Discussion on Small Business CD - Modern Blog & Website WordPress Theme for Start Up ideas

Discussion on Small Business CD - Modern Blog & Website WordPress Theme for Start Up ideas

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I haven’t support for my theme but post this…I have sent you information regarding version 2.0 in April and you said 1 -2 months and still several months later a newer version is not available? Online documentation doesn’t work any more?

Not only is the version still 2.0 I can’t activate the purchase code? CONNECTION TO ENVATO SERVER FAILED!

I’ve sent you a message.


Hello, please send me an email to info@creative-dive.de

This theme had been working fine, however recently the Customize UI and the Widget menu have been throwing variable undefined errors. I have tried a fresh installation of the theme to no success. Any idea what would cause this?

Hey, sorry for the delay. This is a knowing issue with WordPress 5.8 and the old theme version. For now you can fix this by yourself:

Add this to the child theme functions.php file:

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', function() { remove_theme_support( 'widgets-block-editor' ); });

Having trouble installing, getting error styles.css is missing when trying to install full zip file. Tried installing unzipped theme and theme-child but no assets are uploading. activated once and now can not activate again. suggestions on a solution?

Assets uploaded except google maps for location on home page. need activation code reset still.

Hey, I think you could install the theme successfully, right? To reset your purchase code, please send me the purchase code to info@creative-dive.de I will manually unlock your purchase code.

I need to unlock my purchase code. I installed it on localhost and had to format the hd. Now I can’t unlock it. Can you help me ?

Hello, now I have manually unlocked your purchase code.

Hi Martin! I am trying to create a landing page with scroll…. I thought I would update my site with a new page… I have installed the latest 2.0 theme on local host and have created start pages Swedish and English usually use polylang and have implemented it but no code is being added to the menu bar? Is there something I can do? I need to be able to switch between two languages and polylang has always worked before?

Sorry I should have said….don’t really need a language convertor….just a way to switch between the two…maybe a Swedish flag and English flag will do?

Hello and sorry for the delay, the main menu is a perfect choose to add a language switch. Currently you can add on the same location “Custom HTML” to the menu. Here you can add the language switch from you translation plugin. But please note, the Scroll menu is a part, which will completely changed with the upcoming release. This part become more easily to scroll between different content blocks, which was added in the gutenberg editor.

Can you tell me if I can update to the latest version of wordpress 5.6.2? What is the latest version of your theme I have 1.6

Thank you for your reply! These are hard times and things haven’t improved that much yet….this virus should and probably will change the way we think…for some that thinking is taking time….;) Stay safe!!

Hi again! Have you got a list of plugins that you think we need and what you use?

Hello and sorry for the delay, the important plugins to use for you are:

1. Cache Plugin—> I can recommend the plugin “WP Fastest Cache” 2. SEO Plugin—> I can recommend the plugin “Rankmath” 3. Backup Plugin—> I can recommend the plugin “Backwpup” 4. Security Plugin—> I can recommend the plugin “Brute Force Login Protection” 5. Contact Form Plugin—> I can recommend the plugin “Contact Form 7”

I hope this is helping you.

Need to rename the recipe post type to service. If this is not possible is there a way to delete or disable it at all.

Questions about renaming a post type is not a part of my support. I think it should be possible, but you have to change database entries to change an existing post type to an other post type.

When installing this theme to my test site I receive the following error: License installing failed: Domain http://computerspa.info is already in use by another client.

I had previously set up a separate site at the same domain using this theme, so I imagine there is some record of that somewhere. Is there a way for me to de-register that initial license so that I may start working on this test site?

Hello, please send me your purchase code to info@creative-dive.de I will manually unlock your installation.

Guten Tag, wir haben 2 Probleme mir Ihrem Theme:

1) wir haben eine Wechselwirkung mit dem Plugin Team Builder Pro. Die eingestellten Inhalte werden nur einige Sekunden angezeigt. (Siehe: www.ipbusinessacademy,org/test). Auch mit der Deaktivierung aller anderen Plugins funktioniert es leider nicht.

