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Everything is working great. I’ve set up a test site which works great. But now I’m transferring it to the webshosting and the sub menu system is not working anymore. Any ideas how to solve this? Old location: New location:

it is working again… had nothing to do with the template. after importing the settings, it duplicated some of the menu items. I mannually removed them and everything is ok! thanks for the great template

Good! Thank you :)

Hi Mattia – I’m assuming that “Portfolio” is a custom post type?

If so, can this renamed to something else?

I want to replace all instances of “Portfolio” in the URL with another word.

What do you think about this Mattia? It’s a valid question that i’m sure a few people would find it useful to know!

I have been recieving tons of spam email through the contact form, is there a way to add an antispam system?

Hi, I’m having trouble setting up a child theme, could you please offer some advice, or maybe provide a sample child theme?


Hi Mattia,

i am having some trouble on the front page. When I edit the names of my portfolios, sometimes it will cause the portfolios all disappear from the front page! And the portfolio image will be gone as well. I don’t know how to deal with it..(sometimes I change the names, and then it works again. but if one of the names of the portfolios are “wrong”, all the others are affected.) Really don’t know what’s the reason behind this..


I got it. The names of the portfolios should be the same with the slug(the url name)..

Love the theme! Just installed and the twitter API seems to be outdated. Any chance of an update?

Many thanks,


Hello, replied via email :)

Hello, I bought this theme, but where is the Twitter API?

Hey! I’m having trouble when using Turkish characters like ? ?. It requires latin-ext i think but I could not find where to change.

Thanks :)

What happened to the support page? Why aren’t you answering via the direct email box on your themeforest profile?

Support works via contact form only. Please, sending multiple requests via different ways doesn’t speed up the support. You got the reply via email.

I, too am having big problems with portfolios. They refuse to display. The Portfolio link on the home page doesn’t work. I’m getting an error message “Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/mizbern/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 525” Help!

I have your admin credentials. I’m working on it Nancy. I’m making tests. I’ll get back to you.

Please follow only the support here via email. Posting on the message board just get me double busy answering both way.

Thank you

Mattia found the problem—-it was me, of course. The portfolio slug name must match the portfolio name. I’m’a fix it all now. Thanks so much, Mattia!

I’ll add a note in the theme documentation for the next update, so thank you Nancy!

hi there, is there any way to use html in the custom fields? like in the project description for example? whenever I use html like tags or line break,s it just strips the html right out. thanks for a great theme!!

Hi there am I easily able to change the “OUR LATEST WORK” display on the homepage to display the 3 most rent blog posts?

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Hello! Support work via support system only at If you need help please open a ticket in the right place. Thank you!


I am not happy with the Stand Theme at all. Can I just have one photo from each project?

Thanks a lot Regards Fátima

Hi Mattia, Twitter widget in the latest version doesn’t work… :( Any idea why?

Thanks, Martin

Since upgrading to Wordpress 4.2 the portfolio links have stopped working. Is there a fix in the pipeline?



Hi Chris I’ve just discovered I have the same problem – links to portfolio have stopped working. So I see it has been like that ever since the WP4.2 upgrade. What a disaster! I don’t suppose you found a solution did you because it looks like the author is away for another 19 days. thanks Mariette

Hello, we are providing information about this issue in the dedicated forum at, please follow the ticket there only.

Thank you


As mentioned by others, the portfolio links don’t work anymore after the WP 4.2 update. Can you advise on a fix please?