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Beautiful Work!

This looks great, but I have one question. Right now when I go to my site it says, but I originally typed in I would like the www. to always show. I am reading the htaccess right now but it seems confusing.

Edit – Nevermind, found your instructions in the files, VERY helpful!!!

Aw! Minimalistic templates, I love them all. Beautiful work on this, I will purchase it soon, cause it’s too perfect in its minimalism :)

Great job & Nice idea

wow, fresh and unique template!

very impressive! Great work!

It’s pleasant to wake up and read all these positive comments, thanks! :)

Great but it would be better if it worked on iPad/iPhone as it is very slow between transitions and the gallery just seems to hang.

If these can be fixed I buy this for sure.

Have a good day vic

I have added a browser check now, if the user is using a mobile browser, then the transitions are disabled. This should make the page usable for mobile devices aswell. You can try out the live preview again with your iPhone to see it for yourself, I’m going to upload the update to Themeforest in just a minute.

Looks Great, Get it :)

Not really gonna work for me because I use WordPress, but I just wanted to give props on some beautiful design work. Awesome stuff!

Bought! ;)

Awesome, bought it.

If somebody has a solution for put a colorbox (or an other lightbox) on the portfolio page (it works on the other pages)... There is a conflict and I can’t find the solution.

Thanks :)

How to make contact? thank you

Once you buy the item you will recieve all the required files to set up the contact form, and also documentation on how to do it.

I am loving this template, but I have ran into a problem in adding more items to the menu. How would I do that? I have added a new row in the index file, but I am not sure how to make it suit 5, because the end one is under it now as it doesn’t fit. What do I edit?

Great work by the way :)

I assume you added another li element inside the main nav ul?

In that case, simply add 60px to the width and subtract 60px from the left attributes in the css of #main-navigation.

What do I get? Site from the first screenshot or from the demo? Because I like only the first one.

You get the site from the demo. What is it from the preview screenshot that you like better? If you want to background I used, you can download it from here. Changing to that background requires you to change a line of code, but it’s explained in the documentation.

Nice theme mate.. I have been looking at the demo, and was wondering, you have some nice colors to choose from, but when the site loads its Gray, is it possible to change color so its always red or??

Yes, you can change it so it’s always red.

The settings panel you see on the left is only there for the demo. Once you download the theme, you can choose which of the color presets and what background you want to use, and it will always stay like that.

Also, if you know even the tiniest bit of CSS , you should have no problem with customizing the colors beyond the presets that I’ve included.

This is all explained in the documentation of the theme.

Could this theme support video in the portfolio section?

No, the theme only supports images in the portfolio. If you really need to display a video, you could still link to it from the description box in the portfolio.

Can’t figure out why I’m not receiving e-mails on the contact form? I’m getting the success message… I’ve checked my paths and everything

Are you absolutely sure that you’ve inserted your correct email address in the sendform.php file?

You could also try checking your spam folder.

Awsome template Joel, but got one fast question…

How to fix that the image of one self could pop up like a lightbox image? Any change to fix this or not?

Best Pontus

You’d have to implement the lightbox plugin yourself, as it is not included with the template.