Wir haben bereits folgendes ausgetestet: - alle anderen Plugins deaktiviert - Testlauf auf anderen Umgebungen/Themes – dort hat es wunderbar funktioniert?? - Keine Hinweise dazu in der Dokumentation gefunden - wir haben den Plugin Hersteller kontaktiert, er bestätigt, dass von seine Seite aus alles richtig installiert ist.

UND wir haben Ihren Support bereits mehrfach erfolglos kontaktiert!!!

Beim Kauf des Themes zahlt man für einen 6 monatigen Support, diesen würden wir auch gerne in Anspruch nehmen. Netterweise wollen Sie uns bereits die Verlängerung verkaufen. Das ist etwas eigenartig, wenn man keinen erhält.

2) Wenn wir einen Blog mit z.B. 4 Schlagworten taggen, werden grundsätzlich nur zwei Schlagworte angezeigt. Auch hierzu konnten wir in der Dokumentation nichts finden.

Wir möchten wirklich nur höchst ungern einen negative Kritik veröffentlichen, aber so geht das nicht!!!

Wir sind bisher sehr zufrieden mit dem Theme und wünschen uns eigentlich nur den bezahlten Support!!!!

Bitte nehmen Sie unsere Anfragen zur Kenntnis, wir können gerne einen Zugang einrichten oder Sie kontaktieren mich direkt +49 171 9310383.

Ich hoffe auf eine umgehende Kontaktierung und Ihren Lösungswillen!!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Heike Veitengruber

Purchase Code: 5cf07d66-7767-42b8-8827-42702713bfff – 9 Jul 2020

Sie sagen Sie haben den Support mehrfach erfolglos kontaktiert? Ich habe bis heute keine einzige Anfrage von Ihnen gesehen? Wo haben Sie versucht den Support zu kontaktieren?

Der Support-Zeitraum beträgt immer 6 Monate und muss dann verlängert werden. Das ist auch richtig so und gehört zu den Bedingungen von Envato.

Wenn ich www.ipbusinessacademy.org/test besuche, werden mir gar keine Inhalte angezeigt, auch nicht einige Sekunden lang.

Sie drohen mir gleich bei Ihrer ersten Support-Anfrage mit einer schlechten Bewertung. Ich empfehle Ihnen, dass zu unterlassen. So beginnt man keinen Problemfall.

Grundsätzlich gilt der Support nur für Fehler die durch das Theme verursacht werden. Ich kann mir gern Ihren Fall ansehen und versuchen den Fehler zu identifizieren. Was machen wir aber, wenn der Fehler gar nicht hier liegen sollte? Verursachte Fehler durch Nutzer oder andere Plugins sind nicht Bestandteil des Supports.

Als Nutzer des Themes werden Sie sich freuen zukünftig von den neuen Version zu profitieren. Das Theme wurde vollkommen überarbeitet und mir einer Reihe von neuen hilfreichen Features ausgestattet. Leider benötige ich noch etwas Zeit diese große Update zu vollenden.

Sie können mir gern eine E-Mail an info@creative-dive.de senden. Ich benötige dazu die Login-Daten und die Fehlerbeschreibung um das Problem genau nachzuvollziehen. Dann kann ich versuchen den Fehler zu beheben.

Greetings, I have recently begun development of a site with this theme. I am very happy with it for the most part. However, When I go to a mobile view to check that things are working properly, the dropdowns in the menu are unclickable.

Is this a known issue? And if so are there any known solutions?

Second question, are there any plans presently to update the theme to be compatible with WordPress 5.4? I began to experience massive slowdown upon updating.

Yes, I work on a completely new update since one year. The new update comes with a lot of optimizations and more freedom to design a website with the block editor. I think I can release it in the next three months. Please be patient.

Alright we will be patiently awaiting that update. Until then we will just stay on a prior version of wordpress.

