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Discussion on Stamford – HTML5 Photography Portfolio & Blog

Discussion on Stamford – HTML5 Photography Portfolio & Blog

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LOVE this theme, clean design, easy to build, PERFECT!

Thank you very much! Glad you like it:)

Very happy with this theme. I’ve been trying to make the logo with wich I replaced your Stramford logo, al little bigger… Is that possible and if so how? Thanks Roy

If you need assistance, please leave a ticket on our support forum: weibergmedia.ticksy.com Thanks!


I am thinking of purchasing the Stamford template as it looks ideal for my website?. however, I have a question regarding the image upload to the gallery. I will be making frequent changes to the website and want to see exactly how the images will be added to the website. For example, can I ftp to a folder and will the template pull from that? Do I have to re-size the images or does the template take care of it?

Many Thanks



I am about to purchase the template, can the template be taken apart into separate pages? That would be great!


Yes, absolutely. Very easy too.

Im sorry, could you tell me what the difference means in terms of licenses?

Already replied to your email. Thanks

This is the first theme I’ve ever purchased, and with much delight, it is as beautiful as expected. I did have a couple (2) abnormalities with using it, but nevertheless, this is a good template. Very nice.

Thank you. If you need assistance, please leave a ticket on our support forum: weibergmedia.ticksy.com

Hi, I’ve just purchased this template, and I’ve set it up in my dev environment. I’ve noticed the templates reference a css file called open-menu.css, but it wasn’t included in the source files. Can you tell me where the mistake is?

That is an error and the file is not required. Thanks for letting us know!

No problem!

i need to add more than the two photos used as an example per gallery Ej> trip to Swedden, etc … how to I do that? Thanks

Hi, if you need help, please leave a ticket on our support forum: weibergmedia.ticksy.com

Thank you!

thank you /// i love the theme. very nice to work with.

Glad you like it :) Thanks!

Hi there, love the theme and using for my website since a year now! Just got a message from several people that my images are loading then they suddenly dissapear. Or they dont show at all, just the skeleton but no content… Just happened recently not longer than 2 months ago I believe… Anything you could help me with? Thanks!

Could you provide me with a link to your site and does this happen with the live demo as well?

www.decodeformentera.com , i’m not sure but believe this not to be the demo version, thanks!

I already replied to your email. Thanks

Hello. Still a big fan of your theme. Is there a chance to get a komoot social icon? Thank you very much!

Sorry, there is no icon for this social platform in the fontawesome library.

Hello, I am considering purchasing this theme to sell photos. To do this I need to link the photos in the gallery to the Shopify App. So my question is, if someone clicks on a photo, can it direct them to a different link, and not just to a larger version of the image? Thanks in advance, Alex

This is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme, so you will have to alter it in a HTML editor. Hope this helps.

Ah sorry, my mistake. Sorry for wasting your time. Great theme btw :-)

No problem, thanks :)


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Are you have some themes or plugins that have no RTL support yet?!

But you have some customers that have RTL language (like: Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, …) and need RTL support for using your themes or plugins.

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Does this HTML version needs to updated like the MYFOLIO or BLEECKER wordpress version?

Also any Ideas on the error: “cannot call methods on isotope prior to initialization; attempted to call ‘reLayout’ .” ?

If you send me an email to info @ weibergmedia . com I can send you code I have used to make the page scroll back up after clicking a link on the isotope websites. Lazyload is not suitable for these kind of websites. (The scrolling up function you inserted works fine, except for when you click the browser back button, then the issue no.3 occurs.)

Try removing the last five lines in jquery.isotope.load.js for the relayout error.