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Just wanted to say this is a solid theme and I have had excellent and quick customer support with any questions/issues. Kudos to the True Themes team and keep up the good work!

Thanks so much my friend! You rock!

Cheers :)

Is the preview page down? Had to check some things but I can’t access it.

how to set categories on left navigation. i want my page like this ( ). but i cant set left navigation, like that page. this is my web ( ). left navigation is page, not categories. please help me…

yes i know, but I mean the left navigation is not sub menu… left navigation is title posting of categories… and the menu is name of categories… if title of categories click, title posting of categories show in left nav…

like this page no sub menu, if api documentation click showing left nav…

Hmm, apologies my friend but we’re a bit confused by your question.

It looks like we’ll need to log into the backend of the website in order to better determine the result you’re after.

The jQuery UI page sent over looks like it would need to use “pages” rather than “categories” to achieve the desired effect. Categories get loaded into a “blog template” so pages will likely do the trick.

For additional assistance please kindly submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk outlining temporary login access to the website, along with the page and category names that you’d like to display in that navigation so we can gladly provide additional assistance.

Cheers :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

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The support of TrueThemes was incredible with making CSS tweaks to make my client’s site look just right. They were very helpful and timely. Highly recommended!

Thanks so much for your kind feedback my friend! We very honored to serve you!

You rock!

Cheers :)

I can’t seem to find a place here or on the support website as to what the latest version is or a changelog. I have version 2.1.6 and wanted to make sure that’s the latest version.


Sure thing my friend.

Here’s a link to the Sterling changelog:

2.1.7 is the latest version however it’s only a small update from version 2.1.6

We’ve got some great things in the works for Sterling and the next release will have a variety of great upgrades and improvements. Our ETA has been pushed back a bit but it’s looking like somewhere in the 2 week range will be the next major release for the Sterling theme.

Hope this helps :)


Ahh, thank you! Cool – I’ll wait til then to upgrade. Thanks!

I have a child theme setup on top of the sterling theme. I want to update the theme to its latest version how do i properly and smoothly this? Thanks!

Sure thing my friend.

Big Kudos on using a Child Theme as this will ensure that any coding modifications will not be lost.

To seamlessly upgrade you’ll simply need to update the Parent Theme to the latest version just like a normal theme upgrade. This can be done via FTP or through the Wordpress Dashboard. Here’s an article from our HelpDesk outlining the theme upgrade process:

Important:Please ensure to not make any changes to the Child Theme unless they are necessary. You can view the Sterling Changelog to see all changes made to the parent theme which might need to be reflected into the Child Theme depending on the modifications made within the Child Theme:

Please let us know if we can provide any additional guidance.

Cheers :)

Awesome theme – how do you turn the slider arrows on to appear as my are not showing on the template I am building but work on another one I have built using Sterling – thank you

Sure thing my friend.

This setting is located in the Site Options Panel under: Appearance > Site Options > JavaScript Slider.

Simply change the “Navigation Arrows” from false to true.

Cheers :)

Thank you for your speedy reply and that was too easy – I knew it was someone easy – thank you

Hello team,

Just have a simple one – in the team members section I have put in an email that are quite long – – now the problem is it runs into the team member blurb so I need to add some padding to mover the type over a little bit – any quick fix or tell where to go in the back code to fix it and I will jump in there and mash it up some – thank you Nath

Hey Nath,

Yes here you go.

Grab the code below and drop it into the ‘Custom CSS’ section of Sterling’s Site Options Panel. Save Changes and all will be well :)

Custom CSS is located under: Appearance > Site Options > Styling and CSS > Custom CSS

.member-contact {
width: 27%;

(27% in the above code can be modified to somewhere in the 25%-28% range)

Hope this helps :)


Beautiful – worked like a charm – top work gang

I want to change the jquery v.1.10.2 to v.1.12.0, you need to replace jquery.js? The changes I made but I’m not sure if all OK.

Sure thing my friend.

Sterling pulls in the jQuery script packaged with the default Wordpress installation.

The current version of Wordpress (3.8.1) comes packaged with jQuery 1.10.2

We’ve not tested 1.12.0 but we recommend leaving Wordpress installation in-tact.

Is there a particular reason for swapping in jQuery 1.12.0? We’re happy to test if you need it.