Hi, is there any way to remove “category title” from page. whenever i filter my courses, there appears “course category” written on my page which looks too bad. please refer to given link for better understanding :) (https://learn-native.com/course-category/free-level-test)

kindly solve me this issue as soon as possible

Hey, you can find an option at “Theme Settings > Advanced > Taxonomy Term Title”. There you can hide the title label.

Hi, is there any way to remove “category title” from page. whenever i filter my courses, there appears “course category” written on my page which looks too bad. please refer to given link for better understanding :) (https://learn-native.com/course-category/free-level-test)

kindly solve me this issue as soon as possible

Hey, you can find an option at “Theme Settings > Advanced > Taxonomy Term Title”. There you can hide the title label.


Any idea how to use bbpress reg instead of current registration set-up. I am using LearnDash and I need to integrate profile management.

Unless its possible with the theme?

Thanks, Liam

Unfortunately support for customizations is not possible. I have no experience with this plugin. But the bbpress plugin should be compatible with each theme.

I’m waiting for a reply on my issue for 3 weeks now, Martin please respond!

Hey, your issue with the shortcode is definitely a wrong embedding. The only way I can help you, is to get access to your WordPress backend. So I can show you exactly, how do you must use this shortcodes in the correct way. Please send me your login credentials to info@creative-dive.de

Today I purchased your SmallBusiness CD v2.0 template and installed it on my local development environment.

When activating, I get the message “Try again!” In my Chrome console I see a 500 (Internal Server Error) coming back.

What’s going wrong?


thank you for contacting me. Can you send me your purchase code to info@creative-dive.de please? Also it’s important for me to know which PHP, MySQL and WordPress version do you use.

Hi Theme Author,

I just purchased your theme. I’ve followed the instruction on Documentation. option 1. extract the theme.zip and theme-child.zip and upload to WP folder themes.

But at the time I activated the new theme, I shown me an error message

“There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

Learn more about debugging in WordPress.”

And my website with wordpress is total down.

I’m using Wordpress 5.3, php 7.2

Need this problem solved immediately. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you


Hey, thank you for this error report. A critical error can have a lot of reasons. The first thing we can do is to look in the php error log. Here you can see exactly from where the error comes.

I think the best way to helping you, is to get access to your wordpress installation. Please send me more details about the error log and login credentials to info@creative-dive.de


I have added this theme on my development server and added the purchase code. When I move this to my live server and add the same code, I’m having issues with the purchase code. I need my purchase code to be unlocked.

The urls will be completely different from development and live. No subdomains.

Please never share your purchase code on this public comment area. Please remove your comment. To your question. Before you can activate your installation on the new domain, first you have to unlock the purchase code on your development site by clicking the button “Unlock license” on the theme activation page. After this you can activate the new installation by using the same purchase code.

How many times can I move the purchase code? Example if I have a staging server, test, and a launch all for the same client?

You will need to purchase one license for each productive installation. But, there is no limit to switch between staging and productive website.

Hello there, my name is Gustavo and im a front end developer from an Agency of Marketing and we purchased your theme, I installed on my local machine, now we have to upload all to the production server, but we cant unlock the lincense code from local machine, so we cant activate the theme on production, can you help?

Hey Gustavo,

normally you can unlock the license code on your local machine by yourself, before you can use the same on the production server.

Please send me your purchase code to info@creative-dive.de, if you can’t unlock the license code by yourself. Then I will unlock it manually.

Best regards, Martin

Hi :) Can you tell me where I can disable google fonts in V 1.6 of the theme? I already commented this line out, to prevent the webfont: //add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘smallbusiness_cd_webfonts_output’, 30 );

But it still loads Ubuntu from the google servers. Can’t find where though :) Any help is greatly appreciated :)


aditive Purchased

Thanks! Any vague time span for that? :)

I think a realistic release time can be in the first months of the next year.


aditive Purchased

Thank you! :)


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