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Clean and modern landing page nice work! quick question, in the section particles background, template word typer is there any way the white highlight could be for the entire word no just a few?

ENQUIRY: How do I increase the logo on the top left? It’s really small.

SOLVED: Edited .header-img in /styles/main.css

Hello In the month of July I downloaded free Sree Responsive Coming Soon Template. Today I realize that I need the style.css file to complete the installation. What should I do? Thank you.

BUG: Video playback from YouTube is very spotty on mobile devices. For example videos will play fine on desktop however when the site is viewed on mobile devices (Samsung Galaxy S6/7 and iPhone 6) the video doesn’t show at all or just plays one frame and then reverts to a spinning wheel in the background. Why is this? What is the issue? Is is possible to source the video direct from my own server instead of using YouTube?

SOLVED: Videos will not play on mobile due to mobiles not permitting video playback. Static image alternative is required. Is this something that you will be doing in an update?


Theres no video tutorial to change the countdown

i read and read the documentation and no luck its very confuse and dificult to change a date ?


very very dificult, the documentation is poor, i read other coments and a couple of users have the same problem and confusion with count down and other stuff.

i think was easy to manipulate, and is free version but if your work templates are all the same hard manipulation i dont want to be a customer,

i think the templates be easy and quick to use and finish

really the documentation of countdown is not easy i do all steps and doesnt work imposible to change a date :s pffffff 3 days and i cant change the date looking on js files and other is very confuse”!!!!

not for me but you need to change this part for future customers

Hi, Can you tell me, where i should insert the Mailchimp url in the .html file?

@evorod are you find a solution (change the countdown)?

Can’t get Mailgun or Mail Chimp to work. Followed your direction as best I could but something vital is missing from the documentation. Great file but needs better support.

Hi, I downloaded this awhile back and just tried it and really like it. I have a question though, is it possible to remove the “auto-scroll” feature that happens when scrolling down or pressing the up/down keys?


Nevermind, i Found it :D

Sorry and thanks fot this beautiful theme

Hello all, Am I missing something I shouldnt? I add the required key and sandbox in the mailgun-settings.php, I also change the value of the variable $yourEmail to mine, and I upload the page. Everything work just fine on the page with the exception of mailgun!

What am I missing? ( the Mailgun has been uploaded also in the tree structure as suggested by the documentation)

It’s only that Mailgun refuses to work and the php error log returns that: (I appreciate any help)

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Mailgun\Connection\Exceptions\MissingRequiredParameters’ with message ‘The parameters passed to the API were invalid. Check your inputs!’ in /home/androutsos/public_html/comming_soon/Mailgun/vendor/mailgun/mailgun-php/src/Mailgun/Connection/RestClient.php:127 Stack trace: #0 /home/androutsos/public_html/comming_soon/Mailgun/vendor/mailgun/mailgun-php/src/Mailgun/Connection/RestClient.php(90): Mailgun\Connection\RestClient->responseHandler(Object(Guzzle\Http\Message\Response)) #1 /home/androutsos/public_html/comming_soon/Mailgun/vendor/mailgun/mailgun-php/src/Mailgun/Mailgun.php(80): Mailgun\Connection\RestClient->post(‘sandbox88…’, Array, Array) #2 /home/androutsos/public_html/comming_soon/Mailgun/vendor/mailgun/mailgun-php/src/Mailgun/Mailgun.php(36): Mailgun\Mailgun->post(‘sandbox88…’, Array, Array) #3 /home/androutsos/public_html/comming_soon/send-email-mailgun.php(23): Mailgun\Mailgun->sendMessage(‘sandbox88…’, Array) #4 {main} thrown in /home/androutsos/public_html/comming_soon/Mailgun/vendor/mailgun/mailgun-php/src/Mailgun/Connection/RestClient.php on line 127

I really want to use this file because it looks amazing, but the lack of documentation is going to be too much for me to deal with.

The mailchimp functions are not working as outlined. I created a ‘js’ folder and copied the ajaxchimp and sweetalert files into it (sweetalert2 apparently). Then I read in the comments from almost a year ago that you have to edit all of this in the ‘main.js’ file wtf??????

Even the functionality of the email capture field and button are not working. Click the submit button and nothing happens. How does the user know if they entered a valid email and if it was accepted?

Free file or not, this is ridiculous. I’m hoping I get some help soon or I’m contacting envato to report. Misleading to think that if I paid $10 for this file, I’d still have the same issues. FIX YOUR DOCUMENTATION AND MAKE MORE SALES…...!

Dear Sirs, I’ve been trying to get support on the item for the past months. When I last asked a question about Sree It was not answered so I figured that because I got if for free on the promotional month I was not entitled support. So I purchased it to get support.

But I’m unable to receive support no matter what. Up till the day before yesterday, ticksy did not display Sree in the list of templates available for support. However you had an email available – support@themesease.com – (that dissapeared yesterday). I sent 2 emails to that address that got no reply whatsoever.

Yesterday ticksy started listing Sree as an option and I created a ticket. However When I tried to submit it I got: WHOOPS, SOMETHING WENT WRONG …

The purchase code provided was not properly validated. It resulted in the following error: “Refresh token not found”

I can provide you with my purchase code if necessary but I have to get support at last! it’s a comming soon template this one. We can’t have support take months at a time to respond!

Here is a screenshot from ticksy https://imgur.com/a/6LX4S You can see that I have [verified] on Sree theme but I am not able to post a ticket.

Now you can fix the ticksy issue as fast as you want as long as you reply to my mails concerning the mailgun issue I have.

Thank you.

Where can I found the documentation for the plugin?


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