Sreleque : Attractive Headline Slider Ghost Theme

Sreleque : Attractive Headline Slider Ghost Theme

Sreleque Features

  • Ghost 2.0 ready
  • Multi user support
  • Featured Post support
  • Featured Image support
  • Recent post with slider, great for exposing your post title
  • Responsive layout
  • Responsive Headline Title
  • Responsive Images
  • Responsive Video Embeds from Youtube and Vimeo
  • Disqus integration

Ghost 2.x ready

With support for Ghost 2.x, Sreleque comes with featured image, custom background cover for the site and user background with custom profile picture. You can describe yourself as a writer in every last paragraph of each post with additional website link.

Responsive by default

With simple layout and focus on readablity for the contents, we make everything in it such as images and video embeds fluid and fits perfectly in every device resolutions.

Documentation for first time user

We already have some posts of using Sreleque from installing Sreleque theme to add background, logo, avatar, user background and more.
Read Documentation for Sreleque
Update: 23-08-2018

- Update compatibility with Ghost 2.0
Update: 25-04-2014

- Add Disqus as default commenting system
- Add Featured Image support (from first paragraph image)
Update: 14-05-2014

- Add alternative theme 'Sreleque Texte' with post dropdown as page slider
- Add loading indicator at the top area
- Fix Featured Image to be more centered
Update: 09-01-2015

- Fixed prev-next in slide navigation
- Added support for custom featured image in post (introduced in Ghost 5.2)
- Added Author page
Update: 06-06-2015

- Add Navigation support
Update: 02-10-2015

- Update compatibility with Ghost 0.7.x
Update 22-10-2015

- Updated Disqus embed code
Info. You have to manually setup your shortcode.

Update: 18-04-2016

- More responsive navigation in mobile screen