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Welcome and congrats for a great start :)

Thank you very much!

Brilliant Theme!

How does the social media links work?

Thanks for purchasing! The Facebook and Twitter links at the top right are meant to simply link to your URL, and the email icon brings up the contact page popup.

Hi would it be pretty straightforward to change the background color of the first section? So that the “white” theme would go all the way to the top?

Hello! It could be a bit difficult to make the top area white because the slider section extends all the way horizontally across the screen (100% width), so it would require some CSS tweaking or you would need to wrap the slider in another container so that it has the same width as the lower white area.

Hi! I would like to expand second section of this theme to 12 or more areas in 3 collumns and make images link to product salespages. Will this be possible?

Hi! Do you mean split it into 12 columns instead of 3? The theme uses the Bootstrap grid system, so you would need to change classes from “span4” to “span1” but that would squish it too much probably. You could also easily make the images link to another page by removing “lightbox[feature]” from the anchor link tag.

Good job on this it really does look nice. I have one question though. I’m using this with my wordpress theme and I added a simple <?php get_header(); ?> php code to the file so that it looks consistent with the rest of my site. The problem is that when I add this code the text of the rest of the landing page changes. I think that it may be taking the text css info from my main theme and using it in the landing page.

Without extra php code

With the extra code

I don’t mind the different font but the text color of the slider makes it difficult to read. Any ideas?

Thanks for using the template! It appears to indeed be a css collision issue. Try removing or adding extra lines of css to fix the issues. For example, to make the text in the slider brighter, you can use ”.slider-text h1{ color:#fff !important; } to force it to be white.

I like this template I notice there are different theme colors can these be changed easily because I’d like to have a yellow theme? Thanks

Hi recently bought your theme but having an issue with Internet Explorer 8 where it is displaying the responsive design section in other words the slider content is duplicated.

Hello, thanks for the purchase! Unfortunately I can’t seem to recreate the error – I’ve tried running the site on EI8 on XP and Windows 7 and the slider still looks the same. Could you elaborate?

Hi, your theme is great but I have a problem with slider. I need to slow it down a little bit. How can I do that?

Hi! Responded to your email.

How do I use this theme on Wordpress? I tried uploading the zip file but Wordpress says its is missing “an expected CSS file”. I missed that this was an HTML theme but see that another user commented that he is using it on his Wordpress site. How do I do that?


Hello mimiy2k, unfortunately this is not a Wordpress theme, it is just a HTML template. However, it is a very simple file, and you do not require Wordpress to use it.

great template but I cant change color in picker. When I click on color I get file index.php to download :)