

How do I apply the demo content? I’ve already successfully uploaded SprayMag in my freshly installed WP.

sure i can,

please contact me using theme contact form?


Thank you! :)

I already sent the inquiry. :)

Can you please explain how I am able to insert carousel slider within the content as you did on the demo template. You can check the screenshoot to conclude on which carousel im referring. http://postimg.org/image/5d96plvwj/

image gallery for post pages?


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