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Looks awesome! Good luck! :)

Thanks! :)

very nice patrik! :grin:

Thanks, Michele :)

Mate, this looks great and it’s a great start on Themeforest.

All the best.

Thanks! Appreciated!

More themes are on the way, stay tuned! :)

Looks awsome, glad I could develop it for you {|:-{()


It was just awesome that you were able to help out with it :) Thanks!

Awesome Landing Page! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

Awesome Landing! :) Make much more stuff!

Got a lot more planned after new year, this is just one item in a whole set ;)

you are on a roll

Thanks! More on the way!

Nicely Done… Good Luck


Amazing even for a landing page!

Looking forward to seeing your themes Patrik :)

Thanks! Really appreciated :)

Really Looks Good! Bookmarked! :)

Thanks guys! Appreciated!!

Patrik, the heading and menu texts look very weird with anti-aliasing turned off, just thought you might be interested to check it. Let me know if you want a ss


p.s. firefox 3.6

Thanks Seal, I’ll have a look at it :) No ss needed, thanks anyways!

Hello there. I really like this theme and it might seem like a silly question, but what admin/cms system can this be used with?


Since it’s only a HTML /CSS template you can pretty much convert it or use it with whichever CMS you’d like. Let me know if you need anything else :)

Hey, I cant figure out how to install this into wordpress. I tried uploading the zip file and this failed. Please help!

As stated in both the Preview Image, Help File, previous comment and Item Description, this is Only HTML /CSS and will need to be converted into Wordpress before it will work with Wordpress.