SquareCode - Marketplace for Easy Digital Downloads

SquareCode - Marketplace for Easy Digital Downloads

Are you looking for the best WordPress theme for Easy Digital Downloads?

Squarecode WordPress theme for Easy Digital Downloads allows you to easily create your own digital downloads store, or even a full marketplace for selling digital products using the Front End Submissions add-on for EDD. No other EDD theme offers the customization flexibility that this theme offers, making SquareCode your best choice WordPress theme for Easy Digital Downloads.

Check out below the reasons why our users say Squarecode is the best Easy Digital Downloads theme available.

Start Your Own Marketplace or digital store with the best theme for Easy Digital Downloads – Squarecode

Hand-crafted by UI/UX specialists with years of experience, SquareCode is a bloat-free theme that enables you to open your own digital store, or with the purchase of EDD extensions a full marketplace just like eBay, Amazon or even ThemeForest. Utilizing the power of the FREE and very popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you can sell anything digital including items such as videos, music, digital art such as icons, filters, templates, themes, or photos etc.

You only need the FREE Easy Digital Downloads plugin to power your own digital store or you can expand to include Front End Submissions (multiple authors selling products, like ThemeForest), reviews or physical goods using the low cost paid plugin options.

FES (Front End Submissions) Support Added

We have now (Aug 7th update) included full support for the Front End Submissions add-on for Easy Digital Downloads which means now you can run a full multi-author marketplace where authors can sign up to your website and upload products for sale. Authors receive their very own store front complete with contact form, header image, avatar and full item listings automatically. SquareCode also offers a unique store directory that lists bio’s and links to each authors store.

EDD Wish Lists Support

SquareCode supports EDD Wish Lists add-on. Give your customers the ability to save and share their favorite products on your site with the EDD Wish Lists add-on. Increase your sales by giving potential buyers a great user experience – a pressure-free way to save products to review later or share with their friends and family.

Single or multiple author products

With full support for the Easy Digital Downloads add-on ‘Front End Submissions’ you can power your site via multiple authors. Each author can join, upload either for review, or automatically for sale (your choice!) their products, setup a contact form and bio plus have their own store page with their own header image for branding.

What if I want to sell Services?

There is a 100% FREE add-on for Easy Digital Downloads called Downloads As Services that removes the notice of no-downloads after checkout resulting in an order being received and no download being offered or message, exactly what you need for selling services.

What if I want to sell physical goods?

No problem as there is a very affordable add-on for Easy Digital Downloads called Simple Shipping that allows you to collect shipping information for physical products.

If I run a multi-author marketplace how do I pay them and split earnings?

Easy Digital Downloads has you covered by using the popular Commissions add-on. You can set your commissions split on every item sold. Alternatively, you can check out the Marketplace Bundle and see if there are many plugins you need wrapped in 1 big bundle at a big discount.

Make it yours via customization

No other theme for Easy Digital Downloads offers you the customization abilities that SquareCode offers. Easily change all the colors of all the sections including header, footer, CTA areas, breadcrumb, headings and regular text etc. via image uploads and/or color pickers in the easy to use theme options panel. Support for the WordPress customizer is also included.

Boxed and Full Width Versions

Quickly toggle the format of all your website by choosing full-width or boxed version layouts via the theme options panel – super quick and easy.

Multi-Language and Translatable

We include support for WPML and also include mo/po files for local translation.

Video and Audio

Display your amazing work via fully responsive, color coordinated (can be altered in the theme options) audio and video players using the built-in functions of WordPress. Display each track and video in an elegant and easy to use format anywhere on your blog, pages or digital item sales pages!

Not just a Marketplace – a FULL website solution

We include, via our free and popular plugins, the ability to display staff profiles, portfolio section with individual project pages, plus career listings including displaying via categories. A full blog section with support for WordPress post formats is included in the theme and a whole bunch of templates that include right sidebar and fullwidth and many automatic templates such as 404 error, site map etc.


SquareCode was designed and tested by UI/UX specialists to ensure that the flow of your sales page is optimized to the max. From little touches like the cart icon changing color when items are in the cart, to a fixed scrolling side panel to ensure the purchase button is always on screen, no other EDD theme compares when it comes to conversions.

You can search or filter your digital products store, create category specific pages for digital items (photos, videos, icons etc.). A common menu system across all devices provides a cohesive experience. White spacing adds impact to sections, block quotes stand out to maximize their impact, buttons have great spacing and even file information for sale items is neatly arranged and yet flexible for different file types.

Dedicated Home Pages

The dedicated home page has an easy to use slider that will accept ANY content, video, HTML, Text or images and even short codes. It also automatically displays 3 Featured (set via a category) products and then 9 latest products. The rest of the page is any content you wish, in our example we display some fancy block quotes in a carousel, 2 pricing tables and some benefit breakdowns, however this could be any content you wish.

