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After 3 hours i gaveup. This minisites are not showing up. I have the newest version of WP. Is there any possibility to change my steam for explicit?

Please open a support ticket and we’d be glad to assist, thanks!

Hey, come on, i send 3 days ago ticket about my problem, today you have support off for about 24h,cant even check answer for my ticket. Ok let put this here for start. some problems witch minisites, i dont know…maybe i dont understand something, i want full control of my site, not random luck. I made 4 minisites

1. cant control layout, anything i change it is not appear.

2. looks ok,

3. same, looks ok…

so i think, maybe that first minisite are buggy or something. OK i will made articles again in new minisite, and i made 4th minisite, and…

4. look different than 1st and 2nd and 3rd.

Its very important this information on top menu that showing viewers how many articles showing on every minisite.

and only 2 and 3 minisites showing true.

Sorry for my english.

I apologize for the support system. Ticksy is undergoing maintenance and unfortunately we cannot control that. Please send an email to support@industrialthemes.com and we can take care of you from there. Thanks!

Hola. Cuando intento añadir entrada me sale este error, también cuando quiero abrir una entrada existente.

Error thrown

Function name must be a string

Espero respuesta, gracias.

Please open a ticket on our support center for help, thanks!

I’m trying to open a ticket with the purchase code I was given when I bought the theme but when I submit it, a pop up says it’s not valid. I’ve had the theme for two years and I’m having trouble transferring my articles (content) to a new theme. Everything else is done. WP said to contact the author.

Your support has probably expired since it was 2 years ago.


Msttug Purchased

Hi I am using this theme. Wordpress released new update 4.9. Has the update been done? Will the system get bored?

Please open a support ticket and we can assist, thanks.

Hello presale question, I am looking into Flavor/Steam and I need to know if either template can do the following

1. Create mini-sites. 2. The weight ratings criteria, does this mean that I can adjust the actual weight of each rating so that the total score is not just a standard average? 3. Can I override the total score? 4. Can I move the location of the total score on the review post?

yes you can do all of the above with both themes.

help me please, where is my THEME OPTIONS?????


Looks like you have some sort of php error on the page blocking the theme options from rendering. Please open a support ticket and we’d be glad to assist, thanks.

Are you updating this theme or I would need to get some other new theme?

We will continue to keep this theme updated with the latest version of WordPress, but are probably not going to be adding new features to it from here on out.

It’s okay with the features it has already but any estimate about when will you possibly provide the theme with latest version?

We don’t have a public roadmap of updates at this time, unfortunately.

Hello. Is there any chance to get possibility to put in post or pages widget top reviewed but with option sort in one minisite or by category or tags? I wan make some kind of top list page.

Please use our support center for support related questions, thanks!

I used 5 days ago and no answer;(

We have responded. Sorry for the delay.


magaman Purchased

Anyway to fix the Shortcode Fatal Error? Looks like it’s been an issue with your other themes and I’m getting it now on Steam even with clean install


magaman Purchased

FANTASTIC!!! Thanks was searching the help for shortcode so that other ticket but not this article. Thank you so much!


gensd Purchased

Presale question – can the percent sign be removed from the 100 ratings? I want something that just uses an xx/100 rating.

Do you have a backend demo to see the controls and functionality?

Yes that can be easily removed. I don’t have a demo panel setup to see the controls at this time. If you want screenshots let me know and I can send them to you.


gensd Purchased

Yes, I’d love to see screenshots to get an idea of how it’s organized, etc.

Please send an email to support@industrialthemes.com and we can discuss further, thanks!

This is a pre-purchase question, after testing your site on viruscan, there were few bit errors. then i checked this http://themecheck.org/score/wordpress-theme-steam.html

There are pre-defined content panels that you can select for the various positions on the homepage. It is not drag and drop, but rather selectable.

Can i get a screenshot of this since it’s not a drag and drop on seggssammy@gmail.com