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pre-purchase Question.. does this theme support visual composer ?

I haven’t personally tested with it but I have heard users say they use it with the theme.

cool thanks

Before i purchase can i add another category for music reviews since we have only gadgets,movies and games and also i want to build a mobile app that will receive JSON from this theme is that possible with this theme. Do you have the HTML version of the Steam theme. Thank you

Absolutely, you can have as many categories as you want, the ones in the demo are just for example purposes. I’m sure you can build a mobile app to work with this theme as well. We don’t have an HTML version available. Please let me know if you have any further questions about the theme, thanks.

Absolutely, you can have as many categories as you want, the ones in the demo are just for example purposes. I’m sure you can build a mobile app to work with this theme as well. We don’t have an HTML version available. Please let me know if you have any further questions about the theme, thanks.

Hello! I would like to know what php version that the theme options work. Is that updated the php my server to 5.6.21 and theme options are not saving. It is loading forever and not saved.

You just need to make a small change documented here:

Hi. So I still can not save the changes in the theme options. I update pro php 7 and I made the recommended changes. I think to renew the support ($ 41 is expensive compared to the price of other themes of industrial). My question is if there is an update scheduled to work or if I buy the explicit theme, it will work properly with these versions? I do not know much to do at this point, I’ve tried several things and I really like this theme.

Please go ahead and open a support ticket and we can take care of you over there, thanks!

Please, let me know about the plans of the update of this theme as I’m interested in it too but will not going to pull the trigger if you guys are not interested in developing and updating it.

We will continue to ensure Steam works with the latest version of WordPress, and we will still provide thorough support via our support center for the theme.

hi guys, awesome theme. is there an admin option or some quick tweak to show an excerpt besides the title in the compact list view ( thx in advance, stas

I could show you in the code where that is generated if you want to change it.

hi, thx, would be grt if you could share the code snippet.

Go ahead and open up a support ticket with us and I’d be glad to point you in the right direction, thanks!

hi, grt theme! would be great if 1. one could use font icons (e.g. font awesome) as icons for minisites. 2. one could use font icons instead of featured images for articles in minisites. 3. the ratings at directory lists would have the beautiful mouseover tooltip as e.g. the heart, likes etc. have as well.

these are all not possible right now, right? or am i missing some quick tweak?

thx, stashiq

1) That’s a great idea, something I might add in a future update. 2) Another cool idea I hadn’t thought of yet. 3) None of these are actually possible out of the box, but you could always do customizations to the theme to get it working how you want it.

Very grateful for this update!


jeuf Purchased

Hello, Actually, we have the theme Mad; We use custom post (=review=mini site). We want to migrate to Steam or Explicit. How is the migration to Explicit ? Is it automatic ? I have already read this link : and in the step 10 : Go to Theme Options and create all of your previous Details and Rating Criteria What do you mean by “your previous detail” ? And these “previous details” are they automatically include in the Explicit Them ? (= i mean without having open all the post one by one ? Thank for you great work.

There definitely will be some work involved on your part to migrate the site. It won’t all come over automatically. All of the data will always be stored in the post meta and not be deleted, it will just be a matter of linking it all back up by filling out the theme options. If you want to create a copy of your site and do some testing first, let me know by sending me an email:


jeuf Purchased

Hello, The steam theme is wonderful. I have a problem with the responsive. It seems that the slider (revolution) is not responsive in the theme? Am i right ? Thanks for your answser.

The entire theme should be responsive. Please open a support ticket so we can assist with any issues. Thanks!

hi, i want to ask if it’s possible for a user (guest or logged in) to add a post for review using front-end editor. thanks for the support.

If you use a front end publishing plugin such as gravity forms or similar, you can do so.

this thema support WordPress 4.5+??

nice theme, does it support RTL?

Some of our newer themes like Engine do, but not Steam.

So how are the minisites done? is it custom post type? asking because we have a custom ad service that we want to run different ads on different pages. we can use is_page ( “books” ) to target different pages on our current theme, but looking to expand and the idea of minisites seems cook. but need to know if we can customize it before committing to the buy. so is there a way to target each minisite with an if statement? or such? thanks let me know

Yes, they are done via custom post types. There are ways in the code of targeting individual minisites though. You could look and see how the theme is currently handling that. It would take some knowledge of code to do.


Cihi Purchased

1) Hello, why doesn’t show user ratings in comment? This is from beggining – before any changes code, before plugins. For example here:

2) And second question, why is loading so looong?

Thank you for answers.

We will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.


Cihi Purchased

I tried it on your live preview too and same result – if I write comment with ratings, ratings doesn’t show in comment.


Cihi Purchased

Unfortunately, I must warn all before buying this theme – because my problem (important function of presented theme) wasn’t resolved for longer than month…

I didn’t receive any information about, when will be resolved. This is not attitude what I expected with the purchase of template.

I hope, that you finally resolve this problem as soon as possible.

hi, i want to know if is possible for a registered user to add an article from the front-end

You would need to use a plugin such as Gravity Forms or similar which adds front-end publishing to the theme, then that would interact with all the review/rating components and everything else.


Cihi Purchased

Why don’t you answer me here or in support?


Cihi Purchased

This is a preview of your support? After 2 months error in the template didn’t solved. More than 1 months, I haven’t any answer from you…

We respond to all support questions in the order they were received. Thank you for your patience, and please use item comments only for pre-sales questions.


Cihi Purchased

It’s ridiculous, this is not about patience, but about ignoring. Theme has 6 months is officialy PAID support – now it’s 3 months from purchase of template – it’s 2 months from create support ticket and it’s 1 month from last reply from you:

“Brian replied December 17, 2016 at 11:31am

Still looking into it, we haven’t located the cause yet.”

How long have I wait for solving? Next 2 or 3 months or more, then I have to buy extend support months??? I hope, that you undestand my frustration. Without informations our project stands, but we really need to move forward…

At least we need informations, answers….


Cihi Purchased


I tried this theme on old version Wordpress 4.3.7 on another domain and comment ratings function works, but after update on 4.7.1 version, this function is disabled here again.

I looked for your themes and theme Explicit is very similiar to Steam and comments ratings should have work ok here on new version.

Design is so much better in Steam, but we have to move forward… so can you send me please Explicit theme as substitute?

Thank you for quick answer.

Please send an email to so we can discuss further.

one question, its spanish lengfuaje available for this theme? thanks

The theme is fully translatable using the provided .po files :)


bepe Purchased

Hello, First of all, kudos for the theme :) Second, is there a way to disable the ajax pagination that removes the page number from the URL field? Thanks!

Thanks for your purchase! Please use our support center so we can assist you with theme-related questions, thanks!