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The Portfolio thumbnails need an icon for the link to the actual portfolio page. At present it looks like you can only link to the larger image of the portfolio page. Unless you hover and click over the portfolio title above the larger image icon..

This is crucial to give clients a visual choice between the 2…

Will provide the same within the next couple of days. Thanks for the suggestion.

thats great news….great support by the way..excellent all round!!!!!!!!!

Steve – I posted the solution to the forum. Pls have a look and get back to me if you have questions -


I have a question, is this theme compatible with smartphones?

Yes. It is fully responsive. Thanks for your interest.

Where do I specify the address (Google Maps) for the Contact Us page?



Having an issue with getting the form to show on the footer for contact us on the bottom right has you have it in the preview of the site, (not a programmer!) can you please tell me what I need to do to make it show?

I’ve tried adding the text box into the footer position 4, but I dont know how to get the shortcode for the contact form.

Many thanks



Can you please post this question in the support forum . Will be happy to help you out there. Thanks

Here is the solution posted in the forum -

The screenshot has the required shortcode as pasted in the preview site. Thanks!


How do you allocate a custom header image for blog category pages?

Thank you


Can you please post this question in the support forum . Will be happy to help you out there. Thanks

Hi LiveMesh,

How do I hide / not show the banner with the page title just beneath the navigation bar on content pages?


You can use the code input into Custom CSS tab in theme options or in custom/custom.css file -

#before-content-area-wrap { display: none; }

For hiding the banner in specific page use the page id -

.page-id-123 #before-content-area-wrap { display: none; }


.postid-321 #before-content-area-wrap { display: none; }

for posts. Thanks

I cant get the profile shortcuts to work is there a ID that must go somewhere

[show_post_snippets post_type=”portfolio” number_of_columns=3 post_count=6 image_size=’medium’ show_meta=”false” layout_class=”post-snippets full-width-snippets” show_meta=”false” layout_class=”post-snippets full-width-snippets” excerpt_count=100 display_text=”true” show_excerpt=”true” hide_thumbnail=”false”]

The issue is due to Jetpack Photon plugin that you have enabled. If you deactivate it, things work fine irrespective of the thumbnail generation method chosen. The Photon plugin generates external urls for each image and hence the Aqua thumb resizer cannot handle the same ( security reasons behind this).

To make things work with Jetpack Photon plugin, I have made a couple of minor changes -

1) Changed the thumbnail generation method from Aqua to Wordpress in the General tab in theme options. Choosing Aqua will make the image resizing to fail if you have Photon enabled. 2) Made the following code change in the file framework/presentation/layout-manager.php – line number 392 from

$thumbnail_size = mo_get_wp_image_size($image_size, 'medium'); // default to medium if size is invalid


$thumbnail_size = mo_get_wp_image_name($image_size, 'medium'); 

Will retain this code change for next updates so that you do not have to repeat with each update. Thanks

BTW, this issue with Jetpack Photon occurs only with those sites which use (or their partners) as their hosting provider.

your the best!!! THANK YOU!!!! Love the theme by the way

After I installed Squash theme a responsive JW Player plugin ( stopped working. I am accessing it with a short code [jwplayer mediaid=”401”]. Any idea on how to fix it?


Thanks for posting this in the support forum. I have answered your query there. Please take a look.



Bought the theme and am loving it, great job.

I am having an issue removing the “header” image on individual portfolio items. I just want to have the work shown on these pages.

Even using #before-content-area-wrap { display: none; } in custom CSS does nothing to any of the banners.


Hi Ben,

Glad you like the theme. For removing the header from the individual portfolio items, please paste the following code into the “custom css” section in the theme options.

.single-portfolio #title-area { display:none; }

That should do the trick. Thanks

Great theme, really well thought out piece of work. I have over 300 themes and this is the best I have bought.

Great documentation, tons of options and ticked all of the boxes we needed for a major project – thanks very much.


Glad that you like our theme. Thanks :)

Hello, I just bought the theme.

Is Squash theme fully compatible with WPML ? If not, suggest me one that I would be able to have the theme in a multilingual website.

The theme comes with mo/po language files in the languages directory which can be imported into WPML. All the strings used in the theme are translatable and should show up on WPML string translation screen. More details here. Thanks for your purchase!

Hey its me again I think I have ONE LAST QUESTION lol how do I slow down the testimonial responsive slider so people can read it longer


You can specify the slideshow speed and the animation speed in the shortcode like this

[responsive_slider type="testimonials2" animation="slide" control_nav="true" direction_nav="false" pause_on_hover="false" slideshow_speed=16000 animation_speed=800]

Change the slideshow_speed and animation_speed values to whatever suits you and that should do the trick. Thanks.

Besides you can also try to pause the slider when mouse is hovered on it by setting pause_on_hover value to true.

