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for Design Quality

I don't know what to do with this theme but I bought it because it too beautifull. Thank you for a beautifull theme.

for Bugs

You cannot activate this theme or import demos.


Author response


You've created a ticket on our support forum and 5 hours later you immediately rated the theme to 1-star. Why? Why didn't you give us time to answer to help?
I've answered to your ticket and even sent you mail but without any response from your side. It looks like you bought the theme just to give us bad rating. If so, we will have to report it as an abuse. Envato will examine this situation.

If you don't want our help and all you want is to get your money back, please ask for a refund: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

We will accept it and you will be able to start with other theme.
I look forward to hearing from you to the end of the week.

regards, Luke

for Other

I would like to say I am a HUGE 'fan' of Bring The Pixel. The precision and quality they put into their themes are 2nd to none. I was elated when I ran across the Starmile theme (I mean, I smiled from ear-to-ear). I use their other top theme for my other website and love it.

Also, their customer support is the TRUE winner for me. As long as they stay true to their products, keep A+ support a part of their company culture, and the innovation going, I will remain loyal to their products and themes always. Can't wait to see what this already powerful theme evolves into ...

for Customer Support

For me, this was a perfect theme, just what I wanted. I have been very excited about its functionality and the way its all bundled together to help you monetize your site. But the icing on the cake for me was the very good customer support, which is vital when needing to build a site to a tight schedule.

for Customizability

Best blog theme ever! A lot of options to customize, great design and the support is really helpful. Thank you guys.

for Feature Availability

This theme is awesome! I love that is was built with monetizing in mind. The design is beautiful.

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