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Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you!

Nice work, good luck


Good luck with sales :D

Thanks mate!

just purchased to find out it is not responsive?! can i get a refund

The description doesn’t say anywhere the template it’s responsive, so please read the description before buying.

The template is mobile compatible. That means the template shows correctly and fully on any modern phone. You can load a demo page in your mobile and see how the template is displaying on a mobile phone (for example : .

That being said if you want a refund I can offer you that, but I don’t know how is that possible. If you instruct me I’ll be more than happy to accommodate that for you.

this is not mailchimp ready… the mailchimp files once imported do not have the mailchimp merge tags and adds mailchimp footer because of it as seen here:

more info on mailchimp merge tag for footer here:

you already did a good job designing it with tags for mailchimp… needs footer fix please.

The changes you requested will be made shortly.

how long should it be before envato is updated?

The update is online. Please download the latest version and the problem should be fixed.

when i remove a section it leaves a big blank spot like this here:

from mailchimp… how do i fix this?

seems like the problem is back with new mailchimp editor… i get white space again

I will investigate and get back to you with a fix.

I can’t seem to be able to replicate the error. Everything seems fine on my end (Chrome and Firefox). Can you five me a bit more details, maybe a screenshot ?

Thank you

Can i use this with mailchimp?

Hi, yes this is mailchimp ready. Thanks!

Very good it was mailchimp ready but I was disappointed that it was not responsive. Any chance you are going to to make this template responsive?