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Good work my friend! :)

Thank you ArtTiculas

Wow! Really Amazing! Great template congratulations..

Great Job bilbo_b, I like to blend the color

Good Luck..:)

Thank you

I like the template a lot, the only thing I’m not a fan of is the music blasting with no access to the volume control until the page is finished loading. Maybe set the volume control at 20% or something.

Hi dutchess, thank you. About audio volume it can be set easily

Hey awesome theme, just bought it. How do I run php scripts? so that the site can work in my cms?

Hey awesome theme, just bought it. How do I run php scripts? so that the site can work in my cms? I forgot to send me an email :)

Hi gargar, please contact me trough my profile contact form

Hi bilbo_b. This is amazing.

I’m using it here: (Only needed one page though)

I was wondering how easy is it to use a different template as the index page? for example, the contact us page?

Hi mikeyeaton, thank you. About your question the easiest way is to change the contact us html to home.html or whatever page you want to be on homepage just rename it to home.html

Hi, does this comes with instructions on how to set it up in facebook? I really want to buy it and i am very proficient in wordpress but never setup a facebook website.

I was wondering if i had to know how to use PHP? it says i need to have PHP i thought my hosting company (Hostgator) provides all of that. In other words, what is the tool or language i use to customize this page? is it HTML?

You don’t need to know php the template is HTML

Thanks that’s all I needed to know in order to purchase it! Thanks again!

Very nice theme… Are you considering doing it in Wordpress? Thanks.

Hi aongroup, for now i’m not planing to make WP version

ok thanks for your reply…


Is there a way to combine together the hover effect (like in portfolio – zoom in effect) and the mixcloud player? What i’d like to do is a portfolio page full of mixcloud players, but with the look and behaviour of a normal portfolio.

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I LOVE IT!!! But I wonder if I can pass an online radio on the player instead of an mp3, I’m currently using jwplayer to stream aac format through rtmp protocol aac plus, if you confirm me that I can pass on my radio, I would love to buy your product .

Is this responsive (i.e. viewable via mobile) and do I really need a FB developer account to use this? Can i just use a regular fb account? And how difficult is this to use? I only know wordpress. Thanks in advance.

Cannot get this to work on Facebook :(

Hi shasto100, can you please contact me trough my profile contact form

I want to thank you for the excellent work. The flexibility of the design and theme are excellent. I want to leave here my personal thanks to Igor for your great support both in speed and in efficiency. Very grateful

link seems to be broken, can’t see the the live preview

Nice one,best of luck;

how to publish the to facebook app?

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hi. I installed a fb theme many years ago and I don`t remember …when someone arrives on my page the first thing they see under the cover is the installed fb theme or it is in tab like in the demo? Thanks PS: can I use it with my regular fb account or should I make a dev account?