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Hello, everything looks great! before i commit I would love to see following pages since they are not working on the demo:

services.html 404.html contact.html page.html fullwidth.html search.html single.html

also is there a way to integrate a live jquery twitter feed instead of manual posting?

I love it and am waiting to see in action!


Hi Chrawad,

Thanks much for the feedback.

Unfortunately, we can’t post a full working demo of an HTML / CSS site, as that would mean the site is available for download without paying. Services.html and Single.html are viewable in the template screenshots – we’ll work on getting additional screenshots up shortly, and we’ll look into the live feed. Thanks again!

I have purchased and I really like it however I really need live update for twitter, how soon do you for see that available?

Thanks for your purchase! We can handle that update within the next few days, and then upload times will depend on the Themeforest approval queue.


The template has been updated with live Twitter and Flickr feeds. Enjoy!


Great theme, Fantastic job

Just a question, will there be a update in the future for Pricing page?

I can see a Pricing tag on your screenshots

Thank you

Thanks! Yes, that’s a possible future upgrade.

This is very nice work. Quick question though. How involved would it be to put the main nav where the social media icons are? Going to use this for a project, and I know that will be the first thing Im asked to do

Not too bad, I imagine, depending on your skill level – with some minor CSS adjustments and some small HTML fixes, the code should handle that well. The nav bar background will remove easily, and it should be fairly simple to remove the social icons and insert the navigation menu.

It’s a little hard to picture what you want exactly (whether you want the nav bar to keep its background or just pull the nav buttons out of the current nav bar, delete the current nav bar, and move the buttons up above), so if you decide give it a shot and need some help along the way, you’re welcome to contact us, and we’ll help you out.

To be more specific, it will be much easier to pull just the navigation up into that area without the background. If you want to move the nav bar background up as well, it will be a bit larger edit. To get rid of the existing nav bar, you just have to delete the #navcontainer div – the theme will accommodate this edit seamlessly.

Any chance to turn it into WP version?

It’s definitely on our list at some point, though I don’t think we’ll be realeasing this as WP soon, as we’re currently super busy working on some other very exciting WP theme releases.

However, all the WP structure and elements are in the HTML version, so if you’d like to make a WP conversion yourself, this theme is certainly ready for it.

Shame the menu is not on top as well as the slide, but the invite for the news letter is a great idea for commercial communication : discount etc …

I purchased it and ajusted it for french customer. However, contact form is not working: my Accessories Box...

When I submit a message:

Please go back to the form and correct these errors:

Type the words This field is required

I need assistance… Thanks a lot.

Hi Unilam,

I apologize for the wait there – we’ve been out and about on some new projects. Are you still having trouble with your form? Happy to help sort it out.

Really nice work guys!;