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Hi, Thanks a lot for the free version. But how I can change the colour of tegs on the homepage? What should I write in the css? I really need different colours for each category. Please, help. I tried to search it in css but failed.

There is no free version of this theme…

But it was 1 or 2 years ago. I downloaded it. I still need your answer.

Oh, I see what you mean…you downloaded the theme while it was the free file of the month. I just wanted to make sure because there are a lot of themes with the same name and I can’t give you a correct answer if you are using a different theme ;)

For the category colors it’s very easy see here: https://wpexplorer-themes.com/status/docs/adding-category-colors/ – you don’t need any custom css.

- AJ

Hi Team,

First of all, really nice work guys. This theme is just amazing.

Coming to my question, Whenever I am trying to add a widget to the footer area, then there is only 1 option i.e. ‘Footer 1’

So basically I need to add 4 columns but the other three columns are not accessible.

Also, Current Settings of my footer are as follows,

General Theme Settings > Footer > Footer Widget Columns and choose 4, then the width of ‘Footer 1’ becomes 25% of view-port.

But how do I add widgets to the remaining three columns?

Please suggest a work around this issue.

Thanks in advance :)

Hi there,

After you select 4 columns you need to either refresh the customizer so that you can see all 4 widget areas in the Customizer or go to Appearance > Widgets to see them there. The theme only adds the widgets needed based on the columns selected so if you select 1 there will be 1 widget area, if you select 4 there will be 4 widget areas. Unfortunately because of how the Customizer works when switching it in the customizer there is no way to force a “refresh” of the customizer so that it loads up the new widget areas.

- AJ

Hi, thanks for supporting multiple categories being displayed on the blog post page previously. However when I choose to make a particular category as primary it does have higher priority than other categories on both the home page and blog post view. Is this a bug? Thanks.

One thing which I have been using but it’s buggy and a hassle was to use this plugin to reorder the category for each post individually and this plugin is no longer being supported.


ok no worries. I found another plugin to update this on a global level. Thanks! Another thing, how do I see what updates has been made to this theme recently?


The changelog for the theme is here: https://wpexplorer-themes.com/status/changelog/

I will be releasing another update soon though with a fix for instagram since they recently updated how their site works.

- AJ

Hi Guys,

The instagram widget of the theme seems to have some issue since sometime now.

You can have a look at it here, http://webguy.in, towards the bottom of the site.

It has been giving me an error that says ‘Instagram has returned invalid data’ however, there seems to be no issue from Instagram’s end, I have verified the same using other plugins.

Can someone please look at it soon and provide a solution for the same.

- Thanks, Rajiv

Hi Rajiv,

I am releasing an update to fix the issue that was caused by a recent Instagram update. For a temp fix you can replace this file via FTP – https://cl.ly/qSjk – at wp-content/themes/wpex-status/inc/classes/widgets

- AJ

Hey AJ,

This works, thanks!

Will look forward to the proper update soon.

Cheers, Rajiv

i have purchase theme and install my wordpress why showing your theme add how to remove this


What are you trying to remove?

- AJ

Hello, my friend send this to me as a gift, but i can’t see where can i change my ads. I read the documentation that came with theme but there is no Advertisements tab on Appearance > Customize > General Theme Settings >.

Can you please help with this?

There should be a tab in there that looks like this: https://cl.ly/szOn

If not, there may be an issue with the version you received or there may be some plugin on the site breaking the Customizer :(

Technically because it is a premium theme you shouldn’t be using it on a domain without your own license for that domain.

- AJ

Hi WPExplorer. I know my support has expired, but I am working on Status now and there is an option in Custmozier which I cannot see – excerpt length. I checked Custom excerpt… I don.t know. I read sth about plugins which alter. For ex. I use All in one wordpress security. Thank you and appreciate. Radu

Hi Radu,

You can alter the excerpt length under Appearance > Customize > General Theme Settings > Entries: https://cl.ly/740cfdf3e6be

Make sure the setting above is set to display a custom excerpt as well.

This theme uses a custom function for the excerpt so an external plugin won’t do the trick.

Thank you very much for replying and explanations.

How to edit homepage bottom ads. I have replace the code but it did not work

One more question, when do we have new update for the theme


1. If you replace the code in the Customizer – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/status/docs/adding-your-advertisements/ – if you don’t see the changes live make sure to double check the customizer and verify that they were saved correctly and clear any site cache incase things are just cached.

2. There aren’t any known bugs so there isn’t a planned update. If you have any suggestions for improvements or error reports let me know I can push out an update whenever needed ;)

- AJ

Hi, will this theme support Wordpress 5.0 without any issues? Thanks!

Yes. However, if you are using the WPBakery Page builder it’s highly recommended you install and activate the “Classic Editor” plugin after updating to 5.0 to remove the new “Gutenberg” functionality so you can continue using the backend version of the page builder if you wish and to slim things down.

Hİ there! I’ve just started to use this theme. How can I change the language? Is there a language support for Turkish? Also, I couldn’t see a control panel button after installing the theme. Is there such a theme options button at admin panel? Best wishes


  • To change your site language you need to log into WordPress and go to Settings > General > Site Language

- AJ

That’s Ok. Thank you. Another question.Is it possible to use the same logo as in the theme? How can I use the logo in the theme demo? Thanx…

Sure, here is the PSD for the logo so you can edit it if you want – https://cl.ly/6c6207