Discussion on Steps | Multipurpose Working Wizard with Branches

Discussion on Steps | Multipurpose Working Wizard with Branches

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gutoof Purchased

Can I create more than one budget_slider? Can I change the name of input budget_slider to any other name for get value?

Sure because the id in the javascript it s not the same in the html. Please read the steps above carrefully. Alternatively provide a demo link an tomorrow i will check and drive your better on your changes

gutoof Purchased

I actually did it, I changed the name in javascript and html to budget_slider_2

gutoof Purchased

I don’t know what happened, but it’s starting to work fine. thank you very much,You deserve five stars anyway

summary on the right hand side possible, summary based on the selections.


Can a “Message Box” be added to the last page of the form.

Also an “upload” button/ turn on camera mode…

Hello, we will update the item with a Textarea on the last step in the next 2 days. The upload feature it’s a bit more longer, we will work on it this week. Camera mode button we are sorry not. All the best

Which version are you using (With branch, without branch, etc)?

We notice now that the item already have a textare sample. Please tell us which version are you using (With branch, without branch, etc) and which php version/method to send the data in order to drive you better for this change. all the best

Hello, sorry to ask some questions first

1. Can this be set up as a website?

2. Is the layout or design customizable? Can I define how many steps to forward to the final thank you page? Can I rearrange the sequence?

3. Can I add pages before or after each form or questionnaire?

4. Is this a server side or a client side application?

5. Is there a demo?

Thank you.


1) Yes, it’s html site template based

2) As an html site template you can apply every changes/customizations you need, how many steps you need, etc…please read the item description an play with the demo

3) Not very clear, but yes you can add a page before..and after the form(once completed)...there is a redirect. play with the demo

4) Server side

5) Yes, please read the item page description anc click on “live preview” button http://preview.themeforest.net/item/steps-multipurpose-working-wizard-with-branches/full_screen_preview/21134396

Would I be able to embed this into a Squarespace webpage content block?

Hello, i think not..but i am not sure 100%. you should ask to Squarespace. All the best

How can the language of the validation-tooltips “span.error” be changed? It says “Required” but it has to be another language. Thank you very much.

Hello please read the documentation provided with the item. If not succeed contact me again. All the best

hi, i bought the template . in the last step , i need a final answer depending previous answer. but the form should be present for all answers. how can i implement that

the preview not working on these

hi, ı want to use this plugin but first ı have some questions, first, is this a plugin ? second, Can ı use this plugin with wordpress finally, Can the boxes be customized if you want to set this add-on as getting a quote ?

Hi, is it possible to go to next step when tile is being clicked? I want to automatically go to the next step.

Hello, no i am sorry. All the best


if we need to server side validation , how can back to specified step ? steps doesn’t have url parameters

hi i used ‘tabs’ in one of the step, each tab have multiple different checkbox, when submit, it does not accept, getting error.

can you help me?

if you provide a demo link of your site i will inspect your code. best

Hi Sir

i want to ask

1. this source code include backend for save data from step and form?

2. for step with image is it also stored in the system / database?

3. for what steps can be replaced with other options? according to what I want?

4. if the data can’t be stored/save in database, Is there a system suggestion like this that has an admin page and can be stored in the database? i need this system with admin page and data can be stored/save in the database

Hello i am sorry the item does not have a backend. You can try to find a developer to implement it on Envato Studio. All the best

Hi, Please i’d love to correct the layout of http://www.ansonika.com/steps/icon-pack-2.html page. the icons are not aligned in the center on mobile view https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/a/#/s/56B55612435B4481B2773EBC64318CE44

Hello, this is the page provided from the Icon vendor just only for reference. The elements are floated on the left side, that’s why ae not aligned. All the best


Hi, it´s possible branch selected default?

Hi, nice theme Pls tell me Cai i add it to a wordpress theme? Can i calculate budget with this… the client to check items with specific price and at the end to have the total price? Toy wiill make a WP version?


is it possible to add a upload image feature?

I was wondering how the forms are altered to my personalized content. Is it HTML coding? I was also wondering if there is through support documentation.

hi, it is an html site template. documentation includes info on item common settings. all the best


Do you have anything similar to this but as a WordPress theme?


Hello, no i am sorry. All the best.

Is it support rtl?

hi, no i am sorry. all the best


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