Cheers :)


I just thought I would send in a quick comment on how amazing your themes and your support are!

Not only do I LOVE the Sterling Theme but the support I have received even a year after installation has been incredible! Thank you TrueThemes for always getting back to me so quickly and for all of your help! I will definitely be using more of your themes! C. Annett

Thank you so much! We’re so very glad to work with you!

You rock!

Cheers :)

how to create multiple set of galleries and embed to one page?

Apologies but this is currently not an available feature.

Hello guys -This may be an easy one – I have the site all built – but when I look at the responsive version on phone the menu is not appearing anywhere to navigate – I have been playing around in site options trying to figure it out – the website is thank you for your help -Nath


Sure thing Nath.

It looks like the issue has perhaps cropped up due to a conflict with one of the scripts added to the site.

We’re very happy to take a closer look behind the scenes and help to provide solution.

Kindly reach out to us via our secure HelpDesk outlining some temporary admin login details and we’ll gladly take a closer look and provide solution.

Cheers :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Thanks guys – I have submitted the ticket now and speak soon – cheers Nath

are there any compatibility issues with the new woocommerce 2.1 thanks

Hi There,

We’ve tested and are currently running the following setup:
  • Karma 4.0.2
  • Wordpress 3.8.1
  • WooCommerce 2.1.2

Everything is working smoothly without any issues.

Hope this helps :0


are there any issues with Sterling 2.1.6 Wordpress 3.8.1 WooCommerce 2.1.2

So sorry for the confusion my friend – thought this was posted on the Karma comments.

Yes we’ve just tested the same setup with Sterling 2.1.6 and everything is working great.

We did notice however that after the upgrade our “Shopping Cart” widget was removed from the sidebar. We simply needed to drag-and-drop the Widget back into the sidebar. (not sure if this will happen to all website but something to check for after the upgrade)

Hope this helps :)



I am interested in buying your theme.

However, can I check with you on the following:

a) Can I add slider in every page that I created?

b) I saw that you have a blog session in the Home page. Can I customize which categories to appear on the Home Page? My client is doing workshop and he would like an Upcoming workshop to appear on Home Page.

Please let me know if you have the answers.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Sterling theme.

As per your questions:

a) LayerSlider and 3D Cu3er slider can be added to any page however the jQuery slider can currently be assigned to 1 page. We’re releasing new functionality in near future which allows for unlimited jQuery slider.

b) Yes this is a blog post shortcode which can be assigned to display a specific post-category.

Hope these details are helpful :)


Hi, Just want to know if there going to ba an update soon for retina theme support ? Tks !

Hi There,

Yes the next few updates of Sterling will make the theme retina-ready. We don’t have an ETA at this time but it is indeed on the roadmap for the upcoming releases.

Thanks so much :)

Just purchased theme and really like it. I do have a couplle if questions… How do we change the colour of the ‘navigstion box (where the logo and main menu is?). What is the secondary colour for? Nothing seems to happen when I pick a colour there.

Thanks :)

...apologies for the errors above, I was typing in a hurry.

Hi how can i add Join our Mailing List widget in a footer?

Sure thing my friend.

This is achieved via MailChimp’s “Newsletter Subscribe Plugin”.

Here’s a HelpDesk article outlining the details:

Hope this is helpful :)


I have purchased the Sterling theme and really like it. I do have a couple of questions… How do we change the colour of the ‘navigation box’ (where the logo and main menu is?). What is the secondary colour for? Nothing seems to happen when I pick a colour there.

Thanks :)

Hey Steve,

Apologies for the delay here on the ThemeForest boards. Support ticket has been updated with the details.

Thanks so much :)

Hi – I need to add Captcha in the Contact Us form how to do so ? Please advice

thanks Faz

Sure thing Faz!

This is built into Sterling and can be found right within the Site Options Panel. Access this functionality by clicking: Appearance > Site Options > Forms.

If there’s anything else we can do to help kindly use the links below to submit a ticket on our secure HelpDesk so our support team can gladly provide additional assistance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

LOVE the Team Members template but after so many edits on my part, I am missing the grey divider between some team members and pictures overlap each other. Please help! Here’s the page

Rockin! So glad you’re enjoying the team-members template!

Reviewing the code it looks like there are some “rouge paragraph tags” that are causing the layout to act funny. Removing these tags will fix things up and add the divider back into place.

