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Love your Landing Pages design ;) well done ;)

hey Niznio thanks for the encouragement!


Nice work, which font are you using in this template?

Cheers Andy

thanks! it’s arvo for the headlines and droid sans for the body copy :)


Just bought this by mistake, thought it was a landing page html template – is there any way to get a refund on this, or do you have it as an HTML template?

Hi there – yes I can have this design made into a responsive HTML template – right now it is only in Unbounce format. It will take about 3 working days if that works for you. You can also reach me at – tks!

Now THAT is what I call customer service. Please drop me a line when you’ve had chance to do the work – it really is superb, but thought ‘unbounce’ was a marketing term, didn’t realise it was it’s own piece of software! :)

Of course! :) email me or I can notify u here—

Great Work! GLWS! ;)

thank you!

Hi Jen- I bought the unbounce template, I really liked how the back ground image (at the top w. iPad) scaled . My question is, how can I change this background image? I need to drop in one of my own.


Okay, been dickering around, found how to change the image but what size to I need to make my replacement? When I drop in my image it is not filling the screen (or scaling)

hey there – happy to help can you send me an email jengordonwork at so i can get more details? tks! jen

Hi Jen,

A crazy question…any far out chance you have this as a wordpress template?

hey not crazy :) i don’t have it in wordpress, but i am having it built out in HTML – would that work?

I am really only familiar with WordPress…not so good with anything else…thank you though. I seriously can’t find one single wordpress landing page theme a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e…they simply don’t exist! Image/video at top with the ability to grab email addresses plus a normal page layout…Google Panda friendly…why so hard?!

check out – they may have what you’re looking for :)

Hi Jen,

Have just bought your Unbounce Landing page for Startups template and have it loaded on or Unbounce account. I see some of the icons are pulled from ” ” like the icon-mail.png and icon-rollover-cloud.png, is it possible to get a list of other icons available there so I can swap buttons in the same style for more relevant ones for our page?

Cheers, Steve

hi absolutely! can you email me jengordonwork at gmail and i’ll direct you to the assets :)

Hi Jen again :)

There is a startup_theme_mobile.unbounce file in the download. Do I need to upload this for mobile devices?. I want a single landing page that works on all devices, the main upload seems to be fine even on my iPhone except the main header image isn’t displaying correctly on iPad or iPhone. Is it a scaling issue? Is there something I need to do to get this image to display on mobile devices coz I quite like the image if I can photoshop our product onto the tablet display.

Hey Steve – if you’re going to be sending traffic to the mobile site, yes upload the mobile theme. Here’s the kink with Unbounce at the moment – their pages aren’t responsive, meaning you have to upload two separate desktop and mobile themes.

They are working on this fervently, and will hopefully roll out responsive capabilities in the next month or so, but until then you have to use two separate themes.

Here’s an awesome article on how to segment your desktop vs. mobile traffic so they go to the proper page:

Hope this helps!! jen :)

Thanks Jen, perfect. Hope they get responsive functionality working, kind of important these days for web pages to support multiple devices.. :grin:

how is that html version coming?.. looks great.

is it ready now? :)

sorry it took a little longer than expected!

I have the exact same problem as nelmat.

Please assist.

My email

Silly question. The zip file is not unpacking on my computer (Mac). The error message provides no clarification. Tried to upload the whole zip file to unbounce…not the file format they are looking for. Please provide instruction – sorry if I missed something.

Hey Mike – what happens when you double click on the zip file?

Hi Jen

I bought your template. Love it !

Question on the roll over icon, is there a way to make the 1st icon (or any icon) highlight by default. I did some tracing and see that the JS code as below

$(function () {
    $('.icon-circle').hover(function () {
        var $this = $(this);
    }, function () {
        var $this = $(this);

Can you advice what to do to make 1st icon show by default ?


hey there thanks for the kind feedback! i’ve sent your question to my developer to see if he can help me answer this. i’ll post again as soon as I hear back! :)

ok here we go:

replace the code with this one: var ACTIVE_CIRCLE = 1; $('.icon-circle').hover(function () { var $this = $(this); $('').trigger('mouseout'); $this.addClass('active'); $this.siblings('.icon-content').addClass('visible'); }, function () { var $this = $(this); $this.removeClass('active'); $this.siblings('.icon-content').removeClass('visible'); }); if (ACTIVE_CIRCLE) $('.icon-circle:eq(' + (ACTIVE_CIRCLE - 1) + ')').trigger('mouseover');

To set which icon is active, change ACTIVE_CIRCLE to the order of the circle/icon. Above code (ACTIVE_CIRCLE = 1) means that active state is on the first icon.

Hi Jen,

I thought this was a wordpress theme. Can i get hold of the HTML version? The link posted above doesn’t work anymore.

I have sent you an email from my hotmail account, so just reply to that or leave a comment here.

Thanks Will

I bought these theme and unzipped the files and there are no .unbounce files in it. What am I supposed to upload?

Thanks, I’m not sure what happened. My first download was missing the unbounce files altogether, but I downloaded it again and they were there. Thanks!

I bought this on accident thinking it was a Wordpress theme. Any way to get a reimbursement?

Hi, can I install it in wordpress theme? If yes then how?

No it can’t be installed as Wordpress theme i’m sorry :(

Hi Jen, thank you for making an explainer video for me on how to edit the header image. I really appreciate the amazing service you provide! Great looking template (I am using it in unbounce), easy to use/modify, excellent customer service and super quick response! Thank you! And all the best wishes!

Awsome thank you so much!!

Is ine the landing page such functionality that user can add in contact forms for example. A video file or jpg?

I say this because I want to organize a competition in which you have to give your name, e-mail and attach a .jpg file or video.

Hi yes but you have to have a account to use the template.


I love your work and just bought this template. However, now that unbounce supports true responsive templates, is there anyway to get this one in a truly responsive format?

Hi John :) Unfortunately Unbounce doesn’t have a truly responsive platform. You can get a HTML version of this template that is truly responsive here: and you can request a refund for this Themeforest purchase here: – thanks! jen

I purchased your landing page. I thought I would be able to extract the html files and do some wysiwyg. How do I open the files with something like muse or an HTML editor?