Search is always paramount for ecommerce and SquareCode offers a prominent placement for searching your products on all the main store pages – either under the slider on our home page or immediately at the top of the alternative home pages. The alternative home pages offer filter abilities for products ensuring that your visitors can easily, and quickly, find what they want increasing your conversions.


We don’t build on a framework of multiple CSS files that are frustrating and bloated. We write each line of CSS and code in our themes, which means they are easier to edit and customize, load quicker and produce less strain on your server and provide better experience for you and your visitors.

Fully Responsive

We hand test on devices all of our themes and special attention was given to SquareCode to ensure that your visitors, wether they are using a smartphone or a tablet, can view, browse and purchase effortlessly. Pages load super fast, clean and display all relevant information to your users. Even authors can check in to their accounts to see their sales, edit items and even upload via a mobile device.

Theme Features

  • Full support for Easy Digital Downloads
  • Support for EDD Wish Lists add-on (paid add-on)
  • Full support for Front End Submissions add-on (paid add-on)
  • Full support for EDD Reviews add-on (paid add-on)
  • HTML5 and CSS3 construction (heavily commented)
  • XML Preview Data file included for import
  • .json import for FES supplied
  • Extensive live help documentation
  • Full store directory with store front pages for vendors
  • Translation ready with mo/po files supplied
  • WPML ready
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SEO Best Practice Coding
  • Bloat-Free Theme
  • Full featured theme options panel
  • Fully working contact form page with validation (free Contact Form 7 plugin)
  • Automatic lightbox for linked images
  • Multiple menus available with options to turn on off each one
  • Full suite of Page Templates:
    • Dedicated Home Page
    • Automatic Site Map Page
    • Dedicated 404 Error Page
    • Portfolio Index – Filterable
    • Portfolio Single
    • Blog Index / Category / Archive Page / Author Page
    • Blog Single Page
    • Careers Index, Category and Single
    • EDD Single, Category and Index (filterable)
    • Full Width and Right Sidebar Pages
    • Multiple registered widgets for footer, menu and right sidebar pages for EDD, Page, Blog and Careers
  • Paginated Comments
  • Paginated Posts for long articles
  • Create and display text, image or any other content in swipe enabled, responsive carousels/sliders in pages, posts or widget areas
  • Responsive videos, buttons, icon buttons, google maps, toggles, tabs and more via our free short codes plugin
  • Multi-Track WordPress powered Audio player (self hosted)
  • Multi-Track WordPress powered Video player (self hosted)
  • Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Twitter etc. embeds supported.


  • Update on 01/06/24 – v2.7.1 – Please see the changelog for a full description.
  • Update on 01/06/17 – v2.7 – Please see the changelog for a full description.
  • Update on 04/04/16 – v2.6.01 – Please see the changelog for a full description.
  • Update on 11/16/15 – v2.5.1 – Updated style.css and header.php to add some styling to new classes for FES and added some CSS to existing styles. Also updated XML file and included .json forms in the download package.
  • Update on 10/28/15 – v2.5.0 – Based on the newest version of FES (2.3.1) a few of the files for Squarecode have been updated: style.css (new styles added), template-shop.php (to correct the issue with the shop header image not displaying on the new version) and header.php (to add the new styles to the color pickers).
  • Update on 08/27/15 – v2.4.1 – Added #respond p.form-submit {margin-top: 20px;} to style.css and changed version #. Updated template-cr3ativcareers.php to correct issue with broken loop.
  • Update on 08/12/15 – v2.4.0 – Updated style.css (version # only) and header.php. The opening <head> tag was missing.
  • Update on 08/11/15 – v2.3.9 – Updated style.css (version # only) and header.php. There was an extra ‘,’ that was causing some of the background colors on the single EDD page to not show through.
  • Update on 08/10/15 – v2.3.8 – Updated style.css to add some styling specific for EDD Commissions plugin as well as correct the download search results page to be responsive. Also updated header.php to add and remove some color options for the Commissions plugin and updated footer.php and footer-portfolio.php to wrap the analytics code from the Theme Options in <script> tags to work correctly. To summarize, please replace header.php, footer.php, footer-portfolio.php and style.css.
  • Update on 07/22/15 – v2.3.7 – Updated style.css to add font-family for navigation and breadcrumb as on some Chrome browsers the drop down arrow (or side arrow for breadcrumb) does not show. Also updated /functions/theme-scripts.php to remove the http in front of the google font calls to allow for sites with https: to not experience errors when trying to call the google font.
  • Update on 07/08/15 -something went wrong with the packaging of the update from 7/7/15 and the single-download.php was missed out of being included in the package. If you notice that your single download page is using the blog sidebar, then you need to update your theme files to include the single-download.php.
  • Update on 07/07/15 – v2.3.6 – Updated style.css for small CSS tweaks to EDD update 2.4.1. Line 2560 of style.css we changed #edd_checkout_form_wrap legend with new margin: margin: 30px 0 20px !important; The rest of the styling is commented out right before the media queries for your convenience.
  • Update on 06/22/15 – v2.3.5 – Updated style.css (version # only) and template-vendor_list.php – removed a conditional statement that was breaking the footer if user didn’t have their own website, removed the call all together.
  • Update on 06/18/15 – v2.3.4 – Updated style.css (version # only) and header.php – forgot to include the header.php on the 6/17/15 update for the color picker options for the vendor list styling.
  • Update on 06/17/15 – v2.3.3 – Updated style.css to include new classes for the new page template of Vendor List. This page template when using EDD and FES combined will display the vendors on your site.
  • Update on 05/27/15 – v2.3.2 – Updated style.css to include new classes for the update version of the WP Cart plugin.
  • Update on 04/29/14 – v2.3.1 – Updated style.css (version # only) and option tree directory (should be on version 2.5.4), please replace the entire option tree directory to clean up security issues with the plugin.
  • Update on 04/23/15 – v2.3 – Updating option tree files to account for security flaw. Please replace the entire option-tree directory with the one from this version. UPDATED FILES: style.css (version # only), all files in the option-tree directory.
  • Update on 04/21/15 – v2.2 – Updating for the XSS security flaw. UPDATED FILES: style.css (version # only), template-shopsingleauthor.php, template-shop.php, template-downloadsnofilter.php, taxonomy-download_tag.php, taxonomy-download_category.php.
  • Update on 03/16/15 – v2.1 – Adds new sort options to all EDD pages except search.php and EDD-Index.php to sort by Title (Asc/Desc), Price (Asc/Desc) and Date (Asc/Desc). Other small CSS tweaks.

