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Hi !

Very nice theme! Is this theme can be an “one page” theme ?

Thx !

You can tweak a bit to make it one page and few have done so. My other theme Appdev is a full-fledged one page theme. With Squash, you may miss some features useful for one page site like highlight sections in menu as you scroll down, managing page sections separately, auto generation of menu based on sections created etc. Thanks for your interest.

Thanks a lot for your informations! I will look out AppDev !

hI, I find that this theme is more suitable for my website. Is the default appearance of the theme the same as viewed from the Live Preview?

Yes. Further, with the sample data provided you can replicate the demo site exactly as it appears on the web. Thanks.

Hi Livemesh, thanks. I would also like to find out if I can set up several sets of sortable portfolio within a single page / post?

The theme comes with a shortcode to insert portfolio items category wise. You can use this shortcode several times in a page by changing the categories being displayed. The portfolio items will look as shown at the top of the below page -

But I am not sure about why you would want to have multiple instances of sortable portfolio in the same page since the portfolio items are sorted based on categories and for sortable portfolio shortcode, you cannot limit the categories it displays at present. Hope this helps.


Can the Copyright section be edited where it says

“Copyright © 2013 Squash Responsive Portfolio Theme. Powered by WordPress and Squash” in the footer area.


Yes – there is an option in the theme options panel where you can insert the alternate HTML markup to replace the default footer markup. Thanks.


I love this theme. And I have a question:

How can I make the Header’s social icon links open in a new window?

I can’t find that line of code. Can you help me?

Thank you very much

Glad you like the theme. Pls have a look at the below forum post for your query. Thanks -

Great. That’s exactly what I needed!! Thank you very much


how can i do the “contact us” page like yours?

Also the sample data comes with the contact us page that you see on the live demo site.

Thank you,

Where can i get the image icons, like the phone, the letter… ?

Icons, placeholder images for slider (mac, macbook) etc. are available with the theme. Some of the images are stock photos and you will need to purchase them if you need to use them for your site. Thanks.

How can I remove the page title from the title header area? For example, on my about page, the word “about” overlays the background image, but I would just like the image to be there.

You can just use the Custom CSS (pls change the page id to your own) -

.page-id-253 #title-area h1{    

If you need extra height, pls specify extra padding on the same CSS selector.

The other option is to use the Custom Page Header options at the bottom of the Page Edit window where you have complete control over the header layout and content. You can upload the custom background and no title is displayed if you do not explicitly provide one. In this case, padding is a must for the header to have some height since you are not specifying empty content.

Hello, nice theme. 1. Does this have CAPTCHA built into the theme? 2. What solutions do you have if you dont? 3. Will you be adding woocommerce soon? Thanks

Hi- thanks for your interest. Captcha is not built into the theme. I guess you are referring to Captcha support for contact form – in that case, you can use the popular Contact Form 7 plugin instead of the default contact form.

Will add WooCommerce if there are enough requests. At present, I do not see many asking for that feature. Thanks again.

I just noticed (after delivering to a client) that you never coded in a feedback script for the contact form on the contact page. Any chance you can toss me that code so I can plug it in. It doesn’t work on your demo site either.

Can you pls provide me an example of the feedback script you are referring to. The contact form does display a message “Your message has been sent. Thanks!” after successful submission. I just want to understand your exact requirement. Thanks.

Hi there! I purchased Squash for my web programmer. He says that we can download the entire sample site. But it’s nowhere to be found in my downloads. And we need that cos he’s new to using templates. Where can we download that? Thanks much!

Hi – Thanks for purchasing my theme! I really appreciate it!

Hope you already figured this out. Else, pls have a look at the videos hosted here which provide you information file content, setting up theme etc.

There is a video which talks about Squash theme files specifically.

To provide you with more efficient, searchable support topics, I request all questions to be asked on the Support Forum. If you’re still having issues, feel free to start a new thread over there and I’d be happy to help!

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Hi, the theme works in Wordpress 3.6.1?

Yes. Absolutely!

Hi there, where can I find the code for the contact form at the bottom of the page?


Just use this shortcode in a footer WordPress text widget and you are done. Thanks -

[contact_form mail_to="" subject="false"]

When using Woocommerce plugin everything workd but the Featured Image panel does not show up. This means I can’t upload a product picture.

