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Hi, 1. Does the theme include different backgrounds for the header and the footer, not only for the colors like the demo but for the style (without effects), in fact, it would be fantastic if this theme had the same backgounds than Karma or different options. 2. Is there any sliders shortcode for the pages ? This theme is beautiful, great work!

Hey There,

Thanks so much for your kind words and interest in Sterling.

As per your questions:

1) Yes. Sterling comes with 9 different banner styles to choose from. These are essentially “transparent designs” that overlay the banner and footer area. You can also choose from 18 built in color schemes, or you can easily set your own custom banner/footer color within the custom Site Options panel. We’ve also structured these elements in such a way that with some very simple custom CSS you can add a completely custom design of your own.

2) There are not currently slider shortcodes for pages. Sorry mate.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Cheers :)

Great entry in the responsive theme war! I have Karma and love it. Expectations are high for your work and you have done a great job with this new theme. It will need work over time (I would like the navi-descriptions) but you guys will be stellar in support I am sure. Best of luck with sales. This field is REALLY getting hot.

Hi There,

Thanks so much for the kind words my friend! We really appreciate your support!

Yes as with any theme there will indeed be upgrades as time goes on. We do our best to provide as much as we can for the biggest possible audience, and then we add new features to cater to the smaller masses.

You’re absolutely spot on. The future of the theming community and the web as a whole are truly exciting things right now!

Best of luck on everything

Cheers :)


Do the sliders have swipe gesture support?

Hi There,

The sliders do not currently have gesture support however we will definitely consider adding this to a future release if it becomes a more requested feature.

Cheers my friend :)

Ok thanks, also I noticed that the video in the blog is not resizing… is that intended or just not using the re-size attribute?

Hey mate,

Thanks so much for the heads up. We’ve simply forgot to add the resizebale attribute in that posting. We will update the demo site accordingly.

Thank you again!

Cheers :)

Beautiful theme! I will definitely be purchasing at least a couple instances of this one. For whatever it’s worth, I would just like to second the desire for a boxed version if you get enough requests. Not because I like boxed any better, it’s just that when a theme like this comes along, I would like to buy multiple versions and give them different looks. You know… so I look like I know what I’m doing. ;)

LOL ! Hilarius my friend! We will certainly do our best to make you look stellar! ;)

Hi guys. Is the TEAM page a template, singe shortcode for the whole page, or is it made from columns and individual shortcodes? I haven’t watched all the videos – is there a specific one that I should look at for the team page? I know Karma very well, so I’m very familiar with your CMS interface. Thank you!!

Hey bud,

The Team template is created via shortcodes. It uses the standard full width page template (or you can choose any page template you’d like) and each team member is added via the shortcode below. Also if you import the included XML Demo content you’ll get an exact replica of the demo site so you can take a peak behind the scenes and see the page in action.

Cheers :)

[team_member name="John Doe" title="CEO, Head of Operations" photo="" email="" phone="111-222-3333" twitter="truethemes"] Hi I'm John Doe and here's my bio consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et. Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet fermentum. Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet fermentum. Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. [/team_member]

Awesome, thank you – you rock!

Nice theme!!

I would like the navi-descriptions also (bonus would be to include icons also :)

Does the theme include the “tour” functionality as you have used in your demo? I did not see this mentioned as an included feature

Yes, indeed.

Included with your purchase is an exact replica of the demo site.

The “tour links” down at the bottom are manual links inserted via shortcode so you have full control over what/where the next/previous items will say/link to.

I hope this helps :)


Thank You- plan to purchase

1. I really like this theme (I am a current Karma owner as well) but I don’t like how the images on the homepage, or other pages, aren’t “centered” when placed in the responsive/portrait mode.

Perhaps this is due to the full-width aspects? I am comparing this side-by-side to another responsive theme – modernize.

2. On a mobile device, android/samsung nexus, the search bar also overlays the h1 tag within pages. The top navigation also isn’t properly centered on a mobile device?

