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I was able to download, unzip, and successfully upload into WordPress, but I also am having trouble locating the documentation. Is there a specific tool I should be using to unzip? I have used “Unarchiver” app and “Archive Utility” app. Thanks!

Once you purchase the theme, you must be able to download the file “”. Once you open that file using a archiver tool such as “winzip”, “winrar” or “iZarc” or any well known tool you will find these items:
  1. Licensing folder
  2. psds folder
  3. revolution-slider-setup-instructions folder
  4. squash documentation folder
  5. theme file
  6. sample-data.xml
As for the others having the same issues, they were wrongly looking into “” file (which is just the theme file) to locate the documentation. Also I will create a video to show how to locate the documentation sometime later and will inform you.

I hope you were able to resolve this issue. I downloaded the above mentioned file and used both Unarchiver and Archive Utility app and had no trouble in unzipping the file whatsoever. And in both cases, the documentation folder was right there prominently visible in the finder the moment I unarchived it. Thanks

Here is a video on unzipping the Squash download file -

Pls note that the documentation, sample data and theme zip files are in the main folder itself, prominently visible upon unzipping. Thanks

hello, how does one install the “sample-data.xml”?

thank you in advance! Regards


Thanks for the purchase. Setting up the site exactly like the Squash demo site is quite an easy task. Please see this video that we did for our previous theme . The procedure is similar for this theme as well. If you run into issues, then send me a temporary login to your site and I will help you.

hi – it seems like many people are having issues finding the proper files in the theme folder. my download did not include the “” file, so i can’t install the revolution slider.

inside the main zip file are the following files/folders: - licensing - psds - revolution slider instructions - sample-data.xml - squash documentation -

inside the “revolution slider instructions” directory are: - main slider setup.pdf - rev-slider-documentation - squash-revolution-slider-import-data.txt

inside “rev-slider-documentation” are: - assets - css - js - readme.txt

nothing in here looks like an installable plugin. i have been looking at both of your videos but they seem to imply there should be a file in there. please advise. thank you.

hi – yes you are correct. i thought i had already accomplished the theme installation – but after a few more clicks it did prompt me to install the revolution slider and it’s working well. thank you.

Thank you for letting us know.

For all – here is a video on the Squash download file -

Pls note that the documentation, sample data and theme zip files are in the main folder itself, prominently visible upon unzipping. At the end of the video, you can see the revolution slider zip file location just in case you need to do manual install of the plugin. Thanks

Thanks for providing the theme update today. Do you have a change log of what’s new in today’s version?


You are welcome. It is at the very bottom in the item page.

I am getting this message: This theme requires the following plugin: Revolution Slider. I checked the zip file but I don’t see any pluggin in there. Please, where is the pluggin? I followed the advice above but I get a screen asking FTP user name, password and host which is not specified there. Installation is too confused. At this point I am stuck!! Can’t get this plugin installed because it does not accept my FTP credentials.

thanks. Is there a way to change the green theme for links, buttons, in one spot or do I need to edit the style.css under editor?

Pls have a look at the file {theme directory}/css/skins/default.css file. There should be a single color which is being used in most places. Copy the content to custom.css in the {theme directory}/custom folder to replace that color with one of your choice and make other changes which override the styles defined in default.css file. Of course, there are options which let you change the backgrounds, headings etc. in the theme options panel.

For all – here is a video on the Squash download file -

Pls note that the documentation, sample data and theme zip files are in the main folder itself, prominently visible upon unzipping. At the end of the video, you can see the revolution slider zip file location just in case you need to do manual install of the plugin. Thanks

One suggestion that would be very helpful and would boost this theme support is creating two videos: First Video: Showcase all the features and how they play around Second Video: Make one video that show how to replicate the “Demo” Theme from scratch ( step by step). Ps: Does not need to get into details of css. This includes: installation, creating pages, creating slides, configuring slides, etc.

