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Hi there,

I have a problem with placing a logo on this theme. The logo is not aligned to the top left of the theme as wanted. Any direction would be appreciated thanks

Hi Lycious,

Could you link me to your site? You probably just need a minor CSS tweak to fit your logo. You can email me through my profile here –


I’m contacting you from We have purchased your theme and developed our site around it. Recently however we have noticed that the pages do not display correctly on the Safari Browser. I do not know how long this issue has been going on since none of us use a Mac, and it was only recently that it was brought to our notice. I would be very grateful if you could fix this for us, or at least let us know how we can do it ourselves.

Thanks and regards, Rex Fernando On behalf of StarLite Cuisine.

I have a couple of screenshots that I can send you, but I’m not able to attach it here. Can you tell me where to upload them please? – Rex

I used an online service to test using Safari, and am sending you the link below. Thanks for the help.

It looks like the issues are just the header/slider area? The combination of your large logo and smaller screen sizes seems to be the culprit. If you can give me admin access I can take a look at fixing it. You can email me through the contact form on my profile here –

I’m trying to fix this theme for a client. It’s stuck in mobile menu mode. Any way to make it show a regular menu on a PC?



Hi Mark,

The menu style is dependent on the width of the browser window. If the monitor you’re viewing the site on is quite small it will switch to the mobile menu. The switch happens when the window is 1220px wide. You can change this by editing the CSS media queries at 1220px for the navbar.

Where do I find that file?

It’s in the style.css file. If you can reply with the account used to purchase the theme I can give you more precise help.


I’m getting followin error, while using your theme:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for jgt_toggle_title() in /home/.../wp-content/plugins/sputnik-theme-plugin/jgt-page-options.php on line 105

What can be the reason for that? There aren’y any customization of the theme.

Thanks and regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Have you activated the Sputnik theme plugin that comes with the theme?


bernland Purchased

Is there a way to add “Gallery Post Options” to pages?

I really like the “Featured Gallery” feature and would like to spice up pages with galleries.