3. The responsiveness of the homepage. When viewing the site on a mobile or cellphone, the sliders on the homepage get messed up when changing views. I have to tap the next slider for it to correct itself. Is there a way to make it more fluid in nature?

4. Can I create an html slider for the homepage? Similar to the Karma theme?

5. When viewing a page with a left/right sidebar in responsive mode, is there a way to add a border between the content and sidebar? It kinda blends right in when in portrait mode.

Look forward to the answers as those will be the overall deciding factor! I am a proud owner of your Karma theme and love everything about it! I’m just particular when it comes to centered images on the homepage when viewing it on a mobile platform :)

(please see our note to your inquiry below)

Cheers :)

6. Just wanted to add that the “Lightbox Hero” Page doesn’t re-size when viewed in portrait mode. The image or video on that page is too large? and the h2/”Responsive Wordpress Theme” text disappears?

7. Just a heads up – Looks much different in Firefox vs Chrome (the bottom footer doesn’t extend to the bottom of the page).

Awesome. Thank you so much!

Cheers :)

A new project of mine requires a responsive theme, so I am very interested in this one due to my past experience with your Karma theme. If I was to create a child-theme, would the future updates fix the above points? While keeping what I modified?

or is a child theme not possible due to this responsiveness css?

Hey There,

Thanks so much my friend. Yes a Child Theme is fully compatible with this theme. We’ve actually include one for you within the download package of the theme :)

Yes using a Child Theme will ensure that you can continue to work on our website and will not lose any of your coding customizations when upgrading to a newer version of the main parent theme.

Cheers :)

Nice work guys, already killing it on sales!

Thanks so much! We’re super pleased with the outcome so far!

Cheers my friend :)

Hi, i purchased the theme, installed it, and it ROCKS !

Quick question from my earlier post:

“Is it possible to show a full height picture on the single post pages (Right now you are using 620×161 for the images but I would like to use 620 and the height is open size so I can have taller pictures too)”

So basically on the single post blog pages I can have an image made to fit the 620px wide but leave the height open. If you look at this blog: and then click on the first or second post on the page you will see what i mean. The second posts image on the single post page has been modified so that it is a set width but with open height.

Thats what I’m trying to do with the Sterling theme. :)

Hey There,

This is certainly possibly however it’s not built into the theme by default.

The “no coding required” way to have a featured image of any height is to simply not set the “featured image” for your post and simply insert your image directly into the content of the Blog post. The “featured image” is the only item that will get auto-resized. This doesn’t solve your smaller thumbnail on main page issue but hopefully it’s still helpful for you.

We’ll definitely consider adding multiple options for various sized featured images in a future release.

Cheers my friend :)

very nice work. i hope to see a boxed layout in future…dual sidebar page template would be nice. thanks

I’m loving this theme – it’s awesome. Will you be creating a page template for left nav/right sidebar option as in Karma? :)

Yes indeed! We’ve already started working on one and we’ll be including this feature in a very near release.

Cheers :)

I really like what you’ve done with the theme. But, there are some formatting issues when viewed on an android mobile & an iPhone:

1. search box overlays/squashes itself over the adjacent content.

2. on an android, the top navigation words/links are a bit scattered and unformatted (creating 4 lines of links) – as if some padding adjustments need to be made so the links don’t drop down and start a new lines of links (looks great on the iPhone, though)

3. the slider (though present) does not seem to function properly on either mobile device. I had to update the android flash to even see the slider…not sure why. That said, maybe it’d be better to have the option to simply remove the slider altogether when viewed on mobile.

4. the “left nav” simply creates a very long menu that has to be scrolled on mobile… not something I’d probably use… maybe if the “left nav” converted to a “drop-down menu” when viewed on mobile.

5. there’s no “return-to-top”... why so? ... creates too much screen sliding and mistaken button presses when trying to scroll back to the top.

6. maybe have the “team” page details & photo appear next to each other on mobile, instead of having the photo below everything… makes the photo seem like it was an afterthought… I’d probably remove the photo and place it in the textual body content, so it appears more nature and important.

That said, I like the theme and will find a client for it – as soon as the mobile experience is more refined.

Best regards!

Hi There,

Thank you for all the details you’ve provided – it’s really very helpful for us.

As per your questions:

1) Can you kindly let us know which mobile device you’ve encountered this issue?

2) Yes, strange indeed. We’re apple guys so we’ve done the large majority of our optimizations for the iPhone / iPad, but we’ll definitely work on doing further testing for the Android.

3) Really very strange about the flash. Again we’ll do some more digging into the Android. Removing the slider all together is something that most user probably wouldn’t want but adding some clever CSS to the “mobile” section of the theme’s stylesheet can indeed do it for you.

4) Not sure we agree with a second dropdown for the left nav. We’re quite pleased with the current version which converts to a vertical nav that has larger buttons and is quite easy to navigate with.

5) There’s a “scroll to top” link located in the footer navigation. We’ll fo some further test to ensure all is well.

6) Again not sure we agree with the proposed layout. We’re really quite pleased with the current layout. We’ll for sure explore this page layout and see if any new ideas come to the surface.

Thanks again

Cheers my friend :)

Thanks for the quick replies… I’m sure with this kind of attention, you’ll do just fine with this theme… it really is wonderful work!

1. the devices I tried this on are: LG Connect android, iPhone, & iPad touch

5. I found no “back-to-top” on any device, sorry…

As well, I like that you had a “Under Construction” page. Does this make the site viewable for the admin – while under construction… similar to the way other available plugins work?

One note: on the “Under Construction” page: the four count-down digits are not formatting themselves to the correct width on mobile. The last digit to the right (the seconds) is off page to the right and not in view… but, can be seen when sliding/shifting the screen view over to the right.

Wow this is a nice design!

Is there a way to not load the mobile version?


Yes sure thing my friend.

Here is an Article from our KnowledgeBase outlining complete details for making this theme modification:

Cheers :)

Thank you for your answer, but we still have a problem with the compatibility on a Iphone

The header and footer background is stopping at 1/3 of the iphone screen. When navigating it opens the site at that size (1/3) we can reduce and see all the site but the header background and footer background is stopping or cropping where the site was loading initialy…

On the Ipad, everything is loading perfectly, can you see the same thing on the iphone?

Thanks for your help!

Hi There,

Everything is loading nicely on an iPhone on our end but we are happy to have a closer look to see if we can replicate the issue.

Please kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so that our support and development team can provide further assistance.

TrueThemes HelpDesk | Training Videos | KnowledgeBase

Cheers :)

Perfect support! Everything is working! Thanks!

You’re very welcome my friend!

Cheers :)

Badddass. Good work.

Thanks so much! :)

Hello. I’m having some trouble with the recent post shortcodes that I brought up in from the xml file. It’s not reading my category id at all. Are there additional shortcodes that are not included in the shortcode editor that you will be releasing – specifically recent/popular posts? This is a beautiful theme.

Hey mate,

Yes a few of the shortcodes are very “page-specific” shortcodes which we’ve created to help fill in the gap of Wordpress’ lack of “in-content layout abilities”. These shortcodes are not listed within the visual shortcode manger.

If there’s anything else we can do to help please don’t hesitate to give us a shout. :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk | Training Videos | KnowledgeBase

Cheers :)

Hi Everyone!

New Theme Version 1.0.1 is now available for download. You can grab the new files right here on ThemeForest within your Downloads section.

The Changelog can be viewed here:

Cheers :)

Nice theme. Request for future update would be a choice between Google font or other font service (e.g. TypeKit).

Thanks so much for the feature requests :)

To implement TypeKit straight away you can check out their popular Wordpress Plugin:

Cheers my friend :)