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Good job, but I would rethink the navigation on the iphone version.

Hi thanks, I will reconsider that ;)

Hye Justin,

This template demo is really cool and fast. I’d like to add it as a subdomain for mobiles to one of my sites.

I like the the way my site displays on tablets, so it would be only mobile use. Is there any way to configure your template so it doesn’t affect the tablets and computer display ?



If you use this script, it will only redirect to mobile version, since tablet is activated when the resolution of the screen is bigger that 640px ;)
<script type="text/javascript">
if (screen.width <= 640) {
     document.location = "mobile.html";

Or look at the FAQ where there’s a link for great tutorial on redirecting websites to mobile ;)

Sorry… Just realizaed you are xRicardX…:)

No problem ;) call me however you want :D

Very good work! I like your responsive template. :)

Thank you!

Much appreciated ;)

I really like this… I am buying it to test it out for extended license use…

Do you mean any wordpress plugin? In this case could you please send me link to the plugin? So I can test it out and help you with it ;)

Actually I purchased the standard version, not the wordpress.

I just meant that I have been unable to get a smooth scroll script to work. I was also hoping you would have a specific script in mind. What script would you have used if you had implemented a smooth scroll feature?

Thank you…

Oh sorry about that, i got kind of lost in my comments ;) could you please send me link to download that script ? I’ve never used it before so really don’t know much about that ;)

What wrong with the index & blog page? Right out of the box (Didn’t make one modification what-so-ever) and I’m testing on my Samsung Galaxy II and the when I slide my finger the entire page slides to the left and shows a white screen.

I can’t use this in this condition. Please advise…

Regards ~ragtech

Same thing on my Kindle Fire… surely this can’t be how this was designed!

It is your ‘Featured Slider’ causing the problem; remove it and it works OK. I am somewhat disappointed… Themeforest seems to think to much and overcharge for responsive code; it is time they learn that it is all over the place now and concentrate more so if the overall site works as described. Now I have to remove a featured slider that was part of the package because it was poorly tested.

Sorry to come down on you so hard but, I spend 100’s of dollars on here and I expect the items to work; especially out-of-the box.

Regards, ~ragtech


I have to say I haven’t tested anything so much in my life as this theme, I even installed android emulator and tested it on every resolution that mobile phones use, but as I see I didn’t even have to do that as it did work on emulator but not in practical use :D

Anyway I am currently investigating the problem, I am sure it will be 2 lines in CSS tops, so sorry about your trouble, will post it here when I’ve figured this out.

Also could you please tell me which browser you use and if it worked on my hosting ? (live preview)

On my desktop I use Google Chrome; The Galaxy II and the Kindle Fire I use only the default (Android) browser originally installed on the two devices. In-fact they’re both are fairly brand new and haven’t been modified at all.

BTW ; thanks for the quick response. Regards, ~ragtech

Yes; that resolved the issue… however, I’ve already completed the site without the featured slider. But that’s OK; it worked out nice without that feature.

Regards, ~ragtech

Opps, I spoke to soon… it’s works sometimes and sometimes not. It’s strange; it will load the page correctly after going to another page and then returning.

But, when going directly to the page with the slider first; there is a strange blueish glow on the page (left or right side; depending on the way you swipe your finger); And, the page is a little wider than should be (perhaps 50px) and the slider does not work at all.

But, like I said… if you go to another page (with no slider) and then return to the page with the slider it works.

I don’t think this fix will work for you sorry.

Regards, ~ragtech

Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. I will upload an update tonight which is using older version of flexslider, so maybe it will help.

Hi xRicrdx, your template is great I like it alot! I’m using the flexslider on my mobile pages and having some rendering issues on my android devices. I’m only seeing the first 3 slides and when I swipe it gets stuck. Any fix? Here’s my page: http://dominiqueelkind.com/mobile/portfolio.html

Thank you! Dom

Hi xRicrdx, I’m testing on an HTC EVO 3D , Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

This looks more of a flexslider (plugin) problem than a theme, I will try to look something up on google ;)

Thank you! Appreciate it

Is this an jQuery Mobile based template?!

Hi, no it’s not.

Thanks ;), you have really nice work too ;)

xRicrdx, I tried to install your theme from the Bluehost WP builder. It says that it failed because the style.css stylesheet is missing. Please let me know how I can receive this asap. Thanks! Ed :confusedsad:

Hi, I am afraid this is not Wordpress theme it’s just simple HTML /CSS, you can get Wordpress version here: http://themeforest.net/item/stacker-responsive-wordpress-theme/2304897

Hi, is there any way to disable pinch-zoom on v2.2.2 Android devices?

Hi, you can turn it off only globally for every device and platform (I would suggest to do this because the whole pinch to zoom is kind of buggy in photoswipe) by going into header.php and search for:


And rewrite it to this:

$('a[rel=PhotoSwipe]').photoSwipe({allowUserZoom: false});

Hello xR:

Please take a look to my site in an iPhone or any smartPhone you have.

Please look at the code and tell me why the nav trigger is not working.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, could you please an url to your site ? Thanks in advance ;)



It looks like there’s a problem in your min.’s with $(‘textarea’).autosize(); try to remove this and see if that helps. Maybe it breaks the other script which is Navigation ;)

Thanks! ;)

Fantastic work xRicrdx. Well done. I need clarification on a couple of questions.

1. How is content managed on Stacker. Do you provide an admin panel for this?

2. What about the copyright notice at the bottom of the page. Are buyers allowed to remove the notice.

3. I love your illustrations. Did you do them yourself.


1) Yes I am using acera options framework.

2) If you leave the input box for this option in theme options blank, that it won’t appear

3) Nope, that’s CC Images available all over the internet ;)

Please help

How to install the template

Great work. Just a couple of questions.

1) Is there a “portfolio grid view” available in the static HTMl version that exists in the WordPress version.

2) Do you have a search page available as well?

Thanks again!