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This theme doesn’t work properly anymore especially on mobile devices. Even the live preview won’t work! Why is it still being sold if these issues haven’t been rectified?

Hi there,

The theme works perfectly on my side!

Please submit a ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help. Thank you

Hi guys,

Looks like latest WooCoommerce 3.2+ brought some major issues with some themes and plugins not ready for it.

Did you manage to do some tests yet and can you confirm theme is compatible with it as is, or are we to expect some updates shortly?

Kind Regards

Hi there,

The update has been released one week ago. You can also see it for yourself

If that’s the case, I would love to see changelog updated here, as it still says 2.6.5. Do you have changelog on your own website?

Also downloaded current version from here and stylesheet says 2.6.6 while the previous update you did a while ago was already 2.6.6.

So, a bit confused :-) Sorry if I’m missing something.


Oh yeah you do at

And last that is shows there is 2.6.6 from August.

And current download also is 2.6.6 so what’s changed?

While awaiting for theme update I got another issue I’d like to run over with you – Terms & Conditions page that is assigned for WooCommerce shop.

The issue is that currently WooCommerce opens assigned Terms & Conditions page that is linked by the acceptance tick box as a ‘drop down’ frame and shows it there.

Now, if for example Terms & Conditions page is using accordion shortcode to display info, trying to open those accordions does nothing.

Is there a fix for it?

Why no drag and drop page builder or am I missing something?

Hi there,

Please, make sure That WPBakery plugin is active and up to date.

If there will be no success, please submit a ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help.

Thank you

It appears that WPBakery plugin is not present. Is it possible to only install this plugin? The rest of the theme is working as it should.


Yes, of course it`s possible. You can send your temporary admin credentials through ticket here so our Support Team will install it for you.

Thank you! :)

I want to use a different logo on page id 14814. Please assist with the CSS I can use to achieve.

Hello there, Unfortunately, there is no option to use the different logo on different pages. However, it can be achieved by additional coding. Thank you!

hello. read that in one of your similar responses earlier about finding someone to use “IF” string.. In the meanwhile after posting the message, I looked and found someone to write that string and it is working like a charm on the site.. Feel free to refer to this page for a different logo:

Thanks for your help.

Hi there,

Please submit a ticket using the link below and our Support Team will be delighted to help.

Thank you


Isn’t the jquery slider responsive for mobile devices?

Hello there,

It is responsive for mobile devices. But please, make sure that your theme is up to date (the latest version is 2.6.7)


Recently I’ve updated wordpress, plugins and your theme to the latest version, because the visual composer didn’t work anymore.

But after I updated everything, the Visual Composer still doesn’t work.

What can be the problem?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Please submit a ticket using the link below so our Support Team will check it.

Thank you

Hi, I just logged in and purchased 6 months support through Themeforest but unable to locate how to contact support. The theme I purchased years ago is Sterling Responsive. Wordpress theme. Your site is redirecting me to the authors site who does not recognise my username or email address. If I purchased the support from your site, why am I being redirected to a site that does not recognise me or the support that I purchased?


Thank you for your comment :)

Please email our support directly at – they will be delighted to help you.


ritin Purchased

Hi there… thanks for making such a beautiful theme. Have been using it for long now. Had a question – when and how can the in-build (embedded) plugins be refreshed? LayerSlider in case of Sterling theme…

thanks Ritin

Hi Ritin,

Thank you for such a beautiful comment about our theme!

Do you wish to update the plugin? This article describes how to upgrade the plugins to their most recent versions:

Hi guys,

Can we safely update WooCommerce to newest 3.3+ or is there theme update coming soon to address any issues with it?


Hi there,

Thank you for the comment.

Unfortunately, Sterling theme hasn`t been tested yet for the WooCommerce latest versions compatibility. We`ll check it and the update will be released asap.

Thanks for the understanding!

Thanks for the info mates. Will wait with the updates then :-)

Can you please update the changelog? Thank you!


Sure thing. Done!

Hello. What has changed with the new update? Can you update Changelog? Thank you.

Hello there,

We`ve fixed displaying video in lightbox on the https sites.


Please, let us know if there`s something else we can do to help.

2.6.8 changelog doesn’t say much. Is that version ready for WooCommerce 3.3+ You should really update the compatibility info for theme as well.


Hi there,
Sorry for the delay in the response.
The Sterling theme is compatible with new version of WooCommerce. However, if you`ll have any questions – you can always ask our Support team. They`re happy to help you!

Thank you!

Hi there, just redownloaded the theme, but the demo content xml file is not in the file that I download… Is this something you no longer offer with the theme?

Hi, There should be demo data, please try download theme again. If the issue doesn’t solve, please, create a request to our technical support to solve this issue. Firstly, choose ‘Support’ chapter (, then ‘Contact Author’ ( and fill message (

Hi there, I’m trying to order Woocommerce product in the tab to change my product order but it doesn’t work. It’s really the theme that is causing this issu cause I’ve deactivated all my plugins and the problem is the same.



Dear Marie-Hélène,
Please, create a request to our technical support to solve this issue. Firstly, choose ‘Support’ chapter (, then ‘Contact Author’ ( and fill message (


Trevorut Purchased

No matter what size of logo I upload, it stays quite small. How do I increase the size of my logo?

Hello there
Thank you for your message. I have checked it on our demo and size of logo changes according to image resolution. Please submit a request by clicking ‘Support > Contact Author’.
Thank you.