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Would it be possible to clear the contact form contents after it’s been sent? How?

Thank you and Best Regards

Sure, on line 325 in js/script.js you should see this code:
After that line, insert this code:
contactForm.find("input[type=text], textarea").val("");

This should clear the contact form once the message has been sent.

Let me know if you run into any trouble and I’ll be glad to instruct you further.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for making this amazing template! It was really easy getting my content into this template (which is a first) and getting the site ready to be published. Great work!

great work!

Quick question before purchase!

The width of the container is 660px – a bit small for what I want to use it for. Is it possible to scale the ‘tile’ effect that occurs when changing ‘pages’ up to 720 or bigger?

Thanks and beautiful work. I also started reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

Yeah that should be possible, you’d have to change around in the script.js file a bit though. At the top, you’ll see some constants written in ALL _CAPS, you can use these to change the number of tiles and their size.

Thanks for this amazing theme. I have an issue when I made a link of any page, if I click on the link, I go well to the page but the nav button related to the page is not highlighted. Is there a way to fix that ?

Could you please send me a link to your page through my profile contact form, so I can take a look?

Hi, First of all, sorry for my english.. I’ve got a problem with the .htaccess file. When i put its on my vhost server, i’ve got an internal error..

Thanks for your reply, Stephane.

Hey, awesome theme. Just wondering how to get the shadow effect on the main container like it shows on the preview image for your theme here

Thank you very much, this theme is great. Just had this one little question.


First, as others have said, amazing template. My only question is…would it be possible to add a 5th button (?) at the bottom of the page and somehow pull my most recent blog posts from my Nothing fancy, just my most recent posts and possibly a small snippet.

I haven’t implemented any kind of blog display support in the theme, so you’ll have to figure that part out yourself since I don’t really have the time to help out with requests like these.

However, to add a fifth button to the bottom, just add another li element to the main navigation, and change the width and position in the CSS to make it fit in there. (If you don’t know much about HTML or CSS , once again, I can’t be of much more help, sorry.)

Also, is there any chance you have the portfolio images as just the backgrounds, no gofer, bird, fish, etc?

The portfolio images are taken from, I can’t provide any other versions than the ones found there.

One last thing (I think!), it appears I’m receiving quite a bit of spam…any way to add a simple “captcha”?

This is another feature that I unfortunately don’t have time to help you out with implementing. Look around for guides and tutorials on the web and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out how to add this yourself.

is there an easy way to show a video in the portfolio section instead of images? that would make that already awesome template even more awesome… :)

Pre-purchase question: How does it handle text overflow? Thanks :) – my homepage uses this template.

I also am getting a LOT of spam from the form. Is it possible to add a simple question to the form to verify the sender is a person? {like a basic math question or something that requires a specific answer to send message)


I was tested in my iPhone 4 and 5 that’s not responsive. Could you fix that?

Hello, do you still have a copy of the original background image with the dark squares?


I have two questions: Is it possible to have a copy of the theme with the background with the dark squares? And is it possible to “fix” a colour when you open the theme? (for example: when you open the website blue is already taken)

nice work,good luck;