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Hey bro,

I love the design and I know that you code it the next days, aren´t u :)

Next week i´ll finally buy your fone theme for my app comp idea and maybe i buy this one when you code it, too.

Thumbs up and keep doing this great themes.

Greetz to Singapore

Thanks! :D

I might not be able to code it so soon, I’ll be switching over to a new com over the next few days so it might be abit before I can start on it >< Hopefully it’ll be done asap though :))

WOW , WOW, WOW , WOW. It is one of the most awesome templates that I have ever seen.

I would love to code it for you, if you won’t be able to do so.


Thanks alot! :D I feel like coding this one myself though… got loads of ideas as to how it can be presented while designing it :P

This is awesome… I have to do more WOW , WOW, WOW , WOW, WOW and OMG .. When can we see this masterpiece in css3/html5/jQuery ? Bookmarked!!!

Haha thanks! I hope it can be done soon :D

Is a very nice design, but I’m quite tired of looking at these Mac’s design concepts everywhere, the same icon styles, the Iphones or MacOS images are become boring.

I hope designers start thinking different for real.

Thanks for the feedback! Just to clarify, I wouldn’t consider the iPhone a “design” element, but rather a functional element. I’m designing this for the iphone application websites niche, and thus it is necessary for me to put it in there, it’s not just there to look pretty ;)

Nevertheless I know where you’re coming from, it could probably be argued that there are other ways to present content, even for the same type of website. Hope I can accomplish that level soon :))

Oh I got it.

Anyway, don’t worry about that, maybe these design concepts are very functional too and it makes sense to use them. I’m not a designer and I don’t understand too much of that.

Is just a feeling I had since some time ago.


Great, clean and awesome. Literally smooth and catchy…rolling on words right now… I am just wondering if you are planning to give an XHTML , CSS, JQuery basically code.. It will be great and I will be able to buy it as soon as you may provide it…I am a nbee with these coding stuff…I would appreciate if you could specify a rough idea when we can have the code for it… You can imagine, I am holding on things just to have this theme…and I am sure there are others too backing up my words here…\ PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE do the magic!

@GYRO> I was waiting for ur response but I guess u were occupied :-( Couldn’t wait anymore so purchased this item…wow! Could you please let me know when you have plans for XHTML & CSS .

WOW . I’d love to code this for you if you’re not able to do it soon. Let me know if you’d like :) Contact me through my TF page. Thanks for the consideration and good luck with sales! :D

Hi there,

Has this been coded?

It’s in the process of coding :) I hope i’ll be able to finish it by this week (but between reviewing and refinements etc. it’ll most probably be available next week.)

Awesome work ! Waiting for html version.

Hi Gyro. We are waiting for the updates. Can you tell us about the XHTML , CSS , JQuery based template plan for this PSD theme. I am also holding on my projects waiting :-) Thanks!

Hey :) It’s done already, awaiting review. Hopefully it’ll be available soon. Sorry for the wait!

When is the html version going to be done

Edit: I see you posted the HTML

Hi Gyro, is this available in HTML yet? And also, do you have it complete with the computer image you used in your DeviantArt post? I am looking for a good email template for a software! Thanks!


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