Great suggestion. Have put this into my todo list. Will take care of it as soon as I can. Meanwhile, pls have a look at the forum post below for well annotated videos which go into detail of how to setup site from scratch and load the theme. It talks about my earlier theme but setup is very similar for this one. -

The one difference is revolution slider is prompted for auto install when you install Squash. Otherwise, importing slider data, making changes to theme options to get revolution slider to work is all similar. Hope that helps to some degree. Thanks again.

Beautiful theme and lots of options!

The main theme color is teal (#10a8b5). How do I change the color of the button color=”squash” to my own color? (and throughout the entire theme)

Great. Thanks for letting me know.

BTW, if you have not done so already, would you mind rating my theme? Thank you.

just rated

Cool. Thanks. I truly appreciate it.

Where is the contact form widget? It does not appear in the widgets menu

Thanks for your purchase. Pls use a text widget with contact_form shortcode. For further instructions, pls look for contact form page under shortcodes menu item in preview site. Hope this helps.

Beautiful theme. Couple questions: 1) Can you adjust the main slider height, so it’s about half the height of the sample one? 2) Can the portfolio be used for Vimeo video, instead of images? Would it open in a pop up, like images do? Thanks!

Yes, you can change the height of revolution slider as shown below -

The other two sliders – flex and nivo height will get adjusted based on the height of the image you upload.

While you can have vimeo videos inside portfolio entries, currently I do not provide a way to make a vimeo video as a thumbnail in portfolio page. Videos can be made to open up as popups anywhere you like when you provide appropriate links but not within a portfolio archives page. Thanks for your interest.

Hello, I’ve seen the video tutorials and have read the previous comments. I’ve unzipped my file twice in two different programs and it appears that the only folder I have after unzipping is the ‘squash’ folder. The following appear to be missing:

Licensing folder psds folder revolution-slider-setup-instructions folder (not needed) squash documentation folder theme file sample-data.xml

Pls make sure the file that you downloaded is the main file as highlighted in the below screenshot -

Your total downloaded file size should be 13.8 MB. Otherwise, you have the wrong one. Ignore the WordPress Installation file since the main file contains the same along with other folders. I guess if you have already watched the video I uploaded. Once you download the main files, all the files including the documentation will be prominently visible as shown in the video below -

Pls confirm that you were able to resolve the issue this way since others will benefit. Thanks. Meanwhile I will try to get the WordPress Installable file to be removed since it is causing some confusion. Thanks

You’re right, I downloaded the installable WordPress file. Thanks for your help! :)

Cool. Thanks for letting me know. The WordPress installable file download is a relatively new thing in ThemeForest and it’s a bit confusing.

Any chance to have some lightbox implementation in the next update? FancyBox, Pretty Photo? Would be nice!

Also I’ve been having trouble getting the theme to play nice with WooCommerce, JigoShop, and Cart66Lite. Any plans to implement an e-commerce solution into the theme?

Thanks! :)

Lightbox implementation is already in place – prettyphoto. Portfolio items as well as blog thumbnails have lightbox support. When you hover over these items, you should see a lightbox icon in the center of the thumbnail image.

I have no immediate plans to integrate woocommerce into the theme. It’s in my things to do list though. If you have trouble with layouts, send me the URL and I can take a look. Thanks

Great theme! Ready to pull the trigger.

1. Are retina logos supported? 2. Is there a dark skin? 3. Is there an option to create portfolio so images only appear in lightbox not as separate posts? 4. Is blog possible as home page?


Thanks for your interest. Here are the answers to your query – 1. Retina logo – can provide you the simple CSS that you can use to show the retina logo. 2. No dark skin. You can create one by changing the separate css file that we keep for skinning. 3. Present structure is such that we have link to portfolio item as well as lightbox image. Will require customization to make it that way. You will still need to create portfolio items with featured image to make it work that way. 4. By default wordpress makes the blog as home page. So you can keep it that way if you do not want to go for home pages.

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme and I’m in the process of installing Wordpress in my new domain.

I’m going to be creating a site in English but I’ll also need to make one in Brazilian Portuguese. Is there a way to do that with your theme? The ideal scenario would be for me to have the little Brazilian flag on the site where users could choose the language.

