Discussion on Star Flare - Ajax Portfolio Template

Discussion on Star Flare - Ajax Portfolio Template

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can you share the link where you got those images. I would like to use your theme with some of these images ?? Thanks

Good theme!! I have a question: Can I insert the filter menu (of portfolio) in the navbar on the top?

Great. I have flag your comment because is part of the code.

i have a problem: how I can pass variable width GET? for example: a href="#portfolio-project-new-page?id_progetto=1" But it’s not work!

Sorry to be a noob but I am a Wordpress user but would really like to use this theme, are there any good guides on using Bootstrap showing how to go about installing templates like this and then add content to them. Chris

Hi Chris, this is not WordPress theme it’s HTML template.

Yes I understand that :) I am asking what I need to learn or use to be able to make use of this very nice looking theme and if there are some guides to explain the installation, I can do html, js and css but would just like to see what is involved before making a purchase.

Hi, How can I load .php file into pageContent?

I try to modify load_page.php but my page home.php don’t load… why?

Can you help me?

Oh man, you should really try to make this for Wordpress, it’s an awesome theme! One small problem: when you click on comments icon, you are not actually taken to comments.

That portfolio as a WP plugin and you’ve got yourself an insta-buy!

+1 cosminn777 theme as Wordpress. Please!

I’m just throwing in my vote for either a WP plug-in and/or WP theme. It’s really creative.

Thank you,


What program(s) are you using to edit and view the changes you make to this template?

I am looking for a theme.

Could someone help me understand what is the difference in the template and theme?

I am not a programmer, so have no idea but know simple use of WP.

Thanks in advance.

hi can this use as plain html? because i wanted to run in local drive without php. possible?