I have tried to install the upgrade for Squash two times with error messages. The envato support asked me to contact you directly. The last error message was:

Destination folder already exists. /hermes/waloraweb064/b223/moo.datacenterchoicecom/wp-content/themes/squash/

Theme install failed.

I am very new to working with the WP themes. Have mercury if this is a stupid user error on my part! Also is there a way to remove the RSS feed button in the upper right hand corner? My client is using the site for the presentation rather than a blog site.

Will take care of this for you tomorrow. Will upgrade the theme for you myself. Been busy with a update. I think we need not worry about the plugin not being tested with the latest version since all it is doing is backing up the old theme and uploading the new version. Thanks for waiting.

The theme has been upgraded. Everything looks fine. Have emailed you URL for the theme backup zip file in case you need it. I used the plugin I mentioned in my previous comment and looks like it’s a great one. Pls use the same for future upgrades. Upgrades cannot get easier than this. Thanks

I will use the plug in for future upgrades. THANK YOU!

Hi, great theme. How do you change and/or remove the “Follow us/Subscribe…” titles that appear when you hover over the social media icons?

Please locate the file “framework\functions\utility-functions.php”. You should be able to see these texts at around line number 500. Hope this helps. Thanks!


Great theme, I am going to purchase it to customize for a client.

Quick question though: is it possible to add a image gallery for a portfolio post (i.e multiple images instead of one static image on pages like:


Hi – Thanks for your interest. You can add a image slider or a Wordpress gallery to portfolio post through shortcodes, if that meets your need. Been busy with an update – sorry for the delayed reply.

This is a very nice template, very well documented and easy to use. Even editing some of the CSS files was straight forward. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago, and have no buyer’s remorse.

I had one question; I was curious if it is possible to add secondary, and tertiary if desired? These additional portfolios are for say, one for photos, another for illustration, etc.

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for the kind words. Pls have a look at my reply in the forum and pls get back to me if this is not what you were asking. Thanks -

Could you create a post-category shortcode to limit the portfolio’s displaying by category?

That shortcode already exists. Pls have a look at the following forum post. There is a WP shortcode that you can use in a page to display portfolio items belonging to specific category -

Thanks Livemesh

I’ve noticed that on mobile devices the nav is overlapping the logo and you can’t select it and on the pages the title is breaking the page causing it to scroll horizontally…. ex (on a mobile iphone)

Thanks :) I appreciate it nice work on the theme I really like it…. Also how do you update the theme I notices I’m still on 1.0

If you want to upgrade the theme you can back up your existing theme folder, delete the same in the Theme admin panel and try installing the updated version. I usually ftp the latest version to the server so that I can avoid accessing the site during upgrade process.

You can also try using the plugin – to make the hassle of the upgrading easier. You will need to re-apply any code customizations you have made ( options should stay). Thanks

For the mobile menu, add the following into Custom CSS tab in options panel to make some room for the menu toggle button in iPhone -

@media only screen and (max-width: 479px)
#mobile-menu-toggle {
top: 20px;

For the title, pls remove the following lines from custom/custom.css file. I will have them removed too in the download file so that it does not bother you during updates -

#before-content-area h1, #before-content-area h2 {
    margin-bottom: 20px; color: #E0E3E8; font-size: 48px; line-height: 60px;

And, to make the sharedaddy social plugin content align well in some pages where I noticed that it is shifted to left, pls insert the following into Custom CSS tab -

div.sharedaddy, #content div.sharedaddy, #main div.sharedaddy {
max-width: 1140px;
margin: 0 auto;

Hope this helps. Glad you like the theme :)

I am strongly considering to purchase this template, but i have a doubt, is Squash theme SEO friendly?

Also, is Squash a parallax website or no?

Thx in advance

Thanks for your interest. Yes Squash is SEO optimized. I am not sure what do you mean by parallax website. You can have parallax backgrounds for the sections that you create. Please see the homepage for parallax sections. Hope that helps.

I cannot seem to get the “large_right.png” and “large_left.png” arrows to appear in the imported Revolution slider. I imported it as instructed and checked the .css file and image paths to ensure they were there. I get a black rectangle but it isn’t rendered the arrow .png file. Any thoughts?

Navigation Arrows is set to “Vertical Centered”

On a mac, tested both Firefox and Safari. Doesn’t appear browser specific.

Can you pls email me the URL for the site preferably with a temporary login to your site through my ThemeForest profile page. I can then suggest a quick fix for you by looking at what exactly is happening. Thanks!

Did you have a chance to look at this? I sent you the link via email a few days ago as instructed.

I replied back to your mail with instructions a few days ago. Did you even receive it? I will resend it to you. Please check your inbox and get back to me. Thanks!