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I would like to buy it with the next update.

How progress goes?


Coming this week. Thanks.

Hello! I bought it, but, I’ve got some funny caracters when I try to use it: I’m french… How can I change fonts etc please? Thanks for help

Hi, This must be some problem in your browser or computer. The fonts are from google web fonts.

Hi, I’m two problems.

1. I have embedded the map however it appears to be behind the background or faded out? I tried changing the z-index without luck. Any ideas on how to fix this?

2. I have followed the instructions for the contact form however it still does not work for me. process.php should be in the root correct? Nothing happens when send it pressed.


1 – Make sure you have this: class=”map_frame” in your iframe.

2 – Are you testing the contact form online on your web host?

1 – I was able to fix the map. Thank you.

2 – I am testing online. The site is at

Ok, I’m going to release a new contact form in the next days.

When should this be expected? I would like to get it working as soon as I can

I submitted it, and it’s awaiting for approval.

How can I download the latest version of the contact form?


Tomorrow I will update the documentation with a step by step tutorial.

Hi there !

Have you plained to create a wordpress version of this template ? looks really great !!



It could happen in the future, but I can’t really say when. Maybe if I have time next month.

Is there an easy way to use few languages in this template? I really like this template, but I need three languages to fit my needs.


This is static HTML/CSS template so you would have to add the languages by hand.

Why Wordpress said me “missing style.css” ?


Because this is a HTML template, not Wordpress.

Hi Rodrigo,

Love the template. Quick question:

If I want to make just 1 of the sections a different height, what’s the easiest way to do that? I’ve tinkered a bit, but thought you’d be the guy to ask.


Just purchased, first time using Themeforest, after I downloaded purchased everything needed thru DreamHost. Wordpress or Concrete or neither? Is it even possible to use this template with DreamHost? Forgive my inexperience ;(


You can use this template in any host. You only need to upload it.

This is only a HTML template and not compatible with Wordrpress, Concrete or any other CMS (Content Management System).

hi! i wannna know if is it possible (or not so complicated) to set the parallax effect horizontally in a three sections portfolio.



The parallax plugin only allows vertical moving.

The buttons dont work on an ipad. Has anyone found a fix?

It will be fixed in the next update.


I am prepared to purchase, but I am having an issue with the paralax scroll in Chrome. The buttons do not work.



Are you using windows or mac? I tested it on a mac and it’s working correctly.

I created a responsive site from this template but had to remove the sticky.js script because it didn’t work too well. I also had to change a few other things to get responsive CSS to work.

My question is that the contact form code doesn’t seem to properly support radio buttons. The cfg-label and cfg-label-element classes don’t seem to work with a radio button. Is that correct? Your sample site does not have a radio or select option.


I have a form generator, so if you want radio buttons, send me an email ( with all your files and details and I will add them for you.