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Great Work. Do you have a larger background? say for 1920px width resolution?


Thanks, I wil make an update soon with a larger background image. or watch:

Really, really nice. I might advice you making additional bright colour style and it will sell nice!

awesome mate! truly awesome!

bought it, coz i love it! I would buy these layouts, styles and templates all day, shame there aint more of them about!

PSD or similar would be excellent, so we could edit the rainbow and clouds

awesome theme… I liked the background man and the footer… wow

Thank you all!!

For those who like to have the psd file check my previous comment.


Working on it, it will be online soon on this page!

dude, i dont see a previous comment about a psd? you have only commented on making a larger background image? am i missing something?

ahhh so I am to buy the template and PSD as seperate purchases?

Well, for now you do… but i’m currently working on a bright version to.

I will upload the two psd files with it in the new download when it gets approved.

If you can wait one day, I think you have all you need :-)

Good stuff! thanks for the update!

Whats the best way to set up the blog. I am new to that. Best Anton

Hi Thegreat,

Try to implement the theme into a cms like Wordpress.

I wish I could help you, but i’m not a hero in that kind off stuff. I suggest to try the forums on this site. There are plenty of guys that can do the job for you there.

Nice and colourful !

dam, this blows..i bought the psd version last week now you have the html version out…they should have an upgrade price option

Nice Job!! how can change to automatic vertical scrolling slider? thanks

Hi Barbismty

I think you mean the showcase item on the homepage and portfolio page right?

Simply change the html code where it says “Start of Showcase”

You can simply and or remover entry’s by editing the list element

The structure of these element has to be the same to get the result it has now.

Hope this helped you out!

Hi, I’ve just joined ThemeForest and I’m having a look at all the themes here (there’s a lot) and so far I seem to be clicking on everything you design! What makes you think I love your style.

Amazingly creative, this is one of my favourites of your work. Beautiful.

Amazing template! I can insert module comments?