    NEW FILES: template-shopsingleauthor.php, taxonomy-download_tag.php, archive-download.php

    UPDATED FILES: style.css, template-downloads.php, taxonomy-download_category.php, template-shop.php, template-downloadsnofilter.php, header.php, functions.php.
  • Update on 02/28/15 – v2.0 – Please see the changelog for a full description of the changes. It’s recommended you read the ‘Menu’ section of the help documentation to help setup your new menu area. Added horizontal menu and made css tweaks for optimum viewing.
  • Update on 01/07/15 – v1.3 – Updated style.css to include styling for small, small a and small a:hover, as well as fixed issue with newsletter validation error message knocking the submit button out of line in safari.
  • Update on 12/18/14 – v1.2.2 – Updated style.css (version # only) as well as template-shop.php to add pagination. Also added a new page template (template-downlosnofilter.php that will have pagination but no filter.
  • Update on 11/15/14 – v1.2.1 – Updated style.css to fix issue a column issue in iOS8 on iPad.
  • Update on 11/04/14 – v1.2.0 – Updated style.css to fix issue with upload media button from vendor dashboard.
  • Update on 10/08/14 – v1.0.9 – Removed template search-download.php, updated search.php to show fullwidth page and updated style.css to reflect new version number.
  • Update on 10/08/14 – v1.0.8 – Fixed pagination issue with downloads on search results page reported by 1 user.
  • Update on 10/03/14 – v1.0.7 – Updated the package and theme files to include support for the EDD Wish Lists add-on. Also included a child theme for buyers who wish to make customizations and upgrading a smoother process.
  • Update on 08/22/14 – v1.0.6 – Updated the portfolio single page to include the new widget area added to the plugin. Updated the category pages for downloads and portfolio CPT to include numbered pagination. Updated functions.php to include numbered pagination function. Updated style.css to add styling for new pagination and update to version #.
  • Update on 08/19/14 – v1.0.5 – Added 2 new functions in functions.php to allow for categories and tags to be displayed on single-download.php. Files touched: functions.php, single-downloads.php and style.css (for version # update).
  • Update on 08/18/14 – v1.0.4 – Added some extra options to header.php and style.css, also added pagination EDD category page template.
  • Update on 08/01/14 – v1.0.3 – Please replace all files, the theme now support Front End Submissions for styling and some specialty functions. Also fixed an issue with the 2 single page post templates when tags are not used. Please visit the online help documentation for further information.
  • Update on 07/17/14 – v1.0.2 – Please replace header.php, functions.php, fixes include correct color picker choice for variable product options displayed in the description section of a download page (header.php) and auto setting of color options on install (functions.php).
  • Release on 7/17/17 – Version 1.0.1 – please replace comments.php, update the /js directory and the /functions directory.
  • Release on 7/16/17 – Initial Release.

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