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Hello, startuply. I purchased your template 1 yr ago. but nowadays suddenly , after updating the Visual composer, all my website became broken. (Also can’t update Visual composer from Version 5.0.1 toversion 5.2.1 )

The issue is because the older visual composer is modified by the theme author by customizing the existing elements and adding the new one’s. Now when update it, the customization made by the theme author is lost which causes the issue

※ Website : (referring to attached link/file) ※ Now I returned original version of Visual Composer since

Looks like there is some modification in Startuply theme. Can you tell me why it happened and how to fix it?

If our Startuply licenses are expired, I will purchase again.

But it seems very serious problem in Startuply Theme (in terms of being compatible with Visual Composer)

Looking forward to hearing your reply Thank you in advance

Kevin -Here is the captured pics

Hi, We are interested in purchasing this template along with another template. Is it possible to put two templates in one website or domain but in two separate pages? Assuming that there are 2 two different CSS or style sheets, is it possible to combine them together?

Hey, is the user panel looking like the image from your demo ? like this one thanks! I would like to get both :)