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Hello Doriana, I am facing the same probem as hipsterllc. If you remove any of the sections, the theme messes up with the arrow alignment. I have purchased this theme especially because you have created a very nice video layout and most likely I would like to use only that part plus header. Any sugggestions how to fix the problem with those messed up arrows? Oh one problem with the resizing of the screen…once you change the size of the screen to 1024 the part with the “i phone hand” (header) is gone. Is there some way to keep it there? Thanks for your advice.

Hi, can you send me the modified source files via e-mail, so I can take a look?

This theme is really nice and it is very easy to personalize, all the files are very well organized. Great work!

I’m sorry but the theme doesn’t seem to be responsive, there are some errors that need to be fixxed: - Backgrounds visibile for the mobile/ipad (or a similar solution in the code to make readable the text) - Carousel of the testimonials doesn’t work the navigation by the arrows - Mouse over functionality of the Screens section cannot work with touch, for this reason it should be an alternative solution in the code for all the devices

Can you tell me if you can fix them?

Hi, Monica! I’m working on it. I hope to solve the errors till the end of the week. I’ll send you an e-mail with the solutions and update the submission on Theme Forest, too.

Hello Doriaba, great looking site! Do you think you will ever cross this over to a WordPress template? Thanks!

Do you have any idea when? I am looking to buy this theme but prefer WordPress. Thank you!

I don’t know when, yet…

If I buy the html version, will you give me a discount on the WP version? Thanks!

Gr8 Job . If you add log in and signup page its best !

Thanks! :)

How to add captcha form?

I am so sorry I couldn’t help you with an answer, but I was on vacation with my family. I am glad you solved the issue. Best Regards!

wow finally… i didnt solve the issue. i get around 100 spam messages per day. all from how to make your dick larger and breast size bigger companies. HOW TO FIX. I NEED TO ADD CAPTCHA. PLEZ

Hi, I’m working on it. Please give me your e-mail address, so I can send the modified code to you when I finish. Thanks.

How to add captcha to contact form? I’m getting spammed hard.

I want to purchase your template but it responsive issues when I view it on my mobile phone ( Galaxy S6 edge) . I have seen a few comments about others mentioning the same problems in the comments thread. Do you have any fixes for this issue. Please let me know, I would be very interested in your template if you do have error fixes.

I will let you know as soon as I find fixes for the S6 edge error.

Hello, I just bought the theme, I imported the dummy data, all the images seems to be there, but the pages don’t import.

I need help lol


Hey, Jeff! You have to upload all the files inside ‘stark’ folder on your FTP. Note that this is not a Wordpress theme. It is an HTML template.

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We want buy this template, but we are looking the template have problems in cellphones, for example the section FEATURES are incomplete. Can you fix it? We are interested in buy :) Regards

I wish I had seen these comments before : ( I hope it can all be resolved, it doesn’t render properly on lots of devices. The video doesn’t play. There is no captcha for the form so expect lots of spam or develop yourself.