I am surprised no one brought this to my attention. Here is the solution. Thanks for reporting this. -

thanks for prompt support. It worked!

Is there a way to put a Text Link or Phone Number in place of the social icon section at top right of Header? I am trying to look for a custom css solution… If you could assist that would be great!!! (Plus my boss will get off my… well you know the drill).. Thanks

Can anyone assist Please?

You will need to modify the file mo_populate_social_icons() function in <theme directory>/framework/functions/utility-functions.php at around line number 546. Just output the custom HTML of yours. Once you have the text populated, you can have the following custom CSS assuming you have a class called phonenumber for the HTML inserted -

#header .phonenumber { 
position: absolute;
top: 40px;
right: 0;

Hope this helps.

Hi LiveMesh.

Your template is awesome, congrats!

I have some doubts:

- Can I change the background, the colors and the position of top menu?

- Is this site made by Squash template?

Thank you!

Thanks for your interest. Glad you like the theme. Will be happy to answer your queries.

1) The theme comes with many options to change colors and backgrounds. You can also change the backgrounds, color using the Custom CSS tab.

2) The site you linked to is using a different template called Salient.

Let me know if you have any other queries. Thanks.

I just purchased and can’t change the color of the “blue” that appears on the “home” page in the navigation, or any of the same blue icons, quote marks etc. I have tried every font, color, and menu setting in your customization areas and nothing. I’m rather surprised that something so simple doesn’t appear to be easily changed. Can you help? THANKS!

Disregard, I fixed it in the style css

Hi: Is there a way to create a custom menu on footer? I need to post disclaimer and term of use, and I think the footer is the right place for that kind of menu. Thanks!

It does provide a feedback. I tried submitting a form in the demo site and got the response at the top of the form as shown below. Thanks -

I didn’t notice at first because message was in black. Thanks!

I agree – we need this to be little more prominent. Have put this into my todo list. Thanks

Just noticed the Custom CSS box in the theme options is not working. No changes placed there are showing up on the site. Any ideas? Thanks!

A single invalid CSS markup can sometimes wreck the entire CSS or it could be that it is not even loaded. Is it possible post here the URL to the site or just email me the same (see bottom right box in my profile page). A wordpress temp login will also help. Thanks

I have two tab groups on the same page. The first one works perfectly, but the second one shows just tab titles. Is there a way to fix this poblem?

Thank you.

Can you pls provide the URL to the site please. A temporary login will also help. You may email me the same (see bottom right box in my profile page).

To provide you with more efficient, searchable support topics, I request all questions to be asked on the Support Forum. Feel free to start a new thread over there and I’d be happy to help! Thanks!

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PM sent.

Hi there!

Our fabulous squash-themed website is going to be completed soon. We just have this few problems now:-

1. Can the social media icons direct users to the social sites through a new window tab?

2. And how to allow people to key in their website address starting from www instead http:// in the contact form?

3. How to insert in the traditional Twitter widget instead of the one you provided?


Cheers, Carmen

I have dealt with this issue a few times and almost always, it was email not configured or not configured right for the host. Can you load a plugin like Contact Form 7 and see if you receive emails sent from the same? I hope you already checked a few things mentioned in the forum post sent earlier -

If you still have trouble, pls email me a temporary login to your site or leave a private message in the forum with the login and I can try to find out what’s happening. Thanks.

hi! I have sent you an email with my username and password and the email the form should direct to. Can you kindly help me fix it? Thanks!

Sorry, as much as I would like to help in this case, I can’t. The issue is bigger than the Squash theme itself since the current setup is not able to send emails for quite a few tasks within core WordPress. For example, I created a new subscriber with my email id and requested that password be sent via email but nothing so far in my inbox.

Have you checked with your host once to see if the mail is setup right on the server? At least you should be able to get the SMTP settings from them and one of the plugins listed below -

to manually configure your email. Thanks

Hi – it looks really good, but can I use Squash with WP 3.7.1? That is the version my host is giving me. thanks!

Yes, you sure can. Thanks for your interest !

thanks. I will purchase to use for 3.7.1 then. You might want to put that on the details page because it only lists lower versions.

Sure have done the same now for all of our themes. Thanks for pointing this to me!