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In on my Android did not work

the icon list link is in the documentation file, font are included in folder “font”

I do not know what I’m doing wrong, but I found…..This is the document text: ICONS

All icons are in the img folder

In Chrome on my Android did not work

Strange, on my android works fine, what doesnt work exactly?

Hi, i am considering buying this theme, does it work with wordpress.org?

hi it is a Site Template, Wordpress version it will ready next month, thanks

Hi Angelo. I downloaded your theme n I have a few ?’s and concerns. One: since there is only one HTML file isn’t this going to be bad for seo? And second I’m trying to copy and paste so the abt section goes to a separate abt.html and the same w services and contact etc but bc the pages are linked to the nav buttons….this won’t work. Help?

Hi, to make the animation you need to have all the content on a single page, if you want to split all the contents it is not easy, please contact me via skype: angelo.mazzilli (from: Bisceglie), thanks

i never came across someone who would have patience and being supportive to an extend to reply questions for 10 mins from someone who doesn’t know anything about web developing such as Angelo,

thanks Angelo for your patience and help.. i will take your advise and words.. and will wait for your wordpress version, it is really worth waiting only for the support you provide.

Good Luck

Thanks :)

Hi Angelo. Just bought your temp. Great site. just a few simple questions: Slide container: Now there are 3 slides on the home page. How can I ad more? I copied 1 of the “slider Single Items”HTML code but it does not show up.

How can I link from a normal Text link to one of the chapters lets say PORTFOLIO. What would I need to type instead of the #?

Thxs G

Hi, simple questions :) please contact me via skype: angelo.mazzilli (from: Bisceglie), or write me an email, Thanks!

Great Theme – Great Service – Great Support! Highly recommended :)

thanks :)

Hi ! I would like to know if it’s possible – easy – to add Youtube video in the portfolio section.. Many thanks.

Sure! just add youtube embed code, eg:
<iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=” youtube link ” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

ok just bought it, awesome ! I’m very bad in code, I don’t know where to put that code to appear in the portfolio section…in the main index file ? I want the portfolio to be only a big video…Sorry for the dumb question !

No problem, it is simple, please contact me via skype: angelo.mazzilli (from: Bisceglie), thanks

ok this guy angelo is amazing…i asked him to redo the site so its more SEO friendly and he did…...amazing…he will be posting the new seo friendly version of the site soon..make sure everyone rates this product…amazing designer

Thanks :)

Angelo is an awesome guy! I asked him for some support with modifications and he did them via Skype immediately. Will always look at his portfolio for more sites/templates!

Thanks! :)

Hi nice work!!

One question, can you play youtube videos in Portfolio page?


Sure. Also in fancybox :)

I just add a video sample in the portfolio, first item, please check it, thanks!


Nice work!

But it seems that the frontpage slider doesn’t work right on an iPad?

Can you fix it?


The menu doesn’t wrap properly so you need to slide to see it.

I just try on my again, it works… sorry :-(

hmm – ok Thansk :-)

Same issue like jrlubas

Its not working in any of the browser in my android phone.

Regards Bhavik

it will fix soon, it is not a problem


thanks :)

iPhne5 -> working properly :)

yo buddy! what s the difference between animated and static? nyway amazing work

Animated, means that when you click to a navbar item, “about” for example, “about section” it will resize and fit in the same window borwser using animation css3.
In static pages, when you click to a navbar item, it will open a new html page without animations (SEO optimized),

Hi Angelo,

I like a static image on the background instead of slideshow. How do I turn this off? I deleted the other

  • instances to just have one, but its still swiping it off the page leaving me with a white background.
  • Hi, it s simple. just open function.js
    Searh this parameter: play: 4000 (in slider option, line 47) and replace with play: false
    That’s all :)

    If I wanted to change the icons to images I create, I just modify the font awesome css correct or is there more to it?

    Nope, you should remove <i class=”icon-something”></i> and replace with and <img src=”your-icon.png” />, easy :)


    I’m looking forward for buying this, I wonder if it’ll work on a Microsoft Azure, as i’m hosting this on a cloud :) Let me know if it would work. I’m waiting for your reply to purchase :)

    Hi, i dunno exacly what u mean, because it is a simple html pages with css3 animation, i think that there will not problem, have u try the demo?

    hi angelo,

    i would like to change the background image animation to fadein and fadeout. Could you help me with it?

    Yes, u should buy template first, thanks

    yeah … i just want to know is that possible. if thats possible only i can buy it. because then only it will serve my requirement. am a novice in coding and would like to know whether it is possible.

    All the effect available are the effect of the jquery easing, the best effect is ‘easeInOutCubic’, from right to left

    Im having an issue with scrolling.. when the page loads no scroll bar appears unless i highlight the page, any ideas?

    I’ll look, if i reproduce the bug, i’ll update as soon as possible, thanks

    Just to say the most creative and the most interesting theme I saw recently! Congrats mate and best wishes!

    Thanks really much :)