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The Video background template doesn’t work on iPad. When I look on an iPhone, it uses just the cover image, but on the iPad it just hides the entire header. Please help!!

My website is

Hello we wrote you an email, some time ago. We haven’t received any response regarding this matter.

As is was saying in my email, we have issues regarding the background-video.

We tried to disable the autoplay and enable the sound. However when we did that, the video wasn’t displayed. The sound however works. We are unable to fix this issue.

We are also unable to put a placeholder of our chosing, before the video starts playing. It appears to be overwritten constantly.

Please provide us with info on how to solve this issue.

cheers Bspotted

Mailchimp form is sending the names to the mailchimp list with spaces between names with characters such as %20%28. Please help!


I’m interested in buying this landing page builder. I have used another one but I was having so much problem getting the form to work. (getting customer’s email and phone number) Does your builder has this problem? Please respond to my email:


Im interest with this, but can we change the color theme? or it only come in blue?


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It’s quite complicated to get the mailchimp subscription to work on this template… not exactly sure if this is the case only when you need something else than first name, last name (or full name) + email address… like for example a phone number… I submitted a support case, still expecting some help on this limitation / feature. Other than that, this is quite a remarkable set of assets for a startup :)


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2 messages… second comment… still no sign… :(


SzSza Purchased

never mind… just wasted more than 10h to make this work (don’t recommend it if you’re gonna use mailchimp)...


SzSza Purchased

2 weeks… still no answer… (wish there was a report button or something)

Hi What format video are admitted?

thanks m

Try to upload the theme but it keeps failing, wordpress said “Stylesheet is missing.”Can anyone help.. its urgent :(


I have a wordpress Theme (Swift 7.2.6) where I can use Custom CSS Code for every post or page.

Its possible to paste the HTML in the text editor and CSS code from your editor package, too?

Thanks for your help

Hello, I changed the form action=myfile.php then in myfile.php I just write echo “HELLO WORLD”; die;

but it’s not passing on my myfile.php after I submit the form.

I got the problem, so it’s passing on myfile.php but jquery show always that alert. How can just pass the variabile to my file and then pass to another file confirm.html? I don’t want to have that header system message after form is submitted.

I fixed it. thanks anyway


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How can the Sign Up form similar to the Login Form. The login should only have Username and Password.

Sadly, the comments about a poor standard of support are true. No acknowledgement of an issue after several days. Otherwise it’s a nice theme. Just choose something else if you value a high level of support.

Hi!, i’m interested but in wich part is the login page (login and register redirect to register)?

I’m having an error after email submit. I’ve double checked my Mailchimp API and List keys.

Any plans for RTL support?

There is zero support !!!!

Forms are NOT WORKING. I am struggling to get a simple form to work. It does not even provide a NOTE describing what might be wrong.

I did however figure out that Jquery is the problem. Any ideas for a solution?

Hi there, I would like to know before I buy how actually I export the ready design? Now if I click on “Export” I got only option to download save.php file. Is that because I am in a demo mode?

Hi, I saw that I can export, can I also import a site I previously exported to make changes?

Is this wordpress supported?