I would love to be able to stick to the same theme, since it’s going to be about the same business that I’m running here in the U.S. and in Brazil.

I appreciate your help!


I am really sorry to hear this. No, you won’t incur any additional charges – nothing to cancel.

I just wanted to confirm one thing – did you load the sample data? Were you able to replicate the site as it on the demo site successfully? If you have not done so, pls do so. It is way easier to manage things that way than starting from scratch. There are video tutorials on how to do this from me or I can get you quickly up and running if you send me temp login info. If you have already done so and ran into difficulties, then it’s a question of time. Anyway wish you good luck and great future. Thanks

I loaded the sample data and it seemed it would be easier that way. But there was so much I needed to figure out as far as sizes and all kinds of details. I’ll save for the future, maybe I’ll use it eventually – I’d love to. But for now I need a site sooner than the time it’s going to take me to figure everything out. Thanks!

Thanks for letting me know. Wish you the best and let me know if you need anything from us in future.

hi – just wanted to say i’ve been working with the theme for a week now and it is awesome. so much better than any wordpress theme i’ve used before. thank you!

Happy to hear that things are going great for you. Appreciate you letting me know.

If you have not done so already, pls do rate us. Thank you!

Is the color of the theme adjustable or is it only white? Also if it is set up as a boxed layout can you change the opacity of the content box?

There is a separate file named default.css which has most skin specific settings. For modifying color, you would change this file or copy it over to custom.css to modify the color scheme. Additionally theme comes with over 200 options for changing font color, background color/image etc. for most elements on a page.

Changing the opacity is again through custom css only. Thanks for your interest.

Any option for a read more button?

Hi – will post an easy to use solution once I am back from travel tomorrow. Thanks.

The following is posted in the forum, if you have not seen it already. Thanks

Hi Livemesh, love yout theme. Reading throughthe comments…is it true it’s not possible to embed a Vimeo video from the front pagr portfolio. I am just seeing still slideshows in the popups. We are mainly video so we’d need those to be accessible right on the home page. Can you confirm please. Much thanks Kevin

Yes – currently I do not support video in portfolio. Will take time to implement this right. Thanks for your interest and glad you like the theme.

Hi, thank you for getting back. Each portfolio entry opens a still slide show. Is there a way to disable that so the viewer is taken to the post view where I can embed video?

You can put this little CSS into Custom CSS panel or custom.css file that comes with the theme -

/* Do not display the lightbox button */
.image-info .image-info-buttons { display: none; }

/* Make the portfolio title appear roughly in the centre */
.image-info h3 { top: 40%; }
Hope this helps.

Thank you for your prompt response. Quick followup. Is the code a site universal code or can it be applicable to each portfolio entry?

If the later, would it be an option to have that code show a video arrow over the entry versus so rolling over the portfolio one would see what entries would open a popup slide show and which would go t the post where the embedded video could play.

Also, is it possible to have a sortable portfolio section appear where the recent posts section is currently on the home page?

Much thanks in advance.


It is universal code and implementing this for individual entries would require customization in php based on the category of the portfolio (video etc.). Sorted portfolio is currently not embeddable without code change again. Will need to create separate shortcode for the same.

Hi, I’m having an issue when I try to use background-attachement: fixed using your theme. It works fine in Firefox, safari and IE but the background-image disappears in chrome. This doesnt happens when I’m viewing the live preview of your theme. This is the shortcode I’m using: [segment id=”” class=”” style=”background:url(http://localhost/kirplastic/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/parallax-home.jpg) no-repeat center center #374a4e; background-size: cover;background-attachment:fixed;” background_url=”” background_color=”” content_class=”” content_style=”“]

[four_col] Replace with your content [/four_col]

[eight_col_last] Replace with your content [/eight_col_last]


Do you know what might be going on? and how I can fix it? thanks!

Hi. Thanks for your purchase. Pls have a look at the forum post below -

The solution is at the end of the post.

It works! thanks for the quick response!

Great. You are welcome !