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any way in the responsive html version, can you make it so it makes the font smaller like the wordpress version? the html version javascript motion looks way better on the html version.

can you tell me where and what would i type?

you have bought Statti Site Template (15$) so you should enter in the html and edit html content, thanks

if you want to edit css, you should go to every title and every paragraph and change font-size, thanks

Hello! Congratulations.

I’m having problems with breaking the menu with resolution 1440×900 In lumia and ipad works correctly.

The menu is displayed on the highlighted text.

Ah ok, there is a margin problem with that specific resolution, ill try asap, too busy in theese days, please follow me and u ll be updated, thanks! ;)

Ok! thank you! :D

I have a new question…Does Email work on html now or no...

Can Video Background loop be added to page bacground?!?


Hi, like written in the description, there aren t php files inclded, you should add php code on your own, in slider u can insert only image right now, thanks

How do i change the map location in the contact menu

How do i remove one of the menu tabs ie BLOG.

Thank you in advance for your help

Map location from function.js – To remove the blog it is not easy, you should remove all the div with id blog, eg: #blog – then modify the style.css and function.js – thanks

Hi Angelo, Like I said before…great work and will recommend the template to all my colleagues….now….

Angelo, I fixed the iPad issue by myself with my it guys for your template, which I was happy to do, but it still seems to have an issue with the navbar animation in the latest safari browser which still affects animation on the Ipad as well.

I have asked my friend in India, Romania Thailand, France, Bulgaria, California and Indonesia to check on their Safai browser and they have the issue as well. I did this check for you as you never seem to have an issue from your end….. 5 different countries on the same browser are seeing the same issue.

Please don’t get upset when we all keep telling you, we are not trying to aggravate you, It simply does does not work my friend and it says in the template description that is was checked in IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

I am not even asking you to correct it, I don’t mind fixing it, but can you please tell me how to do it so we don’t bother you and spend hours trying to work it out. It would be simpler if the original creator gave us the shortcut answer…..is that possible? Because I know you are a busy man. Thank you sir.

Unfortunately, having wanted to make a site completely different from the rest of the marketplace, it also presents the errors on which I’m already working, stay updated :)

That’s great! Thank you sir

thanks to you ;)

How do we update the theme?

You can update theme when new releade will be available

How to make blog entry? are they hard coded with no automation?

This is site template, if u have not got skills in html and css, i recommend you statti wordpress version, thanks

Angelo, thank you so much for your hard work and efforts, I’m sure everyone understands the time and dedication to work out bugs with this super template. :0) Questions, should I have purchased the bootstrap satti for 15.00 w/statti wp template? Also, any good news on the update?

Kind regards,


Hi Angelo, trying to submit a support ticket but cannot find the template purchase ID, where will I find this unique ID? Thanks for the update but a couple of small issues. :)

in your downloads, there is a txt file

Hi, Angelo. I love this theme. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into it. I’m having some problems with it, though. 1) The links in the Services items don’t work. 2) “Page Not Found” keeps appearing in the title bar even though the correct page or view has loaded.


Is there some way to remove the “statti_pages” from the urls?

I wish it were easier to remove the blog tab. My client doesn’t need a blog and we feel forced into it. I’m not comfortable making the changes you mentioned in a previous comment since I’m not really a developer. Also, if you come out with a theme update, it will undo all that work anyway.

Perhaps in a future update you could all us to adjust the timing of the Home slides?

Please help with the Page Not Found and internal link issue. And do keep up the great design work.

there is no sticker on the right of your name

I believe I found the confusion. You have more than one Statti template. I purchased the WordPress template. It is the one I need help with. http://screencast.com/t/eKUsZ205QdJ and http://screencast.com/t/SO8Nw4Ap

Ah ok! This is Statti Site Template :) for support you can open a ticket here: http://support.bradadesign.com/ thanks


I am having problem with the slides on the homepage.

I have followed the instruction however, the slide image appeared blurred and when I checked, the dimension is 200×180. Not sure what I did wrong, and the slide detail alignment is slightly off.

Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dp8ynregaunki1i/Screen%20Shot%202013-08-15%20at%204.16.44%20PM.png

Please let me know what I did wrong. Thank you.

You should buy template first

Oops, sorry I post at the wrong page. I did purchase this theme (Statti – Animated Wordpress Template), I’ll put up my comment on that section instead.

Hi love the template! And have a question regarding Tabs…

Im test programming and have added a new section called product, this has a fade slider and id like to have 4 tabbed sections below. With ive managed to do, but when I click them the all have their own drop down., wit the start point just below and to the right on the Tab text.

What I would really like is 4 Tabs but to have the same start point. Is this possible.

Please see my example..

http://www.wovinlumen.com/index_play_tab.html#2 Click: PRODUCTS Icon Click: RESPONSIVE DESIGN (PRODUCT BUTTON)

Youll see white section and 4 Tabs (Overview)(Key Features) etc. But the drop downs go off the page… is it possible for them all the have the same origin as the Ov erview drop down.

thanks John

Hi u should modify css to reposition the navbar item blocks, thanks

message form contact.html page does not work not provide the php?

There aren t any php files in the download like written in description, you should add php on yow own

Excellent theme, If we wish to add extra pages to the menu is that possible and how easy it is ?

yes, u can, it is easy

HI i need to add tabs & login page pls help me

for support, as i said before, please open a ticket thanks

when i go to homepage and i view bg scroll it goes automatic if i click one of the arrows to go back the automatic stops. Please check this link http://www.angelomazzilli.com/statti.html

In support no one giving correct reply


Does the Theme comes with a script for the Contact Form?


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Hi Angelo, I see that in your template the navbar on the left closes if I navigate throught the sections. How can I leave it always open (It would be more usable)? Thanks

Hi. U should modify some code in function.js thanks

Hi, i am testing your beautiful template on iPad (with ios7) before i buy it and i found some problems: - on Safari the browser crash before the complete loading of home page. - on Chrome the home do not show the colorful menu. Someone else has already reported these problems ? They will be corrected? Thanks.

Hello, I have purchased this version before launching of its wordpress version. At that movement I was under impression that it is wordpress compatible. Can I upgrate to wordpress version by paying difference?

Please guide me.

Hello, I’m having a problem with my site, with the gallery section in Iphones!!! If you could check the site i will appreciate you. In Laptops, and Desktops every thing is working fine, also in Andoid phones. The issue is only with IOS.

The url site is http://www.villasdesantaana.com



Where can I find the Wordpress version of this stuff?