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Beautiful theme, having a problem though. It’s stuck loading! I am using the Starkid demo, and every time I try and access the site it’s buffers and doesn’t load.

If you need access to my front end let me know. Thanks so much!

Hi ricksantarossa22, Sorry to hear that. Please create a topic in our support forum https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/starkid/ our support team will help you resolve this issue. Thanks.

Website is all of a sudden not letting user log in to the admin panel in Wordpress after a year. Please contact to help advise.


Please create a new topic on our support forum. My staff needs some information from you to check it.

Please, can you give me an answer to the support request in the Forum #535422 ... Tnaks

Ticket Forum #535430

Hi RIVAS2000, We are checking it. Thank.

Thanks very much: #535422

Hi there I have bought ur theme but when users click on my url, it leads to spammy site pls advise how I can fix this?

Hi angelakwang,

I’m so sorry about that.

Please create a topic in our support forum https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/starkid/ our support team will help you resolve this issue.

And please consider renewing support.


yohanes Purchased

Hi, I cant change the default font on some heading title. I am using Elementor to change it. Please help to fix it

Hi yohanes,

Please create a new ticket on our forum: https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/starkid/ we’ll help you check it


Nice work on the theme.

Recently a client of mine is looking for LMS for kids. The theme or LMS plugin must not only able to build content for kids, but also the graphical or presentation of the courses / modules, you know, the looks and feels of actual learning material must also appealing to the kids. You know what I mean?

Question: Can I achieve that with LearnPress? Perhaps not exactly like this one (https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/8051?key=956eb555f35db3157b82932b4ca3434e) but close enough is good enough for Wordpress, right?

Asking because most popular kindergarten themes / LMS plugins out there cater for adult / professional / higher institutional market and I haven’t found one that actually works for kids.

Hope you can share your thoughts on this.

Thank you

Hi coachasymi

You can check our demo here: https://kindergarten.thimpress.com/demo-3/

Hope you love it.

Hi thanks for replying.

I’ve checked the demo, no doubt the design of the web suits the children / kids.

But my real question is, can I build something like in the video for the learning material / course content using LearnPress? If you check the video, the learning material is quite interactive, clickable here and there with animation and sound that is more appealing for the kids, right?

Please share your thoughts.


Hi coachasymi,

I’m so sorry. It’s impossible right now.

Hello! I am trying to look at the demo/live preview for this theme and it doesn’t seem to be loading correctly. Is there somewhere else I can look at the demo? Thanks!

Hi marcychandler

Our demo is working normally, you can check it here: https://kindergarten.thimpress.com/demo-3/

Hi! Can you check my ticket please? I need help. Thank you! #549113

Hi violincika,

We’re checking your ticket.


hesam12 Purchased


Hi hesam12,

I see you created ticket on our forum, we’re checking your ticket now.


fe_xhf Purchased

hi, please can you response my ticket #552697

Hi fe_xhf,

We’re checking it.

Looking for information on the Internet, Thimpress are in charge of Learnpress, ask for help from their website since I bought the topic with you, and they tell me that they cannot help me with a mistake that Learnpress has.

If they cannot help me to correct the error, I prefer that they return my money and also pay very poor attention to the support they provide to their clients.

Yep, we are checking it. Please be patient. We will do our best to support you and other customers.


I will be able to have an answer today to my request. I sent it yesterday and I still haven’t received a reply …

Hi ksepulvedas,

We are doing, please follow in support forum.


Hello, I bought the theme and when I’m going to modify this error appears on the_content page

Below the link to see better. https://prnt.sc/se540q

how do i run this error?

Hi ribeiroeduardo, Currently, Elementor does not support Lesson and Quiz. We will try to fix this in the next versions.

I am having issues with the theme, however with your support there is no StarKid option to create a ticket? I want to send private details, not sure if forum has the option?

Hi boerewors,

You can create a new ticket here: https://prnt.sc/sgmsm6

I want to send private details: You can send it in the access information: https://thimpress.com/knowledge-base/send-sites-access-information/

Don’t worry, it’ll be protected.

I didn’t find it :)

hi, how do i minimize redirects? https://prnt.sc/shxwtb

Thank you

Hi ribeiroeduardo,

Please create a new ticket on our forum: https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/starkid/ we’ll help you check it out.

Hi, I have bought your theme some time ago. There are a few downsides on your theme: 1. It is loading very slow… this affects the pagespeed score… The hosting I use is on SSD and it loads very fast (it is a shared hosting but I also have other websites on the same hosting and they all load very very fast but the one I have your theme installed loads very very slow…6 on the pagespeed insights…2. Why is it built so that it uses the image urls from your demo site? I mean, for the page title, the image is being called from http://kindergarten.thimpress.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2019/02/bg-png-01.png.... Why? I tried to modify that in my db and my website transformed in a sketch of a website… what is this? If your website is down, my image won’t appear, why is that?

Hi armeanugabriel,

Sorry for the late response.

Please send an email to support@thimpress.com with subject “armeanugabriel – Starkid Support” we’ll help you check it out.

Hi, I have just sent you an email. Waiting for an answer from you soon. Best regards, Gabriel

Hi armeanugabriel,

We’re checking it.


asha1986 Purchased

I Bought this theme but Learn Press is still asking me to buy the Add Ons. I thought this theme supports LearnPress

Hi asha1986,

You can install add-on in the Dashboard / Starkid / Plugins

Please check it out.

Pre Sale Question

Hi There,

Is there anyway I can see inside course? I can see the demo but it doesn’t let you enroll and see the course content. I just want to confirm the layout matches my requirements before purchasing.

Many Thanks.

Hi princeghim,

We’re using offline course on the Starkid theme so you can’t view course content online.

By now, we have an option that allows user to use online course.

Hope you love our theme :)


lorenzotr Purchased

Hi you claim that your theme is compatible with elementor. But from what i can see from the comments not all pages are supported on elementor, for example Teacher Page! Please specify this on your sale page! So which plugin do i need to use so that i can access all the pages just as displayed on the demo? I have selected elementor, will i need to reinstall everything now?


lorenzotr Purchased

Now i reinstalled the theme using the WP bakery instead of the Elementor plugin. However Teacher page does not show.

Please create a new account on thimpress.com. You can read more here: https://thimpress.com/knowledge-base/how-to-create-an-account-on-thimpress/ Then go to the StarKid forum: https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/starkid/ and create your ticket. We will check it for you.


lorenzotr Purchased

Will do, thank you