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Is it possible to have the site setup exactly like the demo site ??

Yes, we offer an installation service through the link in the documentation. :)

its possible to configure “Bank Transfer” as payment method?

Ist possible to put free downloads?

Hi :) These questions would be better served asking the EDD support. They are the experts on their plugin. We only style for them in the theme, we don’t actually create the functionality.

Hello, a few days ago I’ve sent a PRIVATE TICKET #1395819. Thank you if you could reply to it.

Hi :) I’ve replied now, thanks


i like your theme and I have a few pre-purchase questions to make sure I start with the right theme, my plan is to build kind of city guide which display entertainment events and sell tickets for them:

1. Does it support RTL ?

2. Can I build multi-date event – like in this site: https://www.eatwith.com/offering/14046/?eventId=58061 were the user see the event details and just need to choose Date (option to display left tickets) and Guest quantity ?

3. Can I set event owner page which list the different events he offer (for instance: a tour guide page which list the different tour he offer and then each offer will direct to the single page (event) were the user can chose date/guest and purchase tickets?

4. Is it support multi-vendor – which enable me to let each event owner to set up his own events ?

4.1 – if the previous is yes – Does it support messages between the user and the event owner ?

If the original theme features does not support it directly – is there any plugin which does it and compatible with your theme ?



Hi :)

1. Yes

2. You would want to ask any functionality questions specifically to EDD support. They are the experts on their plugin. We only style for the plugins.

3. There is a shop page template, I’m presuming you are setting up your downloads to be “Events”? If so then yes – each vendor gets a shop page if you follow the set up instructions to show only their items.

4. Yes, that is what the FES plugin does, it allows for your vendors to submit their own items for sale. Any specific functionality questions should be directed at their support.

4.5. They can use the vendor contact form to send emails, but there isn’t any record of that on the site, it’s through email only.

Hey buddy, Really impressed with this theme and interested in purchasing. Just wondering from one TF author to another why you are not currently supporting it? Are you still intent on creating updates and offering a little bit of support if needed? Many thanks

Hi, I do not understand. And how can a seller get money for the goods he sold on my website? Thank you

Hi :) You can direct any specific questions to EDD concerning their functionality and how it works. I believe you would need their PayPal address to do a mass payment to each seller using the Commissions Addon that EDD has.

Hi, can you add pages Forgot password and Exit the theme so they are not WordPress? Thank you

You can add what ever pages you want to the site and they don’t need to be WordPress pages. But anything relating to the eCommerce solution or passwords etc – those are all powered by WordPress so you’d need to stay on WordPress to handle that functionality.

Hi, when I turn on the plugin edd-related-downloads, then on the download page the right block is shifted down. It appeared after updating the plugin easy-digital-downloads. In the file single-download.php I deleted the lines 121-123. Please check and update the theme. Thank you On these pages – http://mythemepreviews.com/squarecode-alt/downloads/iphone-mockups-volume-1/#prettyphoto[group]/2/

The link to our live demo you’ve submitted shows the related downloads is under the content and not in the sidebar. If you have this showing up somewhere different, you may have the widget in the sidebar area? Do you have a link to your site? Can you please open a support ticket with a link to your site? https://cr3ativ.ticksy.com/

And yes, how to display the user’s link in the MEMBER SITE block? I add a URL to the User field, but the link is not displayed(

Please include that in your support request as well: https://cr3ativ.ticksy.com/

Why did I install it correctly but the interface does not show up?

My website https://graphicmall.net? Not show menu, search… as dem theme! Can you help me? I only my web as your demo!

Can you please open up a ticket with our support (https://cr3ativ.ticksy.com/) but it looks like you’ve missed a lot of the documentation : https://cr3ativ.com/squarecode-wp-documentation. You haven’t set up the XML import or have set up what WordPress sees as your front page (WP Admin >> Settings >> Reading). I would read through the documentation to see what steps you may have missed but we also offer an installation if you would like us to install this like it shows on the demo.

Hy Cr3ativ Themes team Before I buy squarcode I would be glad if you could answer me these questions. How does the search engine work on squarcode, does it work on the same principle or better as relevanssi? so if I built a multivendor portal, could the vendors also tag their digital goods? unless ; is squarecode compatible with the relevanssi plugin? thank you and sorry about my poor english

Hi :) You could try the Relevanssi plugin to extend the search capabilities but the theme in general uses the default WordPress search (titles, categories and post content).

hi I have the SquareCode – Marketplace, but I word like to know how to convert in to html template because I dont relly like wordpress.

Hi :) Unfortunately if you wanted to convert this over to HTML it would be a lot of work involved, you can certainly do that however. But you wouldn’t be able to use the Easy Digital Downloads functionality as this is strictly for WordPress only.

If I bought I can reiceve also a italian translate? when I proceed to the purchase, the payment reaches the person who created the ad and entered its paypal credentials? tnx

We provide mo/po files but you’d need to translate this yourself using either the WPML plugin or another translation plugin.

If you are referring to the commission needed for the seller selling the ad, yes you can use EDD Commssions plugin and PayPal Adaptive Payments (also from EDD) to give the commission out immediately.