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why is the video not working in firefox ?

thanks n

Only for being informed about updates: when do you think there will be a new update available? Great template by the way. Thank you!


Great theme, but when the window size is smaller than widescreen, the top menu bar does not stay fixed, it scrolls above. And since there is no “go to top” button, you have to scroll all the way up to get to the menu.

Behavior observed in the “video” theme preview on Firefox and chrome.

Hi all! If you have problems with video at FireFox, just add this to your .htaccess (moldero tell this at previous page). Sorry for image, cant post it well

I have another problem: When i put youtube embed video at gallery – Fancybox can’t load it. Any help will be good.

on iphone and ipad navigation does not stick and it opens Youtube on load to play video header.

How can i get the header nav to work on iphone and ipad?

Deleted Reply to my question Below..

Does this support video lightboxing in the gallery?

Is anyone interested in solving problems here? Seems that the developer is not interested in the bugs of his own template… still waiting for an answer since one month!

This template looks really nice. However, I don’t recall ever seeing worse HTML code. Lots of duplication and an irrational amount of CSS which just doesn’t make any sense. It’s also just generally messy.

I’ve started from scratch and have rebuilt this template for my own purposes. I’d rather have bought a PSD of this template if it were available.

I just purchased the template and am going to start customizing it soon. I am wondering what size the video should be. I have video backgrounds that I purchased from the Envato marketplace here. Should I leave it the full-size HD quality, or will the file size and/or screen size be too large to load efficiently?

Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.


“problems with customisation check out FAQ section on this template page on themeforest,”

where is this?

I am having a problem here figuring out where to put the text for the about me section, etc. Does it go in the styles CSS ?

Is there some reason that the text that it is the preview of the template is nowhere that I can find in the files? It would make it easy for buyers to easily replace it with their own content, wouldn’t it?

does this template come with the PSD ’s?

How do i center the menu at the top? Reply asap please

I just purchased the template, and I can’t seem to find the file for the background video in it…

Is it available in the compressed file I just downloaded? The only thing I can find is a video of a paper bag..

Maybe someone knows where I can purchase this video?


Incredible template working flawlessly on iPhone, iPad and Desktop. Rarely does a responsive design actually look good on all three. Thank you!

Any solution to the menu not sticking for ipad and iPhone? thanks! solution to the menu not sticking was to add .nav {position:fixed;} in the corresponding screen sizes in the responsive.css… then to fix the ipad menu bug.. (3rd answer down – device div)

Hi! Can you explain me what is “Layered PNG ”? Is it equivalent to a layered .AI or .PSD file? Or is it exportable to them? Because I would need to edit some icons. Thanks!