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Nice theme, but my local payment gateway isn’t support EDD. It has WooCommerce plugin so can I add WooCommerce on your theme Thanks

No worries! Squarecode is only coded for EDD for the special templates and styling. that doesn’t mean it won’t work with Woocommerce but the unique page templates and styling wouldn’t be compatible with Woo.

Hi there,

I am interested in acquiring your theme. I want to build a site where vendors will sell trip expertise. I have some questions regarding the features we need. Can your theme do the following (if not do you know of a solution we can implement in addition to your theme) :

- Set up 3 products /offers that will be the same for all vendors but where the vendors can set their own price for these products. Prevent vendors from adding new products.

- Manually approve a vendor when he registers

- Set up a form when a customer buy an offer with questions about what they need (personalized digital products)

- Sell digital products : disable shipping and set up a chat functionality when the purchase has been made so the vendor can sell the archive and the vendor and buyer can communicate directly.

- Set up a timer for delivery (as in Fiverr)

is there any upcoming update?

is there any upcoming update?

I like the theme, author will update theme?


Nice theme! I’m working on a stock video site – is it possible to replace the product thumbnail image with an embedded video (vimeo)? So in the search and store pages you could play the video where the product image is without having to go to the product page.

Let me know if it’s possible or if there’s any code work around I could do. If I can will definitely be buying but this is important functionality to me.



Hi, I have a problem that I can not remove a menu that comes with all the items.