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I’m getting the following error message:

You must specify a apikey value for the listSubscribe method

Rated 5*. Very clean and simple, good job :)

Thank you! Really glad that you like it :)


Where would we look to add some fields to the subscribe form for mailchimp? For example, in addition to email, we’d like to add Name and Phone number. I’m pretty certain I can handle it, I just don’t know what file I’d look in to modify.


what version are you using (WordPress or html template)?

Sorry – the WordPress template

You would have to edit the index.php file. On lines 70-81 you will find the code that handles mailchimp integration.

Here is how the code should look like with additional fields:

Hi happytodesign,

How would I be able to show this theme’s coming soon page only to users who are not logged in to wp-admin? I’ve decided on the theme that the live site will use, but I need to set up the theme and I don’t want to show users a site that does not look complete.

Thanks, David

Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow such functionality by default, however you might want to try a plugin such as Theme Test Drive

Please feel free to contact me via email ( if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Hi there!

I’m having problems with integrating MailChimp with this WordPress template. It won’t add the subscribed e-mail addresses to my MailChimp account. Correct API-key and List-ID are provided.

Thanks in advance!


Are you getting any error messages? Could you provide your website’s address?

Thank you.

Editing the index.php does not change the “intro” at all it is still defaulted to “Feebies ….” Also when I switch it to progress it doesn’t know the new percentage that I enter and is stuck at ‘65%’. I tried to also switch to Countdown but it does not know how to get off of 0,0,0,0 and the date has been changed from 2013.

I am using Wordpress (just installed last week), and have restarted all of my services. It seems like the update is working because it switches from countdown and progress, but all the other info does not change.

Any help is appreciated.



You do not need to edit the index.php file if you are using the WordPress theme, there is a separate Theme Options tab in the WordPress admin panel.

I have replied to your email.