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Hey, I was going to buy the WordPress theme version of this, just had the go-ahead from my client but it seems to have disappeared! What’s going on with that?

Same question regarding wordpress version ? I was going to buy it.

Hey, I was going to buy the WordPress theme version of this, just had the go-ahead from my client but it seems to have disappeared! What’s going on with that?

hello, we have the wordpress version, but since its gone, ill ask here:

we want a link to a subpage (where the background stays the same, since its in the same category) Can this be done?

thank you!

Please open a ticket

Same here, just purchased the bootstrap thinking it was the WordPress theme. What’s going on? Will the WordPress be back up?

Also, site template costs 15$, wp version costs 40$

Ah ok thanks, do you have an ETA on the WordPress fix?

Sorry, no eta at the moment

Hi I arm looking for the Statti WP theme, the link I had doesn’t work anymore. I wanted to buy it how do I get it? Please help. also for clarification the template is just like, PSD file as oppose to the theme a group of files to install on Wordpress? This is true right!

Hello! I sold it to my client version wordpress. I realized that I no longer have to download. What do I do? The customer wants this. Is expected in this template wp?

Insert your ticket ID and open a ticket to have support

I have not bought ID as the subject yet. Just sold my client and in time to make the purchase I realized that was not for sale. I wonder if it will be sold back to the topic at wp, in which case I’ll wait. Otherwise leave for another alternative. I await response urgently. Thank you.

Hi! I have a client waiting. Do you have the forecast version of wordpress?

Hi. Are you going to put again the wp version? When? I need it right now please.

never got my reply on my tickets after one reply of asking my url, i need to know why my blog does not post

Hi! I have a client waiting. Do you have the forecast version of wordpress?

i just fix some bugs

Not getting any answers for the wordpress theme. I really need to get this and asking anyone out there who have the theme to contact me urgently. I don’t mind paying the theme provider but he seems to ignore any messages that is posted here. kursat73 at hotmail.com

i just fix some bugs

Hi there, do you have social icons widgets?

please read the doc

Hi, is there any news yet on the WP version?? I would like to use this theme but if you can’t give any indication at all of timescale other than ‘soon’, I will have to look elsewhere, which would be a shame as Statti looks great. By the looks of it many other people are in the same position. It has been two weeks since I asked… please can you give an estimate? Are we looking at days, weeks, months?

Thank you

Im not working on it in theese days

So, 25 days ago you said simply ‘hope soon’, then you say you’re fixing some bugs, then two days later you’re not working on it any more? Quite disappointing. Wish you could have given a straight answer in the first place and avoided wasting everyone’s time.

I repeat… buy another theme.

I am very gutted about the Ticket Support. You get absolutly no answer there. Neither before buying the template nor after bought the template.

So I try to clarify my questions here, concerning our website www.standvisions.com
- The template does not work with several resolutions. For example with an resolution of 1280×800 px the 5 links are covering the transparent content. See my screenshot: www.standvisions.com/1280×800.jpg
How can that be fixed? Similiar problems on mobile devices like Iphone 4s, Samsung Galaxy 3 or Nexus 10 Tablet…
Where can I change the resolution-settings which defines the layout?
- Other problem is the sidebar which opens by clicking any link. If you’ll click a second link the sidemenubar disappears. We also like to have that sidebar sticky on the right with maybe an Home-Button to come back. Basically the same thing as in your preview-template. How can this be solved. (This question was asked already from another buyer.)

Would be great to get any answers.


You should change css mmeia query and js files

Thanks a lot for that detailed information.

Hi, when do you think wordpress theme will come back? I need this template urgent. or tell me if you have any replace.

Sorry i dont know when it will be online again

I have the wordpress version I have never been to post in the blog section .. does not work

Hi, wanted to buy with regular license. Regarding the licensing, just wanted to confirm if we buy regular license, we should be able to use for building our own website. Also we should be able to add more pages to it. Right? Can you please respond. Thanks

Hi, any idea why link inside fancybox (in portfolio item, below image) do not work? It is not covered by any other layer and while use right click, it works. When I click normally, it do not work…

Qual é o link para comprar a versão WP?

Meu e-mail é designer@pedrozorrilla.com

Muito obrigado pela ajuda.


It’s my first Joomla site so I apologize for such a newbie question, but what is the correct way to install the template?

I tried uploading it through my Extension Manager as a zip file and I get “JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file”

I try unzipping the file first and I get a constant loading screen.