Without seeing the back-end of the site these paragraph tags will likely be seen by editing the team-members page, clicking “Text” in the wordpress visual editor, search for and remove the empty paragraph tags or “& nbsp.

It looks like the first extra tags start to show after “Melinda Denison”.

Hope this is helpful :)


Ok, awesome it worked…kinda. Now the pictures overlap. Is there a link I can send you to see the back page. I’ll try to include one now. Thanks for your wicked fast response!! I hope this is not too much?!

[team_member name=”Lanny Donoho” title=”CEO, Head of Operations” photo=”” email=”” phone=”770-313-0093” twitter=”lannydonoho”]

Donoho has created three organizations called BigStuf CampsBigStuf Productions and BigStuf Video. These companies have been in Alpharetta for more than 25 years. These companies create events that are technology savvy. BigStuf Camps hosts more than 16,000 students from all over the country. BigStuf Productions does the sound, lights and video for numerous Christian events around the country. And BigStuf Video converts old media, such as tapes onto DVDs. BigStuf’s sister organization, the 410 Bridge, helps individuals and church groups from around the country get involved with communities in Kenya, Uganda and Haiti.


[team_member name=”Jeremy Denison” title=”Creative Director” photo=”” email=”” phone=”571-271-3709” twitter=”jeremydenison”]

Jeremy was formerly the Associate Producer and Editor for CBNNEW out of Washington D.C..  He is currently working on productions that range in size and genre including projects for the Indianapolis Colts, Pro Golfer Larry Nelson, as well as projects such as special events in the Greater Atlanta area.  Jeremy is a member of Pinnacle Forum and strives to use video as a way to impact our culture in a positive way.


[team_member name=”Melinda Denison” title=”Photographer” photo=”” email=”” phone=”571-209-0668” twitter=”melindadenison”]

Melinda is an Atlanta based photographer specializing in lifestyle, travel, and stylized photography. Her passion is to capture special moments and unique stories that strike emotion within the viewer. 


[team_member name=”Kelli Hall” title=”Graphic Design Artist” photo=”” email=”” phone=”843-793-9051” twitter=”kellimariehall”]

Hailing from a background in fine art, graphic design and magazines, Kelli works for to style parties and products to be captured for marketing purposes.


[team_member name=”Todd Miechiels” title=”Founder, Executive Director” photo=”” email=”” phone=”678-508-0990” twitter=”the315project”]

Todd Miechiels founded The 3:15 Project and ever since has increasingly spent more time with people serving and growing the ministry, while still keeping the lights on doing internet marketing consulting for a select group of companies.Todd has been married to his high school sweetheart Kim for nearly 20 years and they have 3 young boys. Todd attends and is on the church plant team at StonePoint church and serves on the worship team at SoulyBusiness.




[team_member name=”Meriam Dolan” title=”CPA” photo=”” email=”” phone=”404-441-6253” twitter=”meriamdolan”]

Meriam is a CPA who worked with HA&W for over 10 years in tax/accounting and left December 2010 to start her own bookkeeping business.  She provides full spectrum bookkeeping services and is able to customize to her clients needs. She is extremely efficient and loves what she does.



[team_member name=”Julie Paulk” title=”Website, SEO Expert” photo=”” email=”” phone=”678-650-2204” twitter=”juliepaulk”]

Julie uses her artistic talents, love of God and her love of helping people in her role as Photographer for or her role as Founder of 


[team_member name=”Carson Sheets” title=”Teacher” photo=”” email=”” phone=”941-875-8704” twitter=”“]

As a teacher, Carson is constantly thinking about how to be more creative to get her message across.  She feels that the “by the book” way does not work to get people’s attention.  With her ADHD in tow, she is always looking for ways to think out of the box and reel people in, whether it is her family, friends, her work with Relay For Life, or her students.


Not too much at all :)

It turns out the Team Members photo do not currently auto-crop so we’ve went ahead and manually updated each “photo URL” to include the proper timthumb image resizing string.

You can grab the new code here:

Simply copy/paste the page content from the above link and the images will crop nicely. You can have a peak at the “photo” attribute of each team member to see what we’ve added.

The “non-auto-cropping” is not the most user friendly thing in the world so we’ll include “auto-cropping” as a standard in the upcoming Sterling update.