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Im trying to add a internal link to move from one page to other (Animated-Template) but the class doesn’t work or exist.

it works correctly, try in the demo file, oper services section and click on buttons below, the correct syntax is: <a href=”#” class=”btn goto-folio”>Portfolio</a>

hi, I just want to know the next/prev of FOLIO is for next/Prev project or for next/prev image of one project? Thanks! and great theme!

I every anchor u hsould add rel=”folio” eg: <a href=”photo.jpg” rel=”folio”></a>

ok, let me try. I would like to know how can I customize the google map? With personal Logo and the map style…. Thanks!

Google Map u can edit the coordinate on function.js, logo just replace the your logo with the one in the page

Hello there, just one question before buying :) Is there a way to change the animation when you click on a menu, I’d like to have the page coming with a sliding effect insread of popping up. Thanks a lot and great work!

Sorry artalys, just that animation is available at the moment, maybe i will integrate more animation with next updates, thanks :)

thanks to u :)

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The top level icons are not displaying in Windows Phone – Samsung, Nokia Lumia and Windows Surface.

Please help.

MS rms.reddy@hotmail.com

I will solve the problem with the next update this week :) thanks, Angelo


Since I have a Test Lab with 150+ mobile devices, I can help you in testing your template for no cost as your fan.

So that you can increase the sales also.

feel free to ask any ques.


I found the problem, thanks for your help, much appreciated, i will update the new version asap, thanks

Hello, I want to buy your theme but it does not work properly on iPad and iPhone. Are you aware of this?


I try it many times but can see the error… sorry

Sorry to bother you, I am not trying to be a pain, but when I use my desktop computer and click the live preview from themeforest all looks good. Do the same with an Ipad or Iphone and the coloured navbar is missing? not just on my devices, but my friends as well? very strange it works for you but none of our devices here?

I’m sorry but I can not reproduce the error :-(

Its ok, just asked my friend to cheack on his Ipad and he has the same problem. May be a country problem? who knows? we are in Australia but I will still buy the template…it may just be an issue with the live preview in themeforest..just thought I would let you know

I’m sorry, I do not know what else to tell you, if you continue to have errors just do not buy it :)

I love this template!!! Its so versatile and great presentation.

I’m trying to figure out how to manage the logo placement (had to make it larger) and it “jumps” from state to state. How/where do I edit to assign the positions per display size?

in style.css just search class .logo :)


Is there any link that can explain how to install this theme on wordpress?


Hi, this is not a wordpress template, it is a Site Template, wordpress version coming soon, thanks

oh no…woops. Thanks anyway. Can you let me know when you have the wordpress done. Thanks.

Sure, this week i ll pubblish wp version, please follow my channel, thanks

I like your design however what if I wanted to add a form to say contact when I post how would it go back to that contact and not the main page of the site? since the contact on demo doesn’t work how would you suggest I do this to have it go back to the contact for completion or error checking.

any help would be great.

btw nice design

But you have not buy template yet, right?

no not yet I am asking on a presale basis on rather its possible or not.

On the error check you should put some script in js like an anchor to the contact form, or more simply, just put error or warnings in dialg windows, using bootstrap.

Hello everyone! Tell me how I can add 5 pictures instead of 3 are lined in a pattern

Before you should buy the template


this is a great theme!

I try to change the icons in the “switch-section” but i dont know how to do this. Where this icons are stored? Is there al list with all icons i can use? In the img folder i havent found anything.

Thanks for support! Best regards

Icons are not images, the completete list of icons availalble are in documentation file, thanks

Error message.

Unpacking the update.

Trying to install a theme.

Package can not be installed. Theme style.css style sheet not

Theme Installation failed.

Statti it is a site template, it is not a wordpress theme…

Not working with iPad .

This is a super theme.

Your should remove id contact from the navbar section and remove all id contact from function.js ;)

Dear AngeloM,

Aswsome website design. I am a normal user and purchase your design. However, I don’t know how to revise it. Do you know if I just want to change some photos and address. Do you have any freelancer to introduce ? Thanks a lot.

Wish you all the best!

Best Regards, Gary Lau from Hong Kong

Hi, u can contact me via skype: angelo.mazzilli (from Bisceglie) thanks

my email address : id8design@gmail.com

hello, there is also an installation service, for me it does not work? “style.css” failled …?!

It is all written in documentation (how install theme on wordpress), it is really easy :)

I read this document, but the inst. also does not work, the file: style.css is missing

This is the site template, you can buy wordpress template here: http://themeforest.net/item/statti-animated-wordpress-template/5235083

“You have already purchased this file. You can download it here. If you wish, you can purchase it again. “

??? i have this one downloaded: Statti – Animated Wordpress Template

I dont think so :) please look on your username: there is no “post-indicator-purchased” maybe you have downloaded the wordpress version

Does the blog actually work like the demo? I don’t really want/need the WordPress version but I still want to do some light blogging.

In Site template blog works like online demo, with that kind of modal, thanks

Hi! Nice template! Fonts supports Cyrillic?

Hi Angelo, I bought the template and its great. However, it has issues on iPad and Iphone and I spent quite a few hours with my developer sorting them out which is not a problem as it was worth it. I have fixed all but 2, any chance I can get you to look at it for me as he is having a couple of issues with it?

Regards Matthew

Hi Mat, i m work on it, asap ill fix some devices bug, thanks

Thank you sir…great Job by